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[Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.]

“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Monday Night Showcase.”


[Recorded Earlier.]

[The musical sound of a carousel can be heard in the background, eerily playing away whilst it spins.]

[In the distance, a figure approaches carefully.]

[It’s Alex Reese.]

[He walks into the fairground, his senses tingling as he does. His eyes cautiously dart in every direction imaginable, checking every corner for the ambush he knows is coming. There’s a whistle in the wind as it wisps by and a chill in the air that catches him off guard.]

“Looking for me, Reesey?” [Suddenly says the maniacal voice of Hysteria.]

[Alex’s head darts to the left, then to the right, only Hysteria appears from within the shadows in front of him.]

“Or is it an appointment with your beautiful wife that you seek? She’s a little indisposed at the moment. But I can assure you, she’s weak at the knee’s for your arrival. We all are,” [he scoffs.] “Well, maybe not as much.”

[He knows he’s being goaded.] “Where is she, Hysteria?” [Reese shouts back.]

“Don’t you think it’s ironic?” [He hisses back.] “That you were so desperate to solve the murder of my wife that you inadvertently lost your own.”

[That does it.]

[Alex sets off, running the length of the fairground towards Hysteria who whilst laughing, storms inside the ‘Fun House’. Alex doesn’t even hesitate, following him inside as our cameras fade.]

[But the laughter of Hysteria remains.]

[Tensions are high backstage as the war between Torchbearer and Ministry of Light rages on. As our scene cuts to a backstage corridor, we find Solomon flanked by a gaggle of his black-cloaked Ministry mid-confrontation with a collection of white-cloaked Torchbearers.]

“Where is he?” [Solomon hisses at Bellator’s faithful.] “You know the one whom I seek. Dare you stand in the way of the Lord’s work, sinners?”

[Stoically, the Torchbearers stand their ground. Blocking Solomon from passing them, the only way for the Priest of Pain to go is back from where he came. However, Solomon has other ideas.]

[He steps forward, eyeballing the Torchbearer at the front and centre of the stand-off. As he speaks, his voice hisses with venom.]

“His enemies are scattered and those who hate Him flee before Him.
As smoke is driven away, so are they driven;
as wax melts before the fire, so the wicked perish at the presence of God.”

[Solomon reaches forward and places his palm on the forehead of the Torchbearer, underneath his white hood. Almost instantly, the Torchbearer begins to scream in pain as if Solomon’s very touch was burning him. He draws near enough to whisper into the Torchbearer’s ear.]

“We drive you from us, unclean spirits, all satanic powers. May the Flood claim your soul in the name of the Lord.”

[With a simple push to the head from Solomon, the Torchbearer collapses to the ground. Unmoving and lifeless, Lux’s faithful lies at the feet of his brethren. The remaining torchbearers falter slightly, backing away from Solomon out of fear.]

[Solomon smiles.]

“O ye of little faith.”

[He pauses as he looks at the lifeless body of the fallen Torchbearer, then draws his attention back to the remaining Torchbearers. He calls out, loudfly and proudly as he advances towards the wavering white-robes.]

“From the snares of the devil.”

[His Ministry chimes in a chanted reply.]


[Solomon’s voice rises once more]

“That Thou may crush down all enemies of Thy Church”


[At the raising of Solomon’s hands, the rain of the Flood begins to fall on the heads of the Torchbearers. Breaking ranks, the white-robed forces back away and retreat while a smiling Solomon looks on, his forces intact and standing proudly.]

[It’s the battle between two heroes when the hard hitting Silver Shroud goes into battle with the Enforcer himself in the semi-finals for the All Star Championship]

[The bell rings as both men rush forward, pounding on one another with rights and lefts, an exchange Kersh gets the better of with a wicked right hook. The Shroud staggers back as the Enforcer hooks him around the waist, lifting him up off with the mat with a pair of knees to the midsection before throwing him halfway across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. The Shroud’s holding his back in pain, as he gets up to his feet right into a strong style Lariat that sends him crashing to the mat. The Enforcer quickly drops down into a lateral press for the first cover of the contest]

[ONE…TWO…The Shroud just gets the shoulder up as Kersh pulls him to his feet, throwing him across the ring and as he rebounds, grabs him by the waist, SPINEBUS…DDT! The Shroud just manages to counter the Spinebuster as both men slowly get to their feet. The Shroud ducks under a wild right, springboarding off the ropes right into a dropkick to the jaw of the Enforcer. The Shroud pulls Kersh up to his feet, kicking him in the gut as he tries for Pale Justice but Kersh refuses to be picked up, instead sweeping Shroud’s legs out from under him as he tries to lock in the Lone Star]

[Kersh gets one leg hooked but as he tries to hook the other, The Shroud manages to kick him off. Kersh stumbles back into a right cross that stuns him before The Shroud delivers a chop to the throat that sends Kersh stumbling. The Enforcer turns back to the Shroud, holding his throat as The Shroud springboards off the middle rope, LONG ARM OF…MID-AIR DROPKICK! Kersh just dropped the Shroud out of the air with a surprisingly good looking dropkick as the Enforcer wastes no time, hooking both legs as he locks in the Lone Star in the middle of the ring. The Shroud tries to fight out of it but he’s trapped and eventually, taps out]

[The bell rings as the crowd cheers, The Enforcer getting his hand raised in victory before pulling a limping Shroud to his feet and shaking his hand after a well fought match. Kersh rolls out of the ring as he celebrates advancing to the finals of the All-Star Tournament]

[This time in the office of Errol Flint, Betamax is making it a bad habit when it comes to appearing on Monday Night Showcase. He sits in a chair opposite the owner, trying not to smile.]

