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Mannfred Curze

Mannfred Curze

WRESTLER NAME: Mannfred Curze   


WRESTLER NICKNAMES: The Night Haunter, the Horror, the Heretic, Chaos Incarnate   


HEIGHT: 6’6”  


WEIGHT: 230 lbs   


CATCHPHRASES: “The night shall be filled with your screams”  


ENTRANCE SONG: Threnoi by Deuteronomium   


BIOGRAPHY: He was abandoned in the deepest, darkest, crime infested part of Arcadia. Muderer, rape and violence were normal, and the screams unbearable. Once Kurze was old enough to fight, he did. Any criminal would be butchered, and his body displayed as a warning to others. Eventually he got a several block radius peaceful, the only screams now were of criminals he’d butcher. Using their pain, and their bodies, as warnings to others to leave his region alone.  


WICKED PRAYER – Crucifix bomb lung-blower  


BAPTIZED IN FILTH – Package Piledriver

BEYOND THE GRAVE – Tombstone Stretch


DIVINE DARKNESS – Top Rope Kai-ropractor (Front flip lung-blower)