[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner] [We open on a closed door which does not remain closed for long. In a matter of seconds we find ourselves staring at an open doorway filled by a daunting presence.] [The Red Emperor.] [The crowd stirs at the sight of the stern faced Centurion as he braces himself before exiting the room and heading down the hallway. As we pan out to capture his exit, another menacing figure steps into view.] [Viktor North.] [The berserker stops carefully at the open door, his eyes set ahead at the distancing TRE. Slowly, North peers into the room; his expression distorted in thought. We focus in, the screen zooming until the face of North fills the left side of the view.] [For several seconds we pause until suddenly, The Red Emperor’s face fills the other half of the screen. An intense glare sitting behind the nose bar of his helmet. Slowly, Viktor North adjusts his glare towards his new found nemesis.]

“Looking for something barbarian?” [TRE inquiries.] “A new sword perhaps?”

“Aye!” [North groans.] “And when I find one I’m going to stick it up your…”


[North is suddenly cut off by an approaching voice. The view immediately shifts to a different perspective and there standing in the hall nearly between the two deadly warriors is none other than Lazarus.] [The crowd explodes in the background as Viktor North and The Red Emperor glare at Lazarus in suspicious frustration.]

“I come in peace” [Lazarus bargains as he lifts his palms into the air.] “I come for your help!”

“A Christian?” [North chuckles.]

“Asking us for help?” [The Emperor follows in near disbelief.]

“That’s right” [Lazarus nods.] “I’m leading Team VHS at Face/Off and I want you on the team. Both of you!”

[North and TRE look away from Lazarus to exchange a stare of slight discomfort before returning in time for a caveat.]

“But I do expect you to function as part of a TEAM!”

[Both TRE and North appear somewhat taken aback by the near reprimand and Lazarus instantly notices the hostile glares.]

“I’m saying I need you to use tonight to put your differences aside. If VHS is going to win, it’s going not going to be as individual warriors, but together as a single unity!”

“Berserkers have been known to work in groups throughout the history of our lineage” [North says proudly.] “It will not be an issue.”

“Roman Centurions perfected the art of group warfare.” [TRE scoffs.] “Not only will working together come naturally, but I’ll do it better than anyone else.”

[North snaps his eyes back to The Red Emperor.]

“Fool! You think a mercenary is suitable to put the interests of a group above his own?”

[TRE strikes right back.]

“Imbecile. You think a scavenger possesses the ability to care for anyone but himself?”

[The Red Emperor and North move even closer; their noses inching in until suddenly the hands of Lazarus pushes them apart by their shoulders.]

“Yes! The answer is yes. To both questions. I want the berserker. I want the centurion. I want them both. On my team. A team that will come together… after tonight!”

[Lazarus pats the shoulders of his recruits before walking away, keeping their attention for several seconds before North and The Emperor slowly bring their intense stares back to each other.] [Can Viktor North and The Red Emperor put aside their differences or does their hatred for each other burn too deep? Can they function as a team or will they be too concerned with proving their superiority as warriors? Only time will tell.]


[Lucas Williams stands in the ring, awaiting his opponent. Ethan Earthart makes his way to to the ring for his debut match. What better way to do that than at the first special of the year for VHS. He enters the ring and the bell sounds.] [Williams immediately goes in, fists up. He must have forgotten that he is not in MMA anymore as Earthart runs at levels Williams with a devastating BIG BOOT! Williams crumbles to the mat as the Mad Scientist wastes no time with a pin… One… Tw…kickout. Williams is yanked up by the head as Earthart who loops him over with a GERMAN SUPLEX! Earthart runs over and begins stomping him into the canvas. He pulls him up again and whips Williams into the ropes, as he returns… HUGE CLOTHESLINE!! Williams is nearly beheaded! He covers… One… Two… Thre…Kickout!!] [Williams barely kicks out in time, and the Mad Scientist stands and tells the ref to count better. He turns around and Williams leaps on his back with a BLATANT CHOKE!! Earthart goes down and the ref counts to 4.5 before Williams is forced to release. He’s reminded that he is not in MMA and chokes are illegal. He grabs Williams and suplexes him across the ring. Williams thinks he has Ethan as he climbs to the top rope for a FROG SPLAS…..NO! Earthart with a punch to his gut! Another! Williams is perched on the top rope, Earthart on the second… he grabs Williams… FLIGHT BACK TO LOGIC!!! Huge Suplex! Both men are down! Earthart reaches and just gets an arm across… One… Two… THREE!] [No!! Last millisecond kickout! Ethan is getting angry and yanks Williams to his feet once again. He lifts the MMA burnout up like a Stalling Vertical Suplex… but drives Williams to the mat with BACK SURGERY!! Earthart is feeling and takes a step back waiting for Lucas to stand… He finally does and A CHEMICAL FACIAL!!! Cutter!! He smiles and crawls over his opponent. One… Two… THREE!!!

[Earthart looked dominant tonight picking up landslide victory in his first OSW match. Lucas Williams looks finished lying in the center of the ring.]


[Striding arrogantly through the backstage labyrinth of the Tap Room is Ethan Bird. The Kingpin has his Rewind Championship over his shoulder, and he seems geared up for his triple threat title defense tonight. Yet he comes to a halt as he sees someone coming towards him.] [Lux Bellator.]

“Ready for round two.” [Bird comments with a smirk.] [Bellator only shakes his head.]

“I’m not here for a fight.” [Lux calmly states, his palms forward in a gesture of peace.] “I just want to talk.”

“Shocking.” [Bird sarcastically replies.]

“I can understand if you have an issue with me, or if you have an issue with Mother, but why are you using her children to make us fight one another?”

[Bird cockily grins as he strokes his beard.]

