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WRESTLER NICKNAMES: “The Devil of the Wastes”, “The Devil”, “Tooth Rot”


HEIGHT: 5’7”


WEIGHT: 180lbs


CATCHPHRASES: “Ring the dinner bell.”, “It’s meal time!”


ENTRANCE SONG: Devil’s Got You Beat by Blues Saraceno


BIOGRAPHY: Black Tooth is the leader of the Blood Runners, a cannibalistic group of mercenaries from the wasteland known for their rampant violence. His teeth are filed to sharpened points and his body is covered in hidden weapons he uses to fight and brutalize his opponents. His gang follows him with intense loyalty. He has come to OSW looking to make money for his crew and to keep their stomachs full with the viscera of unsuspecting opponents. No one is safe from his seemingly endless appetite for violence and gore.


DIRT NAP – Leaping Curbstomp, sometimes springboarding or from the top rope.


FRESH MEAT! – Black Tooth leaps onto his opponent and begins biting at any vulnerable parts of their body, pulling away flesh and swallowing whatever he can.

MUTILATION – Black Tooth places his opponent in a camel clutch while either fish hooking their nose or wrapping a chain around their throat.

THE WASTELANDER – A blade comes out of the bottom of Black Tooth’s boot, he kicks his opponent in the gut to stick it in them before hitting an Enziguri.

BLOOD RAIN – Diving Double Footstomp

IRON PERFUME – Black Tooth spits a mist of blood into his opponent’s face.


LAST BREATH – Black Tooth bites his opponent’s throat, latching on as he tears at them like a wild animal, forcing them to the ground and refusing to let go until they pass out… or worse.