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WRESTLER NICKNAMES: “The Abyssal Savior”, “The Avenging Angel”, “Shadow”




WEIGHT: 215lbs


CATCHPHRASES: “When the world falls away, only the Abyss will remain.”


ENTRANCE SONG: Angel of the Dark by Aviators


BIOGRAPHY: Formerly an angel to Yaweh named Shadow, his death at the hands of Troy Solveig left him without his holy grace and left him in hell. It was there that he cast himself into the darkest reaches of the Underworld where no one dared to go, and within it, became the embodiment of the Abyss itself, a conduit through which it could spread. Taking upon a new name, Nocturne, he vowed to take back what was his, and with it, bring about the death of the very man who killed him. Troy Solveig.




INTO THE ABYSS – Nocturne stalks his opponent from behind, grabbing them to deliver a massive lungblower. Can be hit from ANYWHERE. Apron, Jumping from the Second Rope, etc.


WRATH OF KERBEROS – Nocturne lets loose with two rapid fire strikes to the throat before gripping their throat with a claw-like grip, kicking their legs out and forcing them down to the ground.

LEVIATHAN’S COIL – Nocturne leaps upon his unsuspecting opponent’s back, placing them in a modified abdominal stretch with his legs around their stomach. He rains elbows to the side of their head until they collapse to the ground.

BEHEMOTH STOMP – Nocturne leaps up with a double footstomp to the head of his opponent, smashing them into the ground with great force. Can be done from anywhere.


FALL FROM GRACE – 450 Splash


ABYSSAL MASK – Nocturne leaps from the top rope onto a standing opponent, jabbing both thumbs into their eyes on the way down, slamming them onto the mat and threatening to jab their eyes out! He will continue to push his thumbs into their eyes until forcibly removed.