“For two reasons,” [Bird begins,] “and since you asked nicely I will share.”

[Bellator’s muscles tense as he crosses his arms. Perhaps he is right to expect an attack at this point.]

“First and foremost, the two of you needed to learn a lesson.” [Bird keeps rolling the words off his tongue.] “Mother needed to see that her children are not the pliable material she thought they were. And you, Lux Bellator…”

[He laughs right in the face of the warrior.]

“You needed to see that there’s only one god out there, and you’re looking at him. For all that you worship and pray to your own, I wanted you to see that I am able to play you like a fiddle. Maybe next time you bow, you’ll remember who is in control of your life.”

[Bellator lowers his arms, and steps closer to Bird.]

“All false gods fall, Ethan. You are nothing more than a man.”

“We’ll see.” [Bird smirks.]

“What’s the second reason?” [Lux asks, curiosity getting the best of him.]

“Because I can.” [Bird responds, shouldering his way past Bellator to walk down the hall.] [As Bellator walks away as well, the lights flicker.] [Mother stands in the midst of the hallway, her fists balled up and hate in her eyes.]


[These three will be able to tear each other apart in due time as they square off for the Rewind Championship.]


[Tonight, It’s all about respect as Kaito goes one-on-one with a brash Big Shot. Will the Rising Sun once again kick it into high gear? Or is the future so bright for this newcomer, he might as well wear shades?] [The match starts with a smirking Big Shot offering Kaito his hand. The Black Dragon stares a hole through him, curtly kicking his hand away and unloading with quick strikes! He peppers BS into the ropes, faking a Chop before decking him in the jaw! The Black Dragon ducks a Clothesline– Kip Up into a Flash Kick! He then drops him with a LEAPING ENZIGURI, bolting into the ropes….. PK! BS clutches at his throbbing chest; Kaito holds him by the hair. The Rising Sun hits a wicked SPINAL TAP, exploding with a series of rapid kicks all other BS!] [The fans roar with cheers as BS gets kicked to oblivion! Kaito’s hitting any part of the body he can– ROLLING KOPPU KICK! The newcomer’s left writhing on the mat; The Black Dragon snarls, spewing irate Japanese at him! BS then tries to rise, getting PUNTED right in the ribs before being muscled into the corner…. AND KAITO WITH THE KNIFE-EDGED CHOPS! Like a blistering Gatling Gun, Kaito wails away on BS’ chest, turning him into hamburger! The fans lose count at how many times he’s hit him! Kaito then rushes across the ring….. RUNNING BOOT! AND ANOTHER! YAMIKAZE!!] [BS crumbles onto the canvas, blood dripping him his nose. His arrogance has been eclipsed by Kaito’s lighting-quick fury! The Rising Sun watches as his opponent struggles to move, hulking him back up and…. “TODOME DAI!” HE CALLS FOR IT……… AND HE SPIKES HIM INTO THE CANVAS!! BS’ left doubled-over; the fans Tap Room is LOVING THIS! Kaito then grabs BS by the same hand he first offered, pulling him to his wobbly feet and holding him for a moment. He mutters something in his native tongue…… before BLASTING him with a SHORT-ARM KTFO!! GOOD-FREAKIN’-NIGHT! He covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [The bell rings and Kaito rises with arms pumping! What a dominant victory by The Black Dragon!]


[We come back to Marvolo, jr. in the ring. He’s just made his entrance; Ricardo watches from the floor…… The lights cut out. Cobalt creeps around the Tap Room as The Hangman steadily lowers from the rafters; a trio of nooses guiding him.] [He lands, the ropes leaving his body almost consciously. He then lifts his head. In one hand, a mic; in the other, his rope.]

“Is that Big Trouble we see? Or just another sacred little man about to give my rope the meal she’s waited so long for?” [He raises the heavy hemp] “Have you given our game any more thought? Or will tonight end like all the others?”

[He steps forward; Junior’s fists are clenched.]

“It’s time. Guess again.”

[He reveals another card.]

“Can you beat The Hangman? Can–”

[Junior snatches the mic away!]

“Can Marvolo, jr. beat The Hangman?” [Scoffs] “You forget the first thing Junior said. This brain up here? It’s half the Real Number One’s bodyweight! From the moment you and your overgrown dental floss arrived and threatened Big Trouble, its been thinking…..” [The Hangman listens, bemused] “You want another letter? Well, get ready to go home hungry, here it is!”

“………. O!”


[The Hangman chuckles, quickly writing his answer down, before presenting the card.]

Hangman-4.png ___ _O_ ___ _E_
“….. if you’re so smart, you should know I’m not leaving until my little girl gets her fill….. Guess again.”

[His busy hands choke the tiny paper.]


[Junior smirks.]

“You don’t realize it, but Marvolo jr. has been strategically winning your little game. Now, with the only possible letters available, it’s obvious the only name in OSW that can fill The Hangman is…… ‘Rose.’”

[The Hangman chuckles sadistically, tightening his grip.]

“BUT you don’t play fair, right?” [The Manslayer quiets] “Right. ‘Cause ya see, of the nearly dozen possible names that could’ve filled your blank card, in one guess…. Junior eliminated seven. The next guess? Two more. Face it. Tonight, Big Trouble beat you at your own game. You said four weeks; Marvolo, jr. did it in three!”

“It’s not ‘Rose,’ because it’s a not a letter you want, it’s a number.”

“Number….. ONE.”

[Suddenly, The Hangman bursts into hysterical laugher! He scribbles some more, throwing the card at Junior! Big Trouble catches it……]

_#_ _O_ _N_ _E_
“You weasely little know-it-all! You actually did it!” [Composing himself] “Congratulations. You ‘beat’ The Hangman.”

