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Monty Straight

Monty Straight

WRESTLER NAME:  Monty Straight


NICKNAMES: “The Straight Shooter” “The Deal Maker” “The Emcee”


HEIGHT: 5’10”


WEIGHT: 170 lbs.


CATCHPHRASE: “I’m Monty Straight, and that’s exactly how I shoot it!” “Let’s make a deal.”


ENTRANCE SONG: “Manhattan Skyline” by David Shire


BIOGRAPHY:Nobody knows where Monty Straight came from, just that he’s the host of the hit game show “The Show That Never Ends”. The premise of the show is simple, he offers you a choice between something you’ve always wanted and something you never know you needed. The choice is ultimately up to the contestant, but with his million dollar smile and a twinkle in his eye, the contestant usually picks what they never knew they needed. Somehow, Monty came to the wrestling scene, and now everyone in the locker room becomes a contestant.




STRAIGHT SHOOTING – Sharpshooter with a knee pressed on the opponent’s neck


DEAL BREAKER – Spinning Inverted Headlock Clothesline to Backbreaker (setup move for Straight Shooting)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Russian Legsweep rolled into a Crossface submission

THE COMMERCIAL BREAK – Emerald Flowsion Powerslam

THE BIG DEAL – Avalanche German Suplex (Tends to finish off smaller opponents)


ZONK! – Crucifix Piledriver