“Errol, bubby, let’s just take it easy.”

[Flint grimaces.] “You can take that smile off your face, Betamax. I pay your cheques.”

“And a fine pay check it is, chief.”

[Errol frowns at him.]

“You told me that you had this under control. You said it was entertainment, that’s all it was. Now I find you on my show, sneaking through the backstage like some kind of luminous ninja.”

“What can I say? Someone from your show stole the VHS Championship from right under my nose, [He finally admits.] “You must have seen the video from VHS last week? Somebody from this side of the pond started this and I’m here tonight to get my gold back.”

[Flint clears his throat.] “Well, yes, I suppose that’s true. Look, I don’t want a war between Monday Night Showcase and VHS. We’re two brands of one company. The idea is to make our roster stronger, not compete them against each other for bragging rights. Whoever has taken these measures has done so without my permission.”

[Betamax stands up, straightening out his suit.]

“In that case, bubula, I shall go retrieve what is rightfully ours.”

[He heads towards the door, only Flint calls him back.] “Find it Betamax. Put an end to this so that your title can be won next week on VHS,” [He says in a sincere tone.] “Because without it, you have no Main Event.”

[The Commissioner of VHS nods in agreement, exiting the office.]

[In the backstage locker room of The Shadow King, Mike Lane is preparing for a match with Jake Jeckel that he quite frankly doesn’t want. He’s wrapping his hands when there’s a knock at the door and in walks Bruce Van Chan.]

[Mike’s eyes immediately dart towards his former nemesis.]

“I just came to apologize,” [Chan makes clear.] “Jeckel fooled us both into thinking the other person was responsible and we played right into his grubby hands.”

[The Shadow King smiles.] “That we did. But you know what Bruce? Part of me wishes it didn’t happen like that. Part of me wishes that you were the one responsible.”

[That takes Bruce back a little bit.]

“Jake Jeckel isn’t going to stop tormenting you, because that’s what he does. I’ve been there before with Red River Jack. There’s no place for you to hide in the shadows and wait for him to go away. The shadows are where I lurk.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” [Chan enquires.]

“It means that you have to be more ruthless. If you want to survive the Juggalo, let alone win the World Championship, you’re going to have to sacrifice your beliefs to do it. In any situation, they say that a good guy finishes last. In this race, there’s no such thing as last place. There’s winning and losing. There’s survival.”

[Bruce doesn’t know what to say. He stands there, his brow furrowed, his heart telling him something entirely different than his head. Mike Lane stands, looks him dead in the eye and nods.]

“There’s always a price to pay.”

[He taps him on the shoulder and exits the locker room, leaving Bruce Van Chan to contemplate what he’s just been told.]

[Phoebe Outlaw looks as confident as ever coming off a huge win at Ring Of Dreams and ending Tommy Hawks winning streak. Staring back from the opposite corner is Lux Bellator with no signs of being shaken by the acts of Solomon last week. The bell rings and this one is under way.]

[The two circle each other momentarily awaiting the other to make the critical first move. It’s Lux Bellator who rushes Phoebe Outlaw and catches her momentarily unaware landing a Lou Thesz Press followed by some elbow strikes. Lux Bellator continues his assault and lifts Phoebe Outlaw to her feet and follows through with a High Angle Release German Suplex! Phoebe Outlaw however rolls through and charges at Lux Bellator and nails him with The Roaring Elbow just he turns around!]

[Phoebe Outlaw ascends to the top rope and looks to continue the offense. Lux Bellator slowly makes it to his feet after having his bell rung, once fully standing Phoebe takes to the air and nails a textbook Missile Dropkick! Phoebe Outlaw covers! One……Two……NO! Lux Bellator forcefully shoots a shoulder off the mat. Phoebe Outlaw looks to transition from the lateral press into a Fujiwara Armbar but Lux Bellator rolls forward and to his feet and leaps into a Spinning Wheel Kick! ]

[Lux Bellator lifts Phoebe Outlaw up by her hair and delivers a forceful knee assisted shoulder breaker. Phoebe Outlaw clutches her arm in pain. Lux Bellator looks to follow the assault and hits an armdrag to Fujiwara Armbar of his own! Phoebe Outlaw refuses to submit and reaches the bottom rope with her foot. Lux Bellator charges in looking for the Arm of God but Phoebe Outlaw counters into the NTO!]

[Phoebe has Lux Bellator down and in perfect position for the North Star Press! Phoebe Outlaw takes flight but Lux Bellator shifts on the mat and catches Phoebe Outlaw in a Triangle Hold! Phoebe Outlaw is struggling to reach the ropes with her foot. Lux Bellator slides with Phoebe Outlaw into the middle of the ring and shifts the Triangle Hold into Purity! Repeatedly powerbombing Phoebe Outlaw. Lux Bellator lifts a lifts Phoebe Outlaw from the canvas and delivers the Disciple Maker! Lux Bellator crosses Phoebe Outlaws arms and bows his head in prayer as the count commences. One…..two…..three!!