[He readies the noose.]

“Now….. It’s time for my rope to gets her fill.” [Glances at Ricardo] “And just because we can, after she’s sucked the last ounce of oxygen from your miserable little body, I’ll feed her your fat friend as dessert!”



[Junior keeps firing away on all cylinders! With The Hangman down to a knee, Big Trouble dusts off a few Shin Kicks before connecting with a Basement Dropkick! He hits the ropes………. BUT HE’S CAUGHT RIGHT INTO A GOOZLE! CHOKESLAM?!?] [NO! The Real Number One ‘Ranas out in mid-move! He runs past a Lariat, springboarding back and– BIG BOOT RIGHT TO THE NOSE! The little Luchador bounces off the canvas with a wide, far-away look in his eyes….. The Manslayer chuckles confidently, turning back and reaching for…… Wait. Where’s his rope? Instantly the blood-red buckshot eyes of The Head-Hunter boil. He seethes, scanning the ring before noticing Ricardo’s holding something behind his back…… Oh, no. Quickly, The Hangman drops to the floor. With an ominous crack of his neck, he towers over the portly padre and– OH, WAIT! FLYING WITH AIRVOLO!!] [The Hangman’s only momentarily dazed; Junior with a Springboard Front-Flip–NO!! He catches him! The Manslayer then tries positing him for the HUNTER’S KILL!?! HE’LL BREAK HIS NECK! But Marvolor, jr. keeps fighting…. He works to stay upright, hammering away on burlap of The Hangman before— OOOOOHH! Junior just got LAUNCHED back-first into the steel ring post! What a THROWING POWERBOMB!! With diminutive dynamo finally indisposed, The Hangman turns back to Ricardo….. but he’s gone. Immediately irate, The Head-Hunter searches everywhere for him. “WHERE IS HE?!?” The monster’s incensed! Almost out of spite, he shoves Junior into the ring….] [Big Trouble can barely move as The Hangman accosts the referee! He DEMANDS to know where his rope went! He corners the terrified official, ready the skin the zebra alive before noticing something under the ring apron…….. Feet. He quickly steps between the ropes– WAIT! THE CRASHDOWN?!? NO!! The Hangman catches him in mid-flight, tossing him up and– JUNIOR WITH A FYLING DDT TO THE FLOOR! Ricardo emerges, tossing his boss the rope! Junior then binds The Hangman’s legs with the heavy hemp before bolting into the ring. The referee continues to count….. Five… Six….. Seven — The Hangman’s struggling to stand — Eight….. Nine…….. TEN!] [The bell rings and Marvolo, jr. Face Bumps with exhaustion. The Hangman is NOT happy, watching enraged as Ricardo and Junior leave the Tap Room as quickly as they can…]


[Recorded Earlier.] [Painkiller.] [The face-painted newest member of The Circus stands with his arms folded across his chest as he leans against a wall in the backstage area. He appears to be waiting as he peers left and right down the hallway.]

“Well if it isn’t The Painkiller.”

[The remark comes from one-half of the OSW Tag Team Champions as Bruce Van Chan stands in front of him with his title on his shoulder. Painkiller looks at him and glances at his title momentarily before boring a hole through the back of his head with a gaze.]

“What? No foreboding words or have you just forfeited yourself completely to him?”

[Neville Sheldon walks into the picture with those remarks with his title around his waist. For the first time, it appears as if one of The Circus members are actually outnumbered.] [Painkiller closes his eyes.]

“Why don’t you just keep walking, you Steve Urkel-looking-fucker?”

[Neville Sheldon takes a step forward at the remark, but Bruce Van Chan puts his arm out. He shakes his head as he glares at Painkiller.]

“You really have just given up, haven’t you? Here we were feeling guilty about letting Ali brainwash you, but maybe that’s not the case. Maybe you just want someone to order you around.”

[Painkiller brings his arms down as his fists tighten. Bruce beckons Neville on.]

“C’mon Neville. The Knights have a match to win.”

[They begin to walk away as Alistair Huxley walks into the picture with a curious smile on his face and Fluffy standing behind him. Mr. Freakshow seems to notice his uneasiness.]

“Don’t let them disturb you, Painkiller. They’re far too normal to ever know what it’s like to be like us. Those Knights don’t know, could never know what it’s like to be unaccepted by the world. That’s why we have The Circus. That’s why we’re Nightmare Anatomy. And tonight?”

[Painkiller steps towards him and looks him up and down before completing Freakshow’s thought.]

“Tonight, we show them the flaws in normality.”

[Painkiller turns and begins walking towards the entrance ramp. Huxley looks at Fluffy and they both simultaneously shrug before Huxley scoops his top hat onto his head.]


[Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth! Marvel as the Royal Acrobats defy gravity against the various freaks of the circus. Will The Knights’ dueling fates smile on them again? Or will the Ringmaster and his star attraction upstage two of OSW’s very best?] [The match starts with both teams barreling into each other with rights! The Nightmare Anatomy gets a pair of Irish Whips; The Knights both backflip onto their feet off Back Body Tosses. Painkiller and Huxley catch some kicks– STEREO ENZIGURIS! Alistair and his star attraction bail to the floor….. OOOOOOOOHH! TOPE CON HILO BY BRUCE! SHELDON WITH SUPERMAN! The Knights are rolling! Neville then shoves the Ringmaster under the bottom rope. He gets a Slingshot DD– No, WAIT! Northern Lights Suplex by Alistair! One… Two… NO! Sheldon kicks out; Huxley floats through, yanking him up and down with LEFREAK!] [Mr. Freakshow now tags in his partner. BVC’s down on the floor after the DEATH RATTLE. Alistair holds the Nerd prone; Painkiller gets a kick to the gut– BACKDROP! He covers! One…. Two… NO! Sheldon fights out, right into a Reverse Chin Lock. They work steadily up; Huxley tags himself in as Sheldon battles back…. “ASS PUUNCH!” OY! Right in the keister! The fans BOO! as Neville tries recovering…. Huxley then gets a Heel Trip, tying Sheldon up with the Romero Special! Painkiller’s poised and…….. NO! Neville broke free; Painkiller Double Stomped Huxley! WAIT! VAN CHAN?!? GOOD NIGHT OUTTA NOWHERE!!] [Everyone is down……. Bruce gets to his corner, begging Neville for a tag… Painkiller’s inches away from Huxley…… Sheldon stumbles to his corner; Alistair makes the tag! NEVILLE TAGS BRUCE! Van Chan with a Double-Springboard Dropkick on the Nightmare Anatomy! There’s a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker to Painkiller; Backslide Driver to– NO! FALL OF THE ACROBAT!?! Fluffy had the referee distracted! One… Two… NO! BVC slips out– FISHERMAN BUSTER! Bruce tags out, hopping onto the turnbuckles. Sheldon works to get Huxley up, nearly taking the Final Breath– NKO! But Alistair tries to steal it with a Clown Car; Sheldon blocks it……… N.E.R.D.! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART!! Sheldon covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Bruce and Sheldon help each other to their feet. Both are exhausted; the Nightmare Anatomy gave them everything they had… The Knights retain. WHAT A VICTORY!]


[After that gruelling match, The Knight’s get back to their feet, Bruce Van Chan checking on Neville Sheldon as they tiredly fall onto the ropes.] [Suddenly, the Tap Room darkens.] [Horn.] [Marching.] [Shortly following the sound of a loud horn, the marching of footsteps can be heard as armed guards march out into the bar, surrounding a man wearing a crown and holding a sceptre. As they approach the ring, the guards separate, revealing the King himself.] [Nigel Royal.] [The steps are dusted off as Nigel walks up them and onto the ring apron. He waits for his guards to hop onto the ring apron and open the ropes for him. Once they’ve done that, he slips between them, walking over to a confused Bruce Van Chan and Neville Sheldon.] [With a microphone, he speaks.]

“My Royal subjects,” [he abruptly announces, only adding to their confusion.] “Your King hath returned to rule thy Kingdom. As Knights of the King, bend your knee and hand over my gold…”

[Bruce and Neville look at each other.]

“The King has spoken. Bow to your King and hand over my gold!”

[Nothing.] [Nigel closes in, his eyes different than before. He’s furious.]

“How can you be Knights if you disobey an order from your King?” [He demands to know.] [Bruce has finally had enough, retrieving a microphone of his own.]

“What are you talking about?” [Bruce questions.] “These Tag Team Championships belong to us,” [he points at himself and Neville.] “Besides, you’re not even on this roster, Nigel.”

[That infuriates him.]

“You dare to disrespect your King? At Red Snow, we competed in defence of those Championships. Those Championships belong to your King, not to you, the fraudulent Knights. Off with their heads!”

[The Guards suddenly swarm the ring, beating down the Tag Team Champions in the middle of it whilst Royal watches. They stomp the holy hell out of Bruce and Neville, leaving them laying in the middle of the ring holding their stomachs in agony.]

“You will bow your King,” [Royal scorns, looking down at them.] “And at Face/Off, when I join team Monday Night Showcase to abolish this rival insolent Kingdom, you will no longer dare call yourselves the Knights!”

[Bruce looks up at him with weary eyes, receiving a big kick to the skull by Nigel.]

“For I am King Royal, your Tag Team Champions, ruler and defender of Monday Night Showcase. All hail your King.”

[He tosses the microphone down, raising his arms to boo’s from the Tap Room crowd as we go to a commercial break.] [It looks like Monday Night Showcase have fired the first shots in the battle of Face/Off here tonight.]


[Tonight on the first VHS special of 2017, two of the hardest hitting wrestlers in OSW square off. Can the Emperor make another kneel before him or is the Skull Splitter one man even an Emperor cannot conquer?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, laying into one another with hard rights and lefts, neither man giving an inch, as they move into hard elbows, each strike landing full force, threatening to break the other’s face bones before The Emperor rushed forward with a snap headbutt, staggering North back a few feet. TRE takes advantage, rushing forward with a leaping knee that stuns North before snapping him to the mat with a Swinging Belly to Belly] [North stumbles to his feet right into a flurry of lefts from the Emperor before a hard European Uppercut staggers North. The Emperor rushes forward, landing a hard Roaring Elbow that puts North down to one knee for a moment before bounding to his feet, yelling at North to HIT ME HARDER . The Emperor obliges, rushing forward as he tries for something but runs right into a hard roundhouse kick. North quickly lifts up the Emperor, placing him between his legs for a Powerbomb but as he lifts him up, the Emperor slips out, swinging around into a spinning DDT!] [North slowly gets to his feet, REVELATION! The Emperor drives North to the mat with the Slingblade but he barely lets him hit the mat before lifting him up, powering him up high, KNOW YOUR PLACE! The Emperor stays down, hooking the leg. ONE…TWO…THR…North just gets the shoulder up. The Emperor calls for the end, lifting North to his feet before powering him up into a suplex but North manages to drop down behind the Emperor, rushing to the ropes and as TRE turns around, GUNGIR! North wipes out the Emperor as he lifts him up to his feet, grabbing him by the back of the head before walking his dazed self over to the turnbuckles, sitting him on the middle rope before wedging him into the buckles itself. North backs up, VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE! The Emperor slumps down as North throws him to the canvas, covering him, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Viktor North picks up a massive hard hitting victory here, refusing to kneel to the Emperor as he proves himself to be the superior fighter here tonight]


[The room is lit by candlelight, flickering and wavering somewhat to set the ambience. Stillness, quiet. The two figures that make up the duo we know as Bellatorum kneel in the quiet, facing each other almost mask to mask. Both kneel with heads bowed in silent prayer.] [From out of the shadows created by the candlelight a voice comes, low and raspy and edged with a tone of mockery.]

