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Arcadia Designation

Big Slim






This ain’t gonna be no white boy day”

Entrance Song

Money by Pink Floyd

Other Aliases

The Pimp


A white dude who thinks he’s black, Drexl talks in Ebonics, wears his hair in dreads, and struts around like the big I am. He makes a living in Arcadia dealing drugs and pimping hookers.

He operates freely, with the APD turning a blind eye to his antics. In return, he grants them free favours to satisfy their cravings and urges.

Drexl intimidates those on the lowest levels, exploiting the weak-willed and making a pretty credit or two out of them. With a twisted demeanour and unfiltered penchant for violence, Drexl is a dangerous man who should never be slighted.



‘Bringggggg. Click click click.’

The ringing of a bell precedes the sounds of a cash register as the arena falls into darkness. An ambient maroon light follows, flickering above the entrance to Olympus and signifying only one thing.

We’re about to enter the Red Light District.

Drexl appears from behind the curtain, an enormous reefer parched between his lips and flanked by a number of scantily clad women. He promenades them down to the ring proudly, getting off on the attention the audience are affording his prized assets.

As he approaches the ring, one girl will usually step out onto the apron, bending down seductively and sitting on the middle rope. Drexl then leads the rest of his entourage up the ring steps and through the ropes where they encircle him, grinding provocatively into their pimp.



Used as a counter/setup to The Booty Call. Drexl locks lips with his opponent and blows smoke into their mouth, totally disorientating them.

Drexl viciously grinds his knuckles into the eyes of a grounded opponent.

Drexl executes a Running Senton to the grounded opponent.

straight shooter
From the top turnbuckle, Drexl performs a Diving Headbutt to the grounded opponent.

Speed Dial – Drexl bounces off the ropes and hits a Running Somersault Clothesline.

Out of nowhere, Drexl will hit any desperate, last-gasp combination of either a Handspring, Springboard or Wheelbarrow Stunner.






  • The Shark Tank. Drexl sits at the bar of his notorious Red Light establishment, accompanied by a bottle of Arcadia’s finest bourbon. “Well, well, well… It seems my little birds have been flying the coop. I can't say I didn't see it

  • Musical instruments serve as powerful tools for individuals to express themselves. They offer a unique glimpse into one’s inner world. Through the mastery of an instrument, musicians can convey their emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a profound way that words alone fail

  • As well as offering financial relief to those in need, I deal in a currency few dare to acknowledge yet many deeply desire. Drugs. It is a path that has earned me a notorious repute, attained from the lethal precision with which

  • Close your eyes… Go to sleep. Imagine your worst nightmare. Before you stands a monstrous puppeteer; a grotesque portrait of malevolence with razor sharp appendages who wishes to weave his dark threads into the tapestry of your life. His red light bathes your

  • “Since the dawn of time, the concept of darkness has transcended light and encumbered the human soul.” “There are those who have found themselves ensnared by its clutches, powerless to resist its gravitational pull." "Who are forever blinded by its all-encompassing obscurity.” “These

  • Click. There’s nothing spectacular about the scene. We see a tall, folded ladder is propped up against a wall with Drexl stood under it – a typically formidable look carved upon his face. “Welcome to The Bleak, where the stench of desperation

  • Previously. TEC struggles to process the response, looking as confused as a machine possibly could. Drexl simply smirks. “I’m afraid failure to procure a full payment from my debtors means that our agreement is null and void”, he states – motioning for a

  • In the dazzling world of fashion, where dreams and creativity intertwine, there once lived a talented designer. Known for her avant-garde creations and fearless experimentation, the designer earned herself a reputation as a true visionary of the industry. Her catwalk shows were

  • The charred remnants of the once vibrant Pussycat Club have all but been excised. The bodies have been removed; the blood on the ceiling and stages have been thoroughly unstained. In the middle of the muted chaos stands a familiar figure, chewing

  • “The coolin' board was once a widely used transportation device for ferryin' bodies of the recently departed from one locality to another.” “Resemblin' a long, slender, wooden plank, the forefathers of Arcadia used coolin' boards to prepare the bodies of the dead

  • Social stereotypin’ be as palpable in Arcadia as it is anywhere else in our sphere, ya na. Some of it's fair fuckin’ game; the rest ain’ so true. But one thing remains an absolute, irrefutable cert, ya get me? People wit’ a

  • Just like anywhere, food standards agencies exist in Arcadia for one sole reason: To make a motherfucker think twice before sinkin' their teeth into somethin' well past its best, ya get me? Hit up any grocery store and you'll see it across

  • There be some rumour goin’ around, ya naa, that people these days be havin’ full-blown romantic flings which involve more dan one partner. Now don’t get me wrong; Big Slim ain’t usually one to turn down an opportunity to take on

  • If there be one thing about Arcadia’s sex trade ya need to realise, it’s dat artificial devices exist as commonly here as they do anywhere else in society. Don’t get a brother wrong; there ain’t a motherfuckin’ thing that’ll ever replace

  • Employment in Arcadia can be a hard thing to come by. That bein' said - there is one established employer in this town who always leaves his back door open for fresh young talent to come aboard his tanker. For an enterprise

  • If there’s one thing dat gets a nigga around here goin’, it’s standin’ in front of a hot bitch and watchin’ as she sinks to her knees, primed and readyin’ herself for a mouthful of steamin’ semen roadway. Trust me –

  • When a man stands at his easel, a brush of finery clasped between his thumb and finger, it is with self-appointed design and purpose that he purports to indent his own, personal mark on the world. To create his great magnum

  • The eagle is one of the most fearsome birds of prey on the planet. Large in span and powerful in build, they are often referred to as the king of all birds - and for good fockin reason. These majestic animals come

  • When I was a lad, I was really into chess. That might come as a surprise to some people; it ain’t exactly a past time you’d associate with someone like me. But I loved to play that shit, yo, and what’s more?

  • Wagwan, bitches? Ya naa, if there be one thing we humans are all born equal with it’s the fact we are all given a voice. It’s the unique ability each and every one of us has to chime in and speak up

  • When you’re in the business of sex, you have to put up with some pretty weird shit from time to time. Once a client gets a sordid idea in his head involvin' one of my girls, there ain’t nothin’ a nigga

  • Cancer comes in many different forms and can attack almost any part o’ the human anatomy. When the disease is present, abnormal cells begin to grow and reproduce, goin' beyond their regular boundaries to invade other parts of the body, destroyin’

  • Like mose kids, I used to enjoy chowin’ down my fair share o’ sweets. Every evenin’, after school, me an’ my homies would swing by the local candy store an’ fill our pockets full o’ toothsome treatsies. The joint was run by

  • As a young man, I got around. I’d fock bitches of my own free will and all without a motha fockin care in the world. Life was sweet. But then everything changed. One day, I decided to take a ride on a particularly scabby

  • Ya naa, teeth are pretty fascinatin’ fockin things. Every tooth is different; they each form slightly different shapes which allow them to operate their very unique roles. There be the incisors, canines, premolars, an’ molars – all of which work in tandem

  • When a brotha calls by my bordello, hot to fockin’ trot, he does so for one simple reason: My bitches be the best motha fockin’ bitches in all Arcadia, yo. Ya see

  • When the people of Arcadia crave a small somethin’ to supplement their egos, they come to me. If a brotha from anotha is needin’ a pick me up to enhance his self-esteem an’ transform his ass from zero to hero at

  • The pussycat is a fascinatin’ fockin’ creature wit’ their two cutesie ears, four legs, four paws, one wiggly ass tail, an’ as legend would have a nigga believe - nine motha fockin’ lives. Despite all that - none of said shit