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Hayden Hardkore

Hayden Hardkore

WRESTLER NAME: Hayden HardKore


WRESTLER NICKNAMES: “HHK”, “The Flying Kiwi”, “Maui”, “The Maori Warrior”, “The Kiwi Battler”.


HEIGHT: 5′ 11″


WEIGHT: 213lbs


CATCHPHRASES: Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui (Be strong, be brave, be strong hearted)


ENTRANCE SONG: 96 Quite Bitter Beings by CKY


BIOGRAPHY: Hayden was never the strongest, nor the fastest, probably not the smartest either. But nobody is tougher than HHK. A kid from small-town New Zealand fights with a chip on his shoulder, made it on the world wrestling scene against all odds. He fights with the power and bloodline of the Demigod Maui, as a direct descendant. He can be found with his trusty mere (bone club) or welding “Kevin”, his ball-n-chain flail. IFW’s King of Hardcore lives on.




FLYING KIWI – 450 Senton


KIA KAHA – Underhook Front Facelock Drop

MAORI DROP – Second Rope Rolling Fireman’s Carry (Second Rope Forward Samoan Drop)

MAUI’S HOOK –  Pukana Theatrics followed by Wild Left Haymaker (Weapon variation using whale bone club (Mere))

POPULATION 96 – God’s Last Gift (Small Package Fisherman’s Driver)

TIAHA – Spear


ODE TO IWF – Skull fracturing strike with “Kevin”, the ball-n-chain flail.