“Is he listening?”

[It is Lazarus’s head that rises first, his eyes opening as Jack Jeckel slinks into view.]

“What? Who’s there?”

[Jeckel looks slightly dishevelled. Bloodshot eyes with bags underneath. He has the look of a man that sleep eludes. Lazarus instinctively backs away slightly and brings his arms up into a defensive stance as the Boogeyman draws closer.]

“Your God… Is he listening?”

[It is the third voice that answers Jack’s questions, Lux Bellator having now also raised his head from prayer.]

“He is always listening, always watching. Omnipresent. Why, something troubling you?”

[Jack runs his hands through his hair, grabbing a tuft in his fingertips then releasing it again. His voice spits with venom as he turns to Bellator.]

“Oh, you think your so special don’t you Light Warrior? Wasting your time in a dark room having a one-sided conversation.”

[Lazarus rises to his feet, grabbing Jack by the scruff of his neck and dragging him upwards as well. He brings the Boogeyman closer to him, but Jack smiles a wild smile and brings his hands up in mock-surrender.]

“Relax… I don’t deny your God’s existence. He just doesn’t seem very chatty. What has he done for me lately. I still have no brother.”

[Lux stands and moves behind the Phoenix, trying to intervene and insert his own pearls of wisdom but he is waved away from Lazarus.]

“He doesn’t need the Lord’s forgiveness right now, brother. He needs a dose of reality. The reality that his brother is gone forever and isn’t coming back.” [He turns back to the Boogeyman] “The reality that, even though he may not have done the deed, he killed him.”

[Lazarus releases his grip and lets Jeckel go. Jeckel turns away and holds his head again, screaming.]

“Stop saying that!”

[But Lazarus does not stop. As Jeckel falls to his own knees, Lazarus stands above him.]

“You ultimately sealed his fate as soon as you stepped foot in OSW and sought his crown. If you cared about Jake, you would have stood by him as a brother, not tried to tear him down. This is not a quest of love, Jack. It is a quest of guilt.

Your iniquities have overtaken you, so that you are not able to see.”

[Jack Jeckel snaps. He leaps to his feet, knocking Lux down and grabbing Lazarus by the throat. He lifts Lazarus up and slams him against the concrete wall, knocking the candle holder over and killing all but a small wavering flicker of light. In that light he brings his face right up to that of the Phoenix.]

“Your God has the power to bring Jake Jeckel back if he wants to. He did for you. Why am I so different? Is he such a petty God that he chooses favourites?”

[Jack draws in a deep breath, then exhales. He still holds Lazarus in place, looking at him with wild eyes.]

“Your God will help me, even if I have to beat you into it.”

[He releases the hold and lets Lazarus fall to the ground.]

“No… Not yet. Not here.”

[With his final thoughts spoken out loud, Jeckel slinks back into the darkness and leaves Lazarus. Bellator comes to his aide, but it is Lazarus who speaks.]

“Do you see now? He needs to be judged for his sins, if only to bring closure to himself. You can forgive what is left of him.”


[Jacob Phoenix and Jensen Cussen have had a long sordid history and this war has only just heated up with the battle over Her. Can Jacob Phoenix put down the rabid dog Mastermind or is Jensen Cussen’s rage far too much for the younger man to handle?] [The bell sounds as Jensen immediately drops down, laying flat on the canvas as he yells out to the Phoenix ‘Pin me kid, PIN ME’. Jacob looks hesitant but eventually drops down, hooking the leg as the referee counts, ONE…TWO..Jensen kicks out, swivelling around as he flips Jacob to the canvas, starting to lock in the Dread Lock! He doesn’t get the legs hooked before Jacob kicks away, getting to his feet as Jensen smiles, tapping his head as he urges the Phoenix to rush forward. Jacob does, rushing forward with a clothesline that Jensen easily ducks under, grabbing his arm before nearly taking the Phoenix’s head off with a massive Lariat] [Jacob slowly gets to his feet right into a running knee from Jensen that takes all the wind out of his sails as Jensen lifts him up high, dropping him on the back of his head with a snap German Suplex. Jacob stirs on his knees, dazed as Jensen nearly takes his head off with a massive Soccer Kick. Cussen doesn’t cover, instead climbing out onto the apron as he urges Jacob to get to his feet. The Phoenix does as Jensen springboards over into the ring right into a massive Superkick!] [Both men slowly get to their feet as Jacob nails Jensen with a hard right. Jensen tries to fight back but Jacob blocks it, nailing Jensen with a hard combination pounding him down to the canvas as the Phoenix begins firing up. He nails Jensen with a hard DDT into the mat as he gets onto the apron, screaming at Jensen to get to his feet and as he does, PHOENIX FOREARM! The Phoenix calls for the end as he pulls Jensen up from behind, but before he can get the arms underhooked, Jensen rears back with a Low Blow! The referee doesn’t see it as Jensen hooks back and rolls The Phoenix up into a cradle, the referee counting, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Jensen Cussen steals a win here, proving his veteren wills against the young Phoenix but this won’t be over as the Phoenix will be looking for revenge in the coming months]



