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Dr. Death

Arcadia Designation

The Luchadoc






“Tell me: what ails you today?”

Entrance Song

Time of Dying by Three Days Grace

Other Aliases

“Luchadeath”, “Doc de la Muerte”


After years of practice on the scum within the bowels of Arcadia, the man known as ”Dr. Death” has built a reputation as a miracle worker. Though means of his medicine are considered unorthodox, even barbaric, the prestige he has attained has allowed him to climb the rungs of society’s ladder and now he has gained the attention of the upper crust members of the wall, namely Zeus.

Dr. Death’s core motivation is to make all the money he never had growing up in the lower floors of The Wall, and he is open for business to accomplish this goal.

Those who know him and his family are either dead or have no credibility in the eyes of anyone who matters, so speculation is rampant over who this man’s identity is.



Red light floods the arena.

“Time of Dying” by Three Days Grace blasts from the speakers as none other than Dr. Death walks through the entrance, flanked by his twitching valet Nurse Frightengale.

He stops atop the stage and holds out his hand. Frightengale places his cane in hand as if she were passing a surgical instrument, and then he commences down the stage and turns to the steps with her hissing at the fans as she follows close behind.

Dr. Death walks up the steps using his cane, and turns, sliding into the ring as Frightengale follows suit. He gets to his feet, twirls his cane around under a red floodlight in the middle of the ring, and points it straight at the hard cam whilst Frightengale cackles in delight at his side!
















  • There isn’t a more beautiful thing in this thing we call life than giving birth. My profession affords me to witness such miracles, but to witness the birth of your own child is a different experience entirely. With all that built-up anticipation

  • I’m walking through a maze. It’s dark, foggy, and the twists and turns have me second-guessing my every move. It’s easy to get lost in maze like this. Every turn more likely than not will lead to exponential wrong turns. But it’s

  • Have you ever seen someone with an open wound? I’m talking a real nasty, festering eye sore that needs all kinds of treatment. Irrigation and debridement of the dead tissue to allow healthy tissue to proliferate. Applying antibiotics and ointments that

  • “No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man—to be the sad man—behind blue eyes. “And no one knows what it’s like to be hated, to be fated to telling only lies.” A word sorcerer once sang those exact lyrics

  • It’s about that time of year, isn’t it. The life is slowly sucked out of all living things as the temperature begins to drop below freezing point. No level of Arcadia is safe from this chill: the flowers wilt in Anthesteria,

  • Behold: A box. That’s a nice box, you might say. Well, though it may appear pleasing it is not the box that matters; what matters is what’s inside that box. Is it something you hold near and dear to you? Something of sentimental value

  • The lights shine from up above on the catwalk and the stage curtain opens, revealing… FOLEY’S FUNHOUSE?! All the kiddos start cheering and clapping for Felix, but to their surprise it’s not Felix they’re getting tonight… The look of pure joy transforms into

  • Every type of worker must play their role within my Clinic. There’s so many moving parts with specific individual tasks that must work in conjunction with one another in order to make such a massive, and quintessential, undertaking thrive. For example, our

  • The first technique that you’re taught in surgical residency is how to properly cut through layers of the human anatomy. It’s called opening. It’s the foundation of any skilled surgeon to understand how to cunningly and wittingly navigate the human body’s landmarks

  • Inside an empty Clinic an airborne precaution alarm is blaring. Dr. Death swings the door open, walks inside and slams it shut behind him. He briskly moves to the gas shut-off valves and pulls them down with a sigh before

  • It was a quiet night in the clinic, and everyone in the health profession knows better than to acknowledge that fact. Dr. Death sits at his desk sipping a coffee and reading the latest print of The People’s Voice. “Ha!” Dr.

  • There’s a well known theory that tests the identification of any given subject by observing its habitual characteristics. It’s called the duck test. A form of abductive reasoning, it’s often used to counter abstruse arguments that something is not what it appears

  • The only certainty in life is death. It matters not what advantages you’re afforded, nor your hopes and ambitions, nor your desire to uphold a certain duty or moral. Men have claimed their birthright as immortality. They’ve unsuccessfully journeyed high and low

  • Every day I wake up, roll out of bed, and go to work. Review my cases for the day, check in with a few of my patients in recovery, and huddle with my team. Then I head to preop where

  • Close your eyes… Go to sleep. Imagine a lush, rolling savanna at sunrise. Wild animals roam the terrain at will, birds glide in the air, and the red sun slowly rises high above them. In the heat, a lone figure presides over his

  • Have you ever performed a craniotomy? It’s a highly specialized neurosurgery where a portion of the brain that is affected by something, perhaps a tumor, or a clot, or a bleed, is removed. How do you remove it, you ask? If you’re being

  • Imagine you’re a little red blood cell floating along the bloodstream of an immunocompromised person. There once was more of your kind, but as time has lapsed your peers have disappeared one by one, leaving your host short of breath

  • There are so many types of scissors to choose from when performing surgery. Different sizes, shapes, and colors indicate specific purposes, so it’s absolutely imperative to make an informed decision when choosing a pair for the job. Metzenbaums are your bread

  • BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. A heart monitor at the head of a comatose patient’s bed beeps with every QRS complex that appears on the screen. Nurse Frightengale eclectically documents at her desk as the curtain slides open next to her. Frightengale briskly tidies up her

  • My whole life has been a constant climb. I was born and raised in the lowest level of the bleak, starting my ascension from the bottom rung of society. As daunting as it was looking all the way up to that top

  • An empty operating room lit only by a light box on the far wall.   Footsteps grow louder until we see Dr. Death enter the room. He places a CT scan over the box, revealing an image of a brain. Luchadoc takes

  • A man once was strolling through a garden. The path he walked was bordered by the the lushest greens he’d ever seen, unlike the rest of his world that surrounded this oasis. For he built this garden, and this was his

  • Dear Mother, I’ve done it. I’ve reached the pinnacle of Arcadia. Remember all those years ago when you told me I’d be the one to escape the destitution and the horrors of the bleak? You were right. See, you saw something in me, something that

  • Close your eyes… Go to sleep. Imagine a hut in the middle of a forest at twilight. Inside, a crowd of natives gather in a circle, lighting the interior with torches. A hazy moonlight shines through a hole from the hut’s pinnacle

  • I had this one couple visit me for elective surgery years ago. The girl wanted a boob job, and the guy she was with was more than happy to accommodate her. Let me tell you: this girl had that boyfriend wrapped around

  • There’s usually two surgeons in the operating room. The resident surgeon is the surgeon who opens and closes the surgery. Though skill set may vary, they are in training and must be overseen by an attending surgeon during critical stages of

  • Have you ever gone to work in an operating room? Surgery cannot be performed alone. In fact it takes a troop of people who trust one another enough to work together to be successful. It can feel like you’re in a war

  • There was this one fellow who kept visiting my emergency room time and time again. We call those of his ilk “frequent flyers” in the medical industry, and they typically have the same chief complaint each visit. Frequent flyers are generally individuals

  • Emergent trauma surgeries are unfortunately a big part of my job as a surgeon. Whether it’s an accident or premeditated, these patients end up on my operating table and I’m the one who’s tasked with determining their fate: Can I salvage their

  • Every member of the surgical team must perform their duties expertly and cohesively in order to preserve the best possible outcome for the patient. The difference between life or death could all simply boil down to whether or not someone can

  • Pandemonium has broken out in Arcadia. Explosives are being detonated, dead bodies are being displayed as artwork, and Arcadians are frightened by what they see. In these times of wild and noisy disorder, people seek comfort. Like confused, wayward sheep, they flock

  • Imagine being the first responder to the scene of a horrific accident. The supposed accident was unwitnessed, and you’re forced to see a broken, bloody man, his head scalped to reveal a skull with its fragments scattered around the scene. His brain

  • Let’s talk about my fellow residents during my training years. Dr. Greentomb kind of creeped everyone out. There was something insidious about him, whether it was the way he had pet names for his patients and his coworkers, like when he

  • The skull and the brain depend on one another to survive. The hard skull encapsulates the tender brain. The bone provides the protection that the spongy gray matter needs for it to dictate the executive functions for the rest of the

  • Do you ever feel the electricity between two people? It’s a tension that both draws them to each other and pushes them away at the same time. Often times it cannot be explained, as it’s just something out of the realm of

  • Entering someone’s mind is not an easy task. It takes something extraordinary to make an impression that sticks in your brain. For example, a profound experience could lead you to develop a surprisingly new way of thinking and become a core memory

  • Every now and then I’ll receive an inquiry from a certain type of person about plastic surgery. You know the type of person I’m talking about. Vain. Narcissistic. They’re more concerned about keeping up with the latest trends and appearances than siphoning out the

  • Invasion is determined by skill set and target. Every profession is trained a specific technique to willingly or unwillingly intrude on a particular target. A policeman could breach you by force if you were to resist arrest, subduing your body into submission

  • Large bowel obstructions are always such an adventure. There’s something about navigating through the passageways of a gastrointestinal tract and not knowing what lies around the corner of each bend that’s exhilarating. You really get to understand someone inside and out when

  • “Turn your head and cough.” It was annual physical week for all the school-age children in Arcadia, and that must have been at least the two hundredth time I had asked that question that day. It was high education day, so I

  • Diabetes is really a nasty disease. It causes your body to be unable to regulate insulin levels, which could lead to a number of complications including irreversible nerve or sensation damage, poor wound healing, and other serious chronic issues. It’s a controllable

  • A doctorate degree is the highest educational achievement in Arcadia. No matter where you come from or who you have ties to, a doctorate automatically fast tracks you into the upper echelon of society. We dream of climbing that proverbial mountain for

  • You see some pretty gruesome stuff in a profession like mine. Stuff that really leaves an impression on you. But, as a medical professional, you have to put those feelings aside in order to make informed, and sometimes bold, decisions. There was one

  • I try to come up with individualized treatment plans for each of my patients. It’s so important to determine the precise needs they have in order to get them exactly what they need. The quicker you can pinpoint the most viable