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Captain Zappa

Captain Zappa

WRESTLER NAME: Captain Zappa


NICKNAMES: The Chosen One




WEIGHT: 215 lbs


CATCHPHRASE: “It’s about to get really, really heavy in here, man.”


ENTRANCE SONG: “Space Oddity” by David Bowie


BIOGRAPHY:When you think about an alien, you typically picture a skinny grey form, a massive head and big, black eyes – unless you’ve gotten to know Captain Zappa. Because Zappa is an alien too – in fact, he’s the “Chosen One”, according to his race, but he’s also taken a liking to this place called Earth. In fact, he’s like an extraterrestrial Jerry Garcia, aiming to simply explore life in a world far unlike the one he belongs to. Sure, he’s one of the great warriors of the cosmos – but down here? He’s just another one of the guys, man.




A PLACE CALLED HOME – Frogsplash from the top rope


HYPER COLLIDER – Irish whip into the ropes, into a flying double-elbow drop.

METABOOM – Will kick the opponent in the gut and then executed a karate kick, dropping it down across the back of the opponent’s neck.

ZAPPAVARIUM – Opponent is sat dazed in the corner; Zappa runs from the opposite corner and executes a baseball slide into the opponent’s chest.


ODE TO THE QUEEN – This is similar to the RKO, but it’s a DDT. This comes out of nowhere – no hype – Zappa will latch on to the opponent’s head when they are least expecting it, and then will execute a snap DDT.