[Those words echo like a symphony being played inside his head. Jensen Cussen turns around to see his poor daughter, standing in the middle of the Tap Room entrance. Before he can exit the ring to comfort her, a man appears, standing alongside her with a menacing grin.] [He slowly places his arm uncomfortably upon her shoulder.] [Jensen halts immediately.] [He stands there as if in a trance, unable to move in any direction. Jacob though is hardly so impaired and rolls under the bottom rope, running towards his beau and the man who stands alongside her.] [With everything he has, he swings a right hand that’s blocked, then a left boot that is kicked away. Whoever this man is, he’s well trained despite his age. Phoenix swings a chop that catches him in the throat and sends him stumbling backwards. That only seems to anger the man, who lunges forward, grabbing him the throat and tossing him through some nearby bar stools and tables.] [Stephanie tries to reach out, but the man pulls her away. Jensen exits the ring and walks up the aisle, standing opposite him like some kind of soldier. The man points to Phoenix, who’s getting up across the way, nodding at him.] [Cussen walks straight over and picks him up.] [DESOLATION STRAIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE! BEER, GLASS AND WOOD FLY IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS! HOLY SHIT!] [That spinning Burning Hammer knocks the stuffing out of Phoenix. He lays there amongst the beer soaked floor, glass stabbing him in the back as he does. His eyes barely able to open, his hands unable to move.] [Then pitch black.] [With the Phoenix out cold, Jensen joins the man with his daughter on the entrance ramp, walking backstage with them. He doesn’t even blink. He doesn’t look back, he doesn’t falter. Jensen Cussen just leaves.] [But the Phoenix rises.] [And fuck, does he look pissed.]


[Ethan Bird, Mother, and Lux Bellator all stand in their corners awaiting the bell. This has been a story of manipulation from the beginning. Who will emerge victorious?] [The bell rings and Ethan Bird immediately rolls from the ring, allowing his opponents to wear each other down first. Smart. Mother rushes at Bellator who ducks under a clothesline. She turns and eats a Spinning Backfist! She drops to a knee, and Lux grabs her from behind.. CHICKENWING SUPLEX! She flies across the ring and lands hard to canvas! He rushes over and lifts her once more… POWERBOMB! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! PURITY!! He covers… One… Two… THRE….BIRD LEVELS BELLATOR WITH A BOOT TO THE FACE!! He yanks Lux up and RUNNING SPIKE SLAM!! One… Two… Thr…. Kickout!] [Bird is angry and pulls Bellator up and lifts him for a sidewalk slam. He walks over and catches a kick to the head from the downed Luchador! Another! School Boy roll-up! One… Two… TH….Kickout! Bellator pulls Bird up, but LOW BLOW! Bird with the low blow and SNAP SUPLEX! He grabs Lux’s legs… TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!!! Bellator is about to tap!! Bird is really low, cranking on Bellator when…. HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! Knee to Bird’s face! Mother is back and she covers! One… Two… THRE….Bellator breaks the cover! Mother was so close! Bellator moves in on Mother… BLACK MIST! Bellator goes down! Mother leaps on him… MOTHER’S EMBRACE!!!! Another submission hold for Bellator… He’s about to tap… Bird kicks Mother in the face!!] [Bird is the only one standing and rips Mother up by the hair. He slits his throat with his thumb…. Fisherman Hook… WORLD’S EN…Kick to the gut from Bellator! Lux lifts Bird CATHOLIC CROSS!! One… Two… Thre… Mother CRAB KICKS BELLATOR IN THE FACE!!! Lux Bellator is down! Mother is the only one left standing! She waits for Bird to climb to his knees…. HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! She falls into a cover…. One…. Two… THREE!!] [Mother has done it!! She is the new Rewind Champion!!! Bird and Bellator lay in waste on the mat as Mother celebrates with her children!]


[Big Shot is seated in a medical examiners room, his nose visibly broken from the beating Kaito gave him earlier on in the night. As he’s waiting on personnel, the door to the room is flung open, Kaito busting his way in! Big Shot recoils from him, hopping up from the table and backing towards a door on the far side of the room.]

“Leave me alone you fucking psycho!”

[Kaito shakes his head as he walks forward, forcing Big Shot back into the door.]

“No. I will NOT be mistreated and insulted for weeks only to show the mercy you did not allow me.”

[He leans towards Big Shot, reaching up AND HE CRACKS BIG SHOT’S NOSE BACK INTO PLACE! Big shot yelps in pain AND KAITO NAILS HIM WITH A RIGHT THAT BREAKS THE NOSE ONCE MORE! Big Shot is thrown backwards, tumbling out of the door onto a concrete patio overlooking the dumpsters behind the Tap Room.]

“WHY!? Why did you break my-”

[Kaito nails Big Shot with a stiff kick to the jaw! He’s on his hands and knees, trying to collect himself as Kaito grabs him by his shirt and lifts him up.]

“Let this be a lesson to garbage like you. I am not taking any more abuse, I will defeat any foe who comes my way. Leave here and never return!”

[Kaito headbutts Big Shot! He’s stunned AND KTFO! BIG SHOT IS THROWN FROM THE PATIO INTO A DUMPSTER! Kaito spits on him as he turns around, adding insult to injury as he leaves the patio.]


[The VHS Championship is defended tonight but the champion is fighting off a desperate man slowly sinking into psychosis, desperate to bring back his brother he once so hated. Can the Phoenix rise above or will the Boogeyman destroy him in his quest to bring back Jake Jeckel?] [The bell rings as Jack rushes forward, taking Lazarus by surprise with a flurry of lefts and rights before a thunderous Big Boot nearly takes his head off. Lazarus stumbles to his feet as Jack grabs him by the back of the head, hurling him into the corner. Lazarus pulls himself up by the ropes, just rolling out of the way as Jack slams into the corner with an Avalanche attempt. The Boogeyman staggers out as Lazarus leaps up, FRANKENSTEINER!] [Jack stumbles to his feet as Lazarus rushes forward but he knocks away an attempt at a dropkick before grabbing Lazarus from behind, trying for a German Suplex. Lazarus lands on his feet, nailing a turning Jack with a hard enziguri to the back of the head. Jack fell to one knee, DARKWISH! Jack gets nailed by that Superkick but Lazarus barely lets him hit the canvas before lifting him up high and in an impressive show of strength, rushes forward with a running Crucifix Powerbomb into the corner. Jack crashes down as Lazarus rushes to the top rope, DIVING DOUBLE STOMP, DEATH AND REBIRTH!] [Lazarus covers, ONE…TWO…Jack powers out. Lazarus can’t believe it, backing up as he tries for another Darkwish but Jack catches his foot, spinning him around before nailing him with a hard knee to the gut, lifting him up high, THE HATCHET! Lazarus goes down as Jack grabs him by the arms, pulling back as he places a boot on his back, wretching back with the Echo Side. Lazarus refuses to tap out, as Jack quickly lets go of the arms, leaping up but Lazarus dodges the curb stomp, quickly lowsweeping Jack as he rolls back, DARKWISH! Jack sways but he doesn’t go down as Lazarus locks in the Lazarus Chamber! Jack fights it but he’s quickly losing air as Lazarus pushes down with all his strength as Jack slowly passes out, the referee quickly calling for the bell] [Lazarus somehow retains the VHS Championship tonight against an obsessed Jack Jeckel but he has to know the Boogeyman won’t stop until he gets what he wants from the Phoenix]


[After that brutal match, Jack Jeckel grabs Lazarus by the mask, demanding the answers he still seeks.]

“Bring my brother back, you bastard. Bring him back now!”

[Lazarus though, he just looks at him, unable to act or speak. He doesn’t know how he returned, nor how to bring back Jake Jeckel.] [Jack gets angry, scooping him up and straight into The Hatchet! He drops him on the canvas, brutally, and rolls back to his feet.] [He’s distraught.] [Suddenly, the lights inside the Tap Room go off. There’s not a single ray of light anywhere. Jack stands in the middle of the ring surrounded by darkness.]

“Why do I call myself a Juggalo? Cause we be bangin’ the Wicked Shit and swimmin’ off in the blood of mosh pits. We misfits are misunderstood. We got chapters of Family off in each and every hood.”

[The sound of ‘Raw Deal’ plays over the PA system sending the entire audience into an absolute frenzy. Lights start flashing all over the arena, sending Jack Jeckel into an absolute stunned silence. He stumbles backwards into the ropes, watching the entrance intently.] [Only nothing happens.] [There’s no Jake Jeckel.] [The lights come back on and the fans boo, looking at Jack who starts laughing hysterically. He demands a microphone and steps back towards the centre of the ring.]

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist,” [Jack says smugly.] “What makes you people think I’d care about my brother, let alone want to see him resurrected?” [He admits.] “I used Ethan Bird to leverage myself into this position, for this Championship opportunity and I used Jake to get inside Lazarus’ head.”

[The fans boo, throwing cups of beer into the ring.]

“Why do I call myself a Juggalo? Cause we be bangin’ the Wicked Shit and swimmin’ off in the blood of mosh pits. We misfits are misunderstood. We got chapters of Family off in each and every hood.”

[All of a sudden, ‘Raw Deal’ hits one more time, further infuriating the crowd who feel like they’ve been taken advantage of here by Jack Jeckel. Jack looks a little confused.]

“What are you doing? Once was enough.”

[Then it happens.] [Jake Jeckel.] [It’s fucking Jake Jeckel!] [Alive and in the flesh. The Juggalo stands by the entrance, grinning from ear to ear like a chesire cat. Jack almost falls over in shock, watching a Jake takes a slow and patient walk to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope.]

“How can you be…?” [Jack mutters.] “You’re dead. I saw the photos. You’re fucking DEAD!”

[Jake walks over to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. He smiles.] [THE FUCKING HATCHET!!] [Jake Jeckel just fucking planted him!] [The Juggalo spins to his feet, receiving a rapturous ovation from the rowdy tap room crowd as he bows, cockily thanking them for their support. He reaches down and picks up the microphone dropped by his now unconscious brother, laughing as he speaks.]

“It would appear that rumours of my demise have been greatly fuckin’ exaggerated, bro,” [he says barely able to contain his amusement.] “But don’t worry, long live the Juggalo King.”

[Jake tosses the microphone down nonchalantly and steps way, the fans going wild with celebration.] [What the fuck just happened?] [How the fuck is Jake Jeckel still alive?]


[A burning building.] [Smoke plumes into the air as a fire ravages the once perfect white picket house we saw only a few weeks ago. Flames are licking up against the windows, and as we peer in, we see the shadowy figure of The Scarecrow. We join him inside the fire, as he hunts down his prey.]

“Come on out, little birdies,” [he beckons, walking fearlessly through the flames.] “You’re tapped inside this inferno. There’s no use in hiding.”

[Suddenly, stood in the flames opposite him; is The Lone Star.]

“I warned you, didn’t I?”

[The Lone Star nods.]

“Where are they?” [Scarecrow demands to know.]

“They’re safe. They’re in a place you cannot hurt them. I beckoned you here, Scarecrow. I drew you into this Inferno to fight.”

[The Scarecrow clenches his fist.]

“You should have never shown me mercy. You should have never let me go. That’ll be your undoing.”

[They both run into each other, colliding in the middle of the burning hall. The Scarecrow grabs him, tossing him through the air into the living room, crashing through a burning table onto the floor. The Lone Star rolls away, getting back to his feet and blocking a kick, swooping underneath it and running towards the wall. He leaps up, bouncing off it, connecting with a powerful right hand that stuns The Scarecrow – knocking him backwards.] [The fire rages around them as The Lone Star grabs a vase and launches at The Scarecrow’s head. He swats it away, storming forward and into a Drop Toe Hold that sends him through the fiery banisters, cracking them with his head.] [He steps away, demanding that The Scarecrow get back up.]

“Come on damnit, get back up. Fight me!”

[The Hayman pulls himself from the bannisters, his hat on fire. He stares at The Lone Star and grins.]

“I underestimated you, little birdie,” [he hisses.] “But now I know the truth. Now I know exactly what you want.”

[They both step forward into battle…]


[The Lone Star swings wildly with a right hand that knocks The Scarecrow’s hat from his head, just long enough for the Hayman to reach out and grab him by the throat. He squeezes, pushing him back into the bannister, only The Lone Star snaps his arm down across the hold, breaking it. The kid uses the wall like an MMA cage, and springboards up it, punching Scarecrow once again in the throat. That stumbles him, and The Lone Star runs and is caught in a Hip Toss, straight THROUGH THE GLASS COFFEE TABLE!] [The crunching sound of glass can be heard under foot as The Scarecrow drags his now cut and bloodied carcass from the wreckage of that very table. He pulls him straight out and tosses him over the couch, sending it and him flying to the floor. The fire rages around them now as The Scarecrow grabs the television set, lifting it high into the air before slamming it down across the Lone Star’s back. He yelps in agony, writhing on the floor. The Hayman tosses the television aside, pulling him back to his feet and throwing him directly into the wall behind them. It cracks, reminiscent of what he did to Brent Kersh at Red Snow.] [He grabs him again, once more throwing him into the wall, this time making a small hole where his head penetrated violently. This is absolutely brutal. The Scarecrow is doing to this young kid exactly what he did to his idol. He grabs him one more time, but with a handful of plaster, The Lone Star manages to escape – tossing it into his eyes. That stumbles the Monster just long enough for the kid to stumble away himself. He ends up in the kitchen, where the smoke is at a toxic level, coughing and spluttering as he goes. The Scarecrow follows, and walks straight into the fridge door being slammed in his direction. That sends him backwards again, and The Lone Star picks up a toaster, cracking it across his skull.] [There’s no time like the present and he makes his move, running and leaping at The Monster, only he’s caught and tossed straight through the back door, into the back yard. There’s glass and wood everywhere as the terrifying image of The Scarecrow exiting the inferno through broken wood and glass horrifies our viewers. The Lone Star gets back to his feet but The Scarecrow grabs him by the throat, squeezing as hard as he can. The kid falls to his knees, broken, bloodied and bruised. He’s in quite the terrible condition.]

“I told you, didn’t I little birdie?” [The Scarecrow barks at him viciously.] “I told you, did I not?”

[The Lone Star though is as brave as he is stupid. He looks up at The Scarecrow without fear, without a filter and hisses at him.]

“Do it!” [He begs.] “You know you have to!”

[The Scarecrow is about to snap his neck, tilting his head one way so that he can whip it back the other when suddenly, the decides to do something else instead. He grabs the mask from the bottom, lifting it up and over the Lone Star’s head.]

“No, Don’t!”

[He whips it off, tossing it aside, looking into the eyes of a kid he’s seen before.] [Trevor Kersh.] [The son of Brent Kersh.] [The Bloodline continued.] [The Scarecrow cackles in amusement. He’s got his hand wrapped around the throat of Brent Kersh’ son and in that moment, he could take one giant step to ending this saga once and for all. He squeezes, choking the life out of poor Trevor.]

“And he said I’d never find you,” [The Scarecrow muses amongst a chuckle.] “Yet here you are. Say hello to your father, young Trevor.”



[That terrifying all so familiar snap.] [It’s cold, violent and brutal.] [Only, it isn’t Trevor Kersh. The Scarecrow falls to his knees, his neck having been snapped from behind – or so it seems. He sits there, his head almost on a wobble as Trevor looks up, rubbing the dirt and mist from his eyes.]

“B-but, you’re…” [he mutters and stammers.] “How are you… it cannot be..”

[The man reaches out a hand, pulling Trevor to his feet.]


[The camera spins around to reveal Brent Kersh, stood there with his son firmly in his grasp. He lets go, turning to The Scarecrow who can hardly believe his eyes.]

“I killed you,” [The Scarecrow growls.] “I saw the light extinguish from your eyes.”

[Brent looks him up and down, standing over him like a different kind of man – like a man that survived something he never should’ve.]

“Do you feel that?” [He asks calmly, bending down to meet The Scarecrow at eye level.] “Can you feel it? My wife found the answer to you, Scarecrow. You’re a monster, but you were always built to remain on your perch. It exists as long as you do.”

[The Scarecrow can’t seem to lift his head and scrambles for his neck, trying to pull something out of it.]

“But it’s also your weakness. You can burn it, break it, saw it into pieces and it’ll always return whole. But it cannot exist within you, and you cannot exist within it.”

[Finally, he pulls the shard of perch from his neck, his head returning to normal. He’s weakened though, and it shows.]

“How?” [He asks.] “How did you know?”

[Kersh grins.] “My brother told my wife,” [he admits.] “And now, I’m going to break this curse, Scarecrow. I’m going to break it once and for all.”

[With whatever strength he had left, The Scarecrow rose just long enough to vanish in a flutter of darkness. Brent turns to his son, embracing him.]

“It’ll be over soon, son. I promise.”

[REC comes to an end with the return of Brent Kersh, hugging his son Trevor, whilst The Scarecrow retreats into the darkness to regain his strength.] [Cut.]