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Ozric Mortimer

Ozric Mortimer

WRESTLER NAME:  Ozric Mortimer


NICKNAMES: The Dear Dead Sparrow
HEIGHT: 6’6″


WEIGHT: 275 lbs


CATCHPHRASE: “What’s blood for, if not for shedding?”


ENTRANCE SONG: “The Mirror” by Dream Theater


BIOGRAPHY:Ozric is essentially the monstrous side to the schizophrenic Nicholas Brocken. For a long time they co-existed, until ultimate possession became too much of an obsession to ignore. To this day, a light and dark battle between two personalities takes place – and you never truly know what you’re going to get when the dust clears. One thing is for certain, Ozric Mortimer is an unforgivingly super-violent entity that exists without boundaries, with an eagerness to take full possession of Nicholas’ body and manifest as much chaos as possible. Nothing else matters to The Dear Dead Sparrow.




THE INNER TURBULENCE – Modified Gringo Killer


POCKET FULL OF POSEY  – Pocketful of Posey: Standard headlock position – Ozric uses the leverage of the middle rope nearest to him to get a running start, uses the strength of his forearm, and spins himself and the opponent around once before dropping on his back and executing an inverted DDT

MIRROR MIRROR – A vicious, consecutive spree of headbutts.

SUSPENDED ANIMATION – Standard german suplex execution, but Ozric pauses when the opponent is directly on his shoulders. This gives the opponent a smaller chance to brace themselves which, in turn, increases the devastation of this move


COLLATERAL – Ozric will take out Mort, which is a baseball bat that is wrapped with barbed wire, and smash it over his opponent’s head.