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Jimmy Sartyr

Jimmy Sartyr



WRESTLER NICKNAMES: The Innovator In Ovation


HEIGHT: 5’9″


WEIGHT: 221 lbs




ENTRANCE SONG: “A City On Fire” by Fightstar


BIOGRAPHY: Former IWF Champion and hall of famer, towards the end of his tenure there he was a mere shadow of his former self, never able to reachieve the heights he reached before. He tried to revitalise his flagging career in his initial brief OSW run, but failed. Later on he returned as part of the IWF invasion, but abandoned that fight in order to help Jessie Williams versus The Sandman. It is there he met his end, sacrificing himself to save Jessie and having his head caved in with a pipe wrench.




THRILLRIDE – With the opponent slumped in the corner, Sartyr climbs up behind them onto the top rope. From there, he holds his opponent’s arms outwards, places one knee at the back of their head and leaps off, planting them face first into the mat.


TUCK’N’COVER – A Swanton Bomb, but facing the opposite way and jumping backwards instead of forwards

THE WARNING SHOT – Lifting the opponent in a pumphandle position, He readjusts an arm to reach across the neck of the opponent, then uses the other arm to push them outwards and falling back, planting them front first onto the mat.

SWAN DIVE – Corkscrew plancha


MODIFIED THRILLRIDE – As above, but using both knees and not stabilising the landing with the trailing leg, crushing the opponent’s head against the floor.