[With Phoebe Outlaw down on the mat, Lux Bellator does a Catholic Cross touching his head, chest and both shoulders. Lux Bellator looks again at a prone Phoebe Outlaw before exiting the ring. One step closer in the All Star Title Tournament and sending a message to Solomon with that victory.]

[As the spectacle between Phoebe Outlaw and Lux Bellator reaches its conclusion, attention is drawn to the entranceway. There, flanked by a handful of members of the Ministry, is Solomon.

And there, held firmly by those Ministry members, is one of Lux’s own Torchbearers… Another victim of the Flood. Father Pedro El Salvador emerges from within the Ministry of Light’s ranks.]

“There is nothing you can do, Bellator…” [The word ‘Bellator’ is spat from his lips like a sour lemon.] “… You were warned, and now the Flood will claim each and every one of your Torchbearers.

You will be the last. I will make sure that you get to watch the demise of every one of them. Their blood on your hands and their souls on your conscience.”

[From the ring, Bellator fires a volley of reply. His voice is strong, yet with a hint of despair at seeing his own followers targeted in his name.]

“Do you not see how far you have wandered from the path, Father Pedro? God is grace, love and forgiveness… this is unrelenting judgement. How can this be the will of God?”

[It is Solomon who steps in at this point, moving himself in front of El Salvador.]

“I saw heaven opened… and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.”

[A momentary pause rings out a chorus of booing from the crowd. Solomon continues.]

“You have been judged, Lux Bellator. You stripped from these people the chance of Salvation I offered them. This is your doing.”

[With that, Solomon touches the forehead of the Torchbearer with his palm, as he had done earlier. The white-robed follower crumples to the ground. Lux snaps.]

“You speak not for the Lord, but the devil himself. If sending you back to the depths of hell is the only way to end this Flood, then that is what I will do.

No more victims need be claimed Solomon. We can end this right now… You and me.”

[The crowd cheer at the prospect, but Solomon smiles a knowing smile. His answer? Turn and walk away, the Ministry following him, leaving the body of Lux’s Torchbearer lying lifeless in their wake.]

[Backstage in the office of Errol Flint, the camera pans out from a shot of the OSW World Championship. Stood with it is of course, Jake Jeckel and he’s on the phone, making an important call.]

“Thanks for taking my call,” [He says with a concerned tone.] “I have a friend,” [he’s interrupted.] “Yes, a friend and he needs your help.”

[Jeckel listens for a moment.]

“My friend is losing his mind. He’s becoming dangerous and delusional. He’s been through so much and I’m not sure I can help him anymore. I think it’s best I turn to professional help.”

[The camera pans out a little further to see Errol Flint, smiling from ear to ear.]

“I wish that would do it, I really do. If I could get him to go and see you after all he’s been through, I would. He’s just not going to listen to me. I think we have to something a little more extreme, Doc.”

[The Doctor speaks and Jake once again listens.]

“I would be thrilled if you’d come out here and take control of the situation. I would pay you handsomely for the time and effort as well,” [He continues his charade.] “Bring however many you need, I’ll pay, he’s worth it.”

[Jake grins.]

“Thanks Doctor, see you soon.”

[The minute he hangs up the phone, it’s like his whole personality changes. His grin remains, but he bursts into laughter.]

“That fuckin’ idiot won’t know what’s hit him!”

[Flint offers a stern handshake in approval.] “I knew you were the right man for the job, kid. What a Champion.”

[Both men shake hands as the scene comes to a close.]

[Cutting backstage, we find Ocean’s One standing in an empty hallway with dozens of red doors set into the thick arena walls.]

Sigh. “You’re absolutely sure this will work, are you?” [Nigel Royal pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration.]

“Positive.” [Replies an oblivious Marvolo.] “And don’t call Marvolo Shirley.”

“I didn’t.”

“… Oh.”

[Nigel reveals an electric cattle prod from behind his back.] “Well, let’s get a move on then. No time like the current.” [He smiles as a blue arc crackles between the electrodes, reflected in his eyes.]

[Marvolo gulps but heads to the first door as Nigel hides up against the wall. He raises his fist.]

Knock knock

[#1 flings the door open… finding only a bucket and mop. He curses under his breath and they move to the next door.]

Knock knock

[… Boiler room. Knock knock… A valve. Knock knock… Empty storage room.]

“Where are they!?” [Nigel complains, shocking the wall in anger.]

“Hmmm…” [Marvolo turns around, rubbing his goatee. As he does, the storage room door flies open again, revealing DOUBT and SMILEY! They put their hands over Nigel’s mouth and drag him inside, slamming the door shut.]

“What—?” [Marvolo turns round in alarm, finding himself all alone. Tsk tsk] “Typical. Management never want to get their hands dirty.”

[Going solo, he knocks the next door and throws it open to find some generators. Behind him, however, a door on the opposite wall opens. Doubt sneaks up on him with the cattle prod – only to dart aside as Marvolo turns around, none the wiser. He mutters to himself.]

“Knock knock… Marvolo will knock your bloody block off…”

[He storms into the next room, finding a mess of cables. Smiley now emerges behind him, only for Nigel to escape his captors and bolt across the corridor into another room! Marvolo turns around at the sound of all the footsteps, but all doors are closed again.]

“What is going on!?”

[As he walks along the corridor, Smiley, Doubt, and Nigel all take turns chasing and fleeing each other in the wrong order between doors, exchanging the cattle prod between them.]

ZAP! “OUCH!” [Marvolo clutches his ass, having been shocked! He spins round to witness the bizarre Scooby-Doo shenanigans behind him. He starts towards Knock Knock, but they keep him at bay with the prod, before grabbing Nigel and disappearing behind a closed door again! Marvolo races into it but runs headfirst into a concrete wall inside an empty room, knocking himself out.]

“Yeah, nothing to see here! Just the hottest free agent, formerly on the market walking to the easiest win of his career with a blinded man.”

[The bold and brash Austin Fernando smiles as he is in his ring attire heading towards the gorilla position. One week ago, he vanquished his foe of Vinnie Lane once and for all. He turns a corner and runs into the same person who gave up the whereabouts of Vinnie Lane last week as they smash into one another. Papers fly as the man begins picking them up. Fernando towers over him holding his shoulder.]

“Hey watch it! You don’t walk into the Epitome of Greatness! Learn your place, damnit.”

[Fernando’s swagger seems to have been replaced by irritability.]

“Why did you want it?”

[The haunting words seem to come from everywhere at the same time as Fernando turns around with his irritability growing by the second. A strong gust of wind nearly knocks Austin down but he turns towards the source to see The Spirit Walker standing in the light.]

“Why don’t you fuck off already? Want what?”

[Tommy Hawk looks him up and down as if trying to dissect him with his mind. He begins to circle around him but Austin keeps his front facing him at all times.]

“What the fuck is wrong with you, Kemosabe?”

[Hawk stops as he reaches behind himself.]

“Why did you want the belt?”

[Fernando scoffs.]

“Why the fuck does anyone want a belt? That’s the whole point of being here. To be the best. To get the titles.”

[Hawk’s hand is shown on his tomahawk as his hand is gripped on the handle.]

“Look, freak, I’ve got a match. How about you back the fuck up, okay?”

[Austin Fernando throws his hands up as he continues on his way to the ring. Tommy Hawk lowers his hands as his eyes watch his leaving.]

“A spirit has taken a hold of you, Austin. An evil that must be purged.”

[The youthful ridder of Vinnie Lane stands in the ring with a chip on his shoulder from last week. Standing across from Austin Fernando is the man who utilized the name of Anonymous to plague his foes, James Hunter.]

[The bell sounds as Austin slowly walks to the center of the ring with his chin held high. Hunter approaches but knees the kid in the gut. He throws Fernando into the ropes and catches him with a spinebuster so fierce the entire ring shakes! Austin goes to clutch at his back, but Hunter grabs him up by his throat before hitting an inverted backbreaker to Fernando! He pulls the kid down the mat. One…Two…NO! Austin kicks out! The Question pulls him to his feet, but Austin grabs his jaw and pulls it down atop his head for a jawbreaker!]

[Hunter gets back to his feet quickly as Austin kicks him in the gut before lifting him up for GOODBYE, FRI-NO! Austin drops Hunter as he clutches his back. The pain is too much as he can’t seem to hit the brainbuster. Hunter sees this and charges Austin with a knee directed straight for the lower back. Austin hits the corner as he cries out in agony. Hunter takes a step back and charges him for a double knee strike! The grin across the face of The Question is terrifying. He throws Austin to the mat before placing one knee on Austin’s back before yanking back on his chin.]

[Austin begins to crawl but Hunter goes to yank him back. Austin gets the better of it and rolls up Hunter with a school boy! One…Two…T-NO! Hunter kicks out and looks pissed off. He charges Austin but his drop in defense results in two stiff right jabs to the chin! Hunter is groggy as Fernando smiles to himself. He kicks Hunter in the gut before lifting him up for THE EMP-He can’t lift the weight though! Hunter hits a RELAX clothesline before smiling down at Austin. He lifts him up to the top rope and signals for the end. Question climbs to the second rope. Austin smiles at Hunter! THE SUPER REVELATION FROM THE TOP! Question lands on the bridge of his back as Austin hooks both legs! One…Two…THREE!]

[Austin raises both hands in the air as the referee comes to raise them for him. He smiles widely as he managed to win despite his injured back. Hunter is finally coming to his senses and the referee is doing all he can to keep him contained.]


[“You’re The Best” hits the speaker system to great fanfare here on Monday Night Showcase as Betamax steps out onto the stage to a surprisingly tremendous ovation. He struts to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, asking for a microphone.]

“Phew, I didn’t expect that!” [he says referencing the ovation.] “It’s nice to have fans! Now as some of you may be aware, the VHS Championship was stolen two weeks ago and last week, I was challenged to come here and retrieve it,” [Betamax says with a nod.] “And I’m not one to ignore a challenge. I want back what’s rightfully mine and tonight, I’m here to get it!”

[Marvs entrance.]

“YOU!?” [Betamax says, going nose to nose with Marvolo in the middle of the ring.] “You stole the VHS Championship?”

[The fans boo.] “That’s right hotshot, Marvolo stole your precious title,” [he admits with no shame.] “The fact is, Marvolo see’s what you’re trying to do over there in VHS. It’s not just a second brand for Old School Wrestling, oh no, you’re trying to make it the best brand!”

“You’re an idiot. Look at you, you look like some kind of red pepper and you think you know what’s going on?”

[Marvolo frowns.] “We’re wearing the same colours!”

“Whatever! Look chump, you made your point. You don’t want VHS to outgrow you and your little show and that’s fine; we’re not in direct competition. Just give me back what’s mine and I won’t have to take it from you.”

[Both men remain face to face.]

“You could try, but Marvolo is fluent in every fighting style known to man. He has trained in the Dojo’s, wrestled with alligators and learned illusions from The Great Raymondo that would turn your perception of reality upside down.”

[Betamax sighs.] “What do you want?”

[That opens up a whole new line of conversation.]

“We want to be invited to the party. I don’t know where my partner Nigel Royal is at this time, though he promised he’d be here,” [Marvolo says looking around.] “But when we win the Tag Team Championships at Fallout, we want to defend them on VHS if and when we want to. You have Those 90’s Guys on VHS! You have a whole wealth of potential Tag Team talent that we, the world beating Ocean’s One intend to decimate!”

[Betamax debates it for a moment, mulling it over.] “So hold on, this is all about you wanting to defend your future Tag Team Championships on VHS, if you win them? This isn’t about competition between Monday Night Showcase and VHS?”

“Oh contraire,” [Marvolo interrupts.] “That’s exactly what it’s about. Don’t you get it? VHS is on the up and up, Commissioner. Marvolo knows a rising star when he sees it, after all, he’s responsible for training the legendary Blue Demon Junior.”

“Cut the bullshit, spanky,” [Beta cuts in.] “You’re right about VHS, it is on the up and up. If you want to defend the Tag Team Championships on my show, you got it. Maybe though, you should focus on winning them first.”

[The VHS Commissioner points ominously to behind Marvolo where Knock Knock now stand, stalking him. He quickly snatches the VHS Championship back and escapes the ring, leaving Marvolo to the wolves and running backstage.]

[And they strike.]

[Both men attack Marvolo to the canvas with right hands, stomping away at him as they take off their Tag Team Championships. Doubt helps him back to his feet and holds him for Smiley, who grabs his half of the belt and RUNS IT ACROSS MARVOLO’S SKULL!]

[Where the fuck is Nigel Royal!?]

[Knock Knock turn to the entrance ramp where a rather flustered Nigel Royal appears, looking a little out of sorts. He storms down the ramp way towards the ring and slides in, Knock Knock purposely sliding out as he does.]

[Royal checks on his Tag Team partner as the Champions head up the entrance ramp, smiling at what has just transpired.]

[Solomon and Tommy Hawk circle each other in the ring, neither wanting to make the first mistake. Tommy smiles and Solomon scowls.]

[Finally, Solomon shoots forward for a leg sweep, but Tommy leaps with KNEE STRIKE TO SOLOMON’S TEMPLE! He covers…. One… Two… Thr…. Kickout! Hawk wastes no time and delivers a series of quick strikes to Solomon’s injured temple. He grabs Solomon by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Solomon is wobbly as Hawk runs and bounces off the ropes returning for a LEAPING SHOULDER BLO….ENZIGURI!!! Desperation kick levels the Hawk! Both men slowly climb to their feet, but Solomon steps behind Hawk and ABDOMINAL STRETCH!!!]

[Hawk screams in pain, but slowly inches his way to the ropes. He grabs them and the ref breaks the hold. Solomon wastes no time and grabs Tommy from behind…GERMAN SUPLEX…. BRIDGES…. One… Two… Th….. Hawk kicks out! Solomon gets to his knees and so does Hawk. They begin trading punches on their knees! They force each other to their feet. Solomon gets the upper hand and forces Hawk back to the corner and lifts him to a sitting position on top rope. Solomon quickly climbs the ropes and FRANKSTEINER FROM THE TOP!!!!!! Both men are down hard!! Solomon crawls over and gets an arm across… One… Two… THREE!]

[No!!! Kickout! Solomon can’t believe it! He yanks Hawk to his feet and HAWK COUNTERS WITH A DISCUS CLOTHESLINE!!! Hawk falls on top of Solomon… One… Two… T…. Kickout! Hawk gets up and pulls Solomon to his feet. GUT WRENCH POWER BOMB!!! Hawk is feeling it and pumps himself up as he climbs to the top turnbuckle…. THE RED ARROW!!! One… Two… Thre….KICKOUT…Hawk is stunned and pulls Solomon to his feet. Quick punch to Hawk’s gut. Another! Solomon breaks free and throws Hawk to the ropes and sets up to strike… As Hawk returns….EMBRACE OF PAIN!!!! Hawk is forced to the mat! He won’t tap… but he’s fading! The ref calls for the bell as Tommy is out cold!!]

[Solomon climbs to his feet as the referee grabs his wrist and raises his arm in victory!]

[Laughter fills the air.]

[But the darkness is damn near haunting. Alex Reese has chased Hysteria into the fun house and now carefully walks through it, looking for his wife.]

“Ursula?” [He calls out.]

[The lights suddenly flash on, pictures of Ursula spread across the wall. She’s naked, bleeding, dirty and screaming. The photographs are horrifying.]

[With two broken legs, she’s slumped on the floor, her body bare and bruised. The Asylum have done a number on her, that much Reese can be assured. His face contorts in rage, his temper understandably flared.]

“What’s the matter Reesey?”

[Suddenly, The Shark, Smiley and Doubt appear from the darkened corners, attacking Alex. They beat him to the ground with vicious right and left hands, stomping away at him as the lights flash. In between shots of darkness, that’s what we see.]


[Alex’ screaming face.]


[Stomps and kicks being thrust at him from every direction.]

[The lights finally come on and when they do, Alex Reese is tied to a chair, blood dripping from his mouth. The Asylum have him where they want him as Hysteria appears on a wooden boarded stage ahead of them, Ursula at his feet.]

“Are you having a bad day yet, Alex? Don’t you see, that’s all it takes to drive the best of man insane. You’ve always thought you were better than me, haven’t you? But when we’re pushed to be in the same position, we’re more alike than ever. My wife died and look at what I’ve become. So what will happen when your wife dies, Reesey? Who will you become?”

[Hysteria reaches into his pocket and pulls out a blade, putting it to Ursula’s throat.]



[Black and white.]

[A saxophone plays in the background.]

[The cornfield looks darker than normal as the camera rises from the foggy ground into the wooded forest behind the corn. There, walking slowly as if he’s stalking prey is The Silver Shroud.]

[His narration sounds.]

They say that when you’re desperate to find something, it’s always in the last place you look. This is the last place I ever wanted to be again, let alone look. But if The Scarecrow were to survive, this is where he’d be. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

[He steps out into the cornfield and begins pushing past the corn, eventually arriving at the perch itself.]


Though apparently, the old dog doesn’t want to be found.

[Shroud fights his way back through the corn and into the woods, walking through the darkness, searching every corner in front of him as he goes.]

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop until I find him. Where your eyes don’t go…

[As the camera backs away to watch Shroud walk off through the darkened forest, something moves within the fog.]

[Shroud turns around.]


[He continues on his path, and there he is, The Scarecrow – crawling through the woodland on his hands and knees, stalking The Silver Shroud through the fog.]

[Once more time he turns, and one more time there’s nothing.]

“Fear The Scarecrow!”

[Shroud has no idea what’s following him. No idea at all.]

[In a corporate “team-building” exercise, Nigel Royal goes one-on-one with the #1 in Ocean’s One, Marvolo!]

[Nigel advances on Marvolo at the sound of the bell, but #1 holds his hands up. “What?” Nigel mouths impatiently. Marvolo reaches into his tights and whips out… a $100 bill!? He hands the Benjamin to Nigel, who pockets it with a smirk and a wink, then… FINGERPOKE TO THE CHEST OF NIGEL! The devastating maneuver is a death knell for The Bloodline. “BOOOO!” “BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT!” Marvolo covers him. One… Two… ThreKICK OUT! Marvolo glares at Nigel, outraged. Royal laughs as he gets back up, seemingly reneging on a backhander from his partner! Marvolo laughs it off but suddenly goes for the 5-POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE, BUT NIGEL CUTS IT OFF – DUNGEONS OF LONDON!]

[Marvolo writhes in the crossface, the ropes seemingly miles away. He gets on all fours and slooowly struggles to his feet, still trapped in the Dungeons but holding Nigel in a fireman’s carry! “JACKHAMMER TO THE FACE!”, screams Marvolo. Surely this isn’t possible!? “oooOOOHHH…” HE POPS NIGEL UP aaand CRUMBLES LIKE THE BERLIN WALL! Nigel lands on top of him and decks him with elbows to the back of the head. He rolls him over. One… Two… Shoulder up by #1! Royal mouths off at the referee and picks his partner up. BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX! They pop back up…]

[Suplex deux… Hat-trick… Can he hit IV!? ROYAL FLUSH! One… Two… ThreeNO! So close. He peels him off the mat and plants him with a BRAINBUSTER! Nigel going up top now, looking for the SPITFIRE – Marvolo shoves the referee into the ropes, crotching Nigel! Raquel cheers her man on as he climbs the ropes. He hooks Nigel’s arm – “SUPERPLEX TO THE FAAACE!” He screams as they fly back and hit the canvas! One… Two… Three! NO! Both men stumble to their feet. Marvolo wiggles his pinky and thumb – TOUCH OF DEATH! Nigel struggles against the nerve hold but ultimately succumbs, tapping out!]

[The official goes to raise Marvolo’s hand, but he performs a victory lap around the ring with his index fingers held high. Nigel shakes his head, massaging his neck.]

[Backstage, Brent Kersh is a man on a mission. He wanders between the concrete pillars that we call hallways while rubbing his hands together. The Enforcer has one target in mind, and that is James Hunter. Every nook and cranny gets looked into as Brent knows that the Question likes to make the shadows his home. That’s how he got private video of his daughter and her lover. Brent has to find Hunter before Phoebe does, otherwise there could be danger to his daughter.]


[With shocking precision, an entire lighting rig comes loose from its holding place near the interview position. It falls down around Brent Kersh, effectively trapping him. The Enforcer immediately begins to look for a way to get out of this predicament, but stops and snarls as James Hunter approaches.]

“I should have known.” [Kersh comments dryly.]

“Yes,” [Hunter replies, matching tone.] “I suppose you should have.”

[Drawing his ax, Hunter hefts it over his shoulder as he regards Kersh with a warm smile.]

“Let me get you out of there, Mr. Kersh.”

[Brent tries to protect himself as Hunter swings down with his weapon onto the rig. The metal hits some electrical wiring as it does so and a small fire begins to burn. Kersh doesn’t even look shocked while Hunter puts on a horrible acting job, perhaps intentionally.]

“What a pity, Brent. I thought I could save you, but I’ve just made the situation worse.” [Hunter begins to back away, wresting his weapon from the wires. As he does so, it becomes obvious that he is wearing gloves. All that prevented him from being shocked.]

“I knew you were insane, Hunter, but I didn’t think you’d resort to this.” [Kersh says, raising his voice. The Enforcer is a competitor, fighting with weapons and fire backstage is not something he enjoys or tries to do.]

“That’s your problem, Brent. You never ask enough questions. If you did, you may have realized that I have no problem doing whatever it takes. I’m always one step ahead of people like you. Your own nobility blinds you and that is why a man like you will never beat a man like…”

[THWACK! Phoebe Outlaw out of nowhere with a diving attack to James Hunter! ]

[Hunter gets back to his feet as Outlaw stands between him and a confused Brent Kersh, who is trying to figure out how to escape. Dani Kersh has joined the fray, ripping a nearby fire extinguisher off the wall. She fires its spray onto the fire, which begins to extinguish it. Outlaw squares up against Hunter.]

“A man like him may never beat you, but I’m not blind to anything about you.” [She practically spits in his direction.] “I’ve been fighting men like you for years.”

[Hunter only smiles at her, keeping his ax up as he nods back to Kersh.]

“Looks like you’ve got a choice then, Outlaw. Come after me like your heart desires. Slay me like the dragon of all the men who have wronged you. You can even go back to your love afterwards. I know just how much you love her. Trust me, I could make millions off of selling videos of how much of an outlaw you really are. The things you two did to each other were beyond even my comprehension.”

[Outlaw takes another step forward, but Hunter wields the ax again.]

“Or you can go help the Enforcer back there. His daughter already has the fire out, but that equipment is just too heavy for her. Are you still the outlaw you used to be, Phoebe, or did love soften you up? You’ll bash her father with a chair, but do you have the balls to save him?”

[Outlaw sends one glance back to Dani, who is trying to life in vain. Brent can’t get a grip to assist so they are just having a heap of trouble. Phoebe stands up straight and looks Hunter directly in the eye.]

“You think you can just play us, don’t you Hunter?” [She asks, hands on her hips.] “Well I’m about to blow your mind by not doing what you expected me to do.”

[She begins to walk backwards towards the Kersh family slowly.]

“Next time, you’re going to get that ax shoved directly up your ass. Courtesy of the Enforcer and the Outlaw.”

[Hunter nods with a smirk, yet still has to get one barb in.]

“What are you going to call yourself? Outlaw Enforcement?”

[The Question walks away laughing as Phoebe goes back to help out Brent, who seems surprised by this whole turn of events.]

[We are ready to start off the tag match between the Tag Team Champions, Knock Knock, and two men who hate each other in Jake Jeckel and Mike Lane.]

[Lane starts off Jeckel seems content to watch from the apron. Smiley begins for Knock Knock. Lane lifts a hand for a Test of Strength, but Smiley cocks his head sideways, pondering what this hand could be about. Instead he just boots Mike Lane in the stomach. Lane doubles over as Smiley begins slamming heavy forearms into Mike’s back. Lane drops to a knee and Smiley makes a quick tag. Doubt jumps up and bounces off the ropes… SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP TO THE BACK OF LANE’S NECK… His head slams into the canvas! Jeckel smiles from the apron! Doubt climbs to his feet and Standing Moonsault!! CAUSE OF DOUBT!! Doubt quickly tags in Smiley! This team is a well-oiled machine!]

[Smiley mounts the turnbuckle and leaps off the top… TRAUMA!!! He covers… One… Two… THRE…. KICKOUT!!! HOW DID LANE KICK OUT!?! Smiley can’t believe it but just lets out a maniacal laugh. He pulls Lane to his feet and drags him to his corner, and tags in Doubt. The Masked Emotion leaps over the top rope and nails LANE WITH A KNEE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! Lane is out! Jeckel stands emotionless in the corner… well not completely emotionless. Glee, maybe. Doubt pulls Lane to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Mike returns and Doubt jumps for High Knee, but Lane ducks, hits the far rope and A HUGE DESPERATION LARIAT!! Mike nearly took Doubt’s head off! But he can’t take advantage! Both men are down!]

[Mike starts crawling towards his corner for a tag… so does Doubt… Doubt makes the tag… Mike dives… BUT THERE IS NO ONE TO TAG!! Jeckel just dropped off the side of the ring! Smiley rushes across the ring and SHOCK THERAPY! Huge Spear just as Mike was getting to his feet!! Lane crumbles to the mat!! Smiley laughs hideously, as Jeckel makes his way up the ramp. The Juggalo stops and watches from the stage. Smiley pulls the Shadow to his feet and LOBOTOMY!! Lane is levelled as Smiley tags Doubt in again. Doubt stalks his prey. As Lane makes his way to his feet and turns, Doubt delivers a knee to the gut! Double Underhook! He lifts Lane for the PESSIMIST’S END… But Mike flips over Doubt’s back….SHADOW KICK!! SHADOW KICK FROM NOWHERE AS DOUBT TURNED!!! Smiley enters the ring… ANOTHER SHADOW KICK!! Lane covers Doubt… ONE… TWO… THREE!!!]

[Jeckel watches from the ramp, his expression changing from confidence to disgust as Mike Lane foiled his plan and somehow pulled off the short-handed victory!]


[The struggle, the hysteria, the laughter.]

[Hysteria’s blade draws ever closer to Ursula’s throat as Reese struggles against his restraints. His pure might and distress overpowers the rope, snapping it at the seams. He stands up, delivering a right fist to the jaw of Shark that lays him out cold.]

[Doubt and Smiley are quick to try and restrain him, but it’s no use. Alex powers out, throwing Doubt over back first onto the chair and Head-butting Smiley across the bridge of his nose.]

[He turns to check on Ursula, only she’s alone.]

[Hysteria is gone.]

[Alex rushes across the walkway towards the stage and dives on top of it, rolling straight to his wife. She’s crying, upset distraught at what she’s been through, but Alex is there to hold her close.]

“Are you okay? What did they do to you?” [he says, running his hand through her blood soaked hair.]

“They stripped me,” [she sobs.] “They beat me,” [she cries.] “And they broke my legs.”

[Alex pulls her even closer, hugging her. In the distance, he watches as Axel is dragged away by a weary Doubt and Smiley.]

“I’m going to kill him,” [Alex screams.] “I’m going to end them all for what they’ve done.”

“No,” [Ursula begs.] “Remember what you set out to do?” [she says groggily and in a soft voice.] “You’re a good man, Alex. You set out to solve the murder of his family. You set out to make things right. You need to catch Hysteria, but you can’t kill him, you can’t hurt him,” [she pleads.] “You need to do this by the book. Don’t prove him right.”

[He looks down at her, rage filling his heart as tears fill his eyes.] “By the book.”

[The scene comes to a close with Alex holding his poor wife, her legs broken, her body bruised and battered but her spirit still intact. Hysteria couldn’t break that.]

[Will Reese be able to stay the course?]

[Would you?]

[The Steel Cell is lowered to surround the ring as Bruce Van Chan and Bobby Neptune stand opposite each other.]

[The bell sounds and they lock up. Bruce being the stronger man, takes Bobby into a Side Headlock. Bobby pushes out into the ropes and leaps back with a Dropkick. Both are quickly back to their feet, Neptune grabbing him by the head and running towards the cell. He bounds up it with his feet, swinging around and over into an epic Bulldog. Bruce hits the canvas face first and immediately rolls away. Bobby is quickly back to his feet and as BVC comes to a knee, unleashing a Shining Wizard upon the back of his skull.]

[Netpune is quick to roll to the outside, demanding that door be opened and it is. He heads on out and starts to climb the cell from the outside, listening to the fans as they roar. The Starboy wants to reach out for a star here tonight and Bruce Van Chan isn’t afraid to follow. Groggy, woozy and a little left footed, Bruce stumbles out of the cell and starts climbing up in pursuit. They both reach the top and Bobby stands there, looking around the audience from such height. This is where he feels alive!]

[Bruce spins him around and nails him with a right hand, pulling him straight into a DDT on the roof’s mesh. The crowd go absolute ballistic. A pinfall can’t happen here though and Bruce knows it. They both slowly get back up, Van Chan pushing Neptune to the edge. Those words from Mike Lane echoing in his head as he wraps his hand around the throat of The Starboy. “You have to be more ruthless,” he hears. Bruce dangles him there, contemplating what to do next. Will he toss him off? Will he be more ruthless?]

[NO! Chan pulls him away and tosses him down onto the mesh, deciding not to launch him off and twenty feet to the floor below. That indecision could cost him though because when he turns around, Bobby Neptune leaps off one of the beams and HURRICANRANNA’S HIM STRAIGHT ONTO THE MESH ITSELF! HOLY SHIT! These guys are flirting with danger as the Star Boy gets back to his feet and helps Bruce up, grabbing him by the back of the head AND RUNNING HIM OFF THE FUCKING CELL! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!]



[Neither of them are moving on the outside as referee’s surround them both, trying to figure out if this match can continue. Minute’s go by with them moving the wreckage around and freeing up space before either man start moving. Despite what’s happened, they get back to their feet around the same time, with Bobby a little worse for wear given the dangers of his jump. They back into the ring, Neptune being dragged by Bruce who slams him off the ring post for good measure. Stopping for another break, replays show that amazing Titan’s Crashdown from the cage top, landing right on Bruce Van Chan below.]

[We return inside the ring where Bruce and Bobby now stand, slugging it out. They’re broken men, their bodies tired and worn, but their hearts still beating. With every fist, one man almost falls down until Bobby runs at him, Bruce following him straight into the middle corner turnbuckle. He grabs him by the neck and hits a rope hung Neckbreaker before signalling to the fans of his intent. He’s going up top. Bruce climbs the turnbuckles and steadies himself. SHOT THROUGH THE HEART… AND YOU’RE TO BLAME, DARLIN’.. CODEBREAKER!! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? BOBBY NEPTUNE KIPS UP INTO A BRUTAL FUCKING CODEBREