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Piotor Svetolav

Piotor Svetolav

WRESTLER NAME: Piotor Svetolav


NICKNAMES: The God of War


HEIGHT: 6’9″


WEIGHT: 350 lbs


CATCHPHRASE:Dasvidanya, Fall Before Me


ENTRANCE SONG: ‘Wolf Within’ Jonathon Young


BIOGRAPHY:Born on a world destroyed by war, Piotor was raised in the blood of his enemies and bred to be a perfect weapon. His accolades drew the attention of the god Perun who made him an envoy to destroy worlds that weren’t worthy until one day, he was stranded on ours. Years of desperation and silence have taken their toll on Svetolav who seeks to draw the attention of his master once more by any means necessary or destroy anyone who gets in his way.




PHAESPHOROS – Dead Lift Powerbomb dropped into a driver


GAE BULG – Brutal Spear

NAEGLINTING– Chokeslam into a Backbreaker before Piotor nearly takes his opponents head off with a spinning Lariat

MURASAME- Gutwrench Powerbomb

SKOFNUNG- A spinning Powerslam twisted into a Murder Backdrop


VIOLENCE IS FOREVER- Orange Crush Powerbomb