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WRESTLER NICKNAMES:‘Big Slim’, ‘Cracker Jack’, ‘Mack Daddy’


HEIGHT: 6’5”


WEIGHT: 228 lbs


CATCHPHRASES: “Wagwan”, “This ain’t no white boy day”, “You’re already given up your shit”


ENTRANCE SONG: Money – Pink Floyd


BIOGRAPHY: A white dude who thinks he’s black, Drexl talks in Ebonics, wears his hair in dreads, and struts around like the big I am. He makes a living in Arcadia dealing drugs and pimping hookers. He operates freely, with the APD turning a blind eye to his antics. In return, he grants them free favours to satisfy their cravings and urges. Drexl intimidates those on the lowest levels, exploiting the weak-willed and making a pretty credit or two out of them. With a twisted demeanour and unfiltered penchant for violence, Drexl is a dangerous man who should never be slighted.




BOOTY CALL – Drexl manoeuvres his opponent into the pump handle position. He then mockingly humps the opponent like one of his hoes, before hoisting them up onto his shoulder and hitting a big Running Powerslam


BLOW BACK – Setup move. Drexl grabs the opponent’s face with both hands, locking lips with them and blowing smoke in their mouth – totally disorientating them.

ANGEL TEARS – Drexl kisses the jewellery on his knuckles before viciously grinding it into the eyes of the grounded opponent.

HIPPIE FLIP – Drexl executes a Running Senton Bomb to the grounded opponent.

STRAIGHT SHOOTER – From the top turnbuckle, Drexl performs a Diving Headbutt to the grounded opponent.

SPEED DIAL – Drexl bounces off the ropes and hits a Running Somersault Clothesline.


COLD TURKEY –Out of nowhere, Drexl will hit any desperate, last-gasp combination of either a Handspring, Springboard or Wheelbarrow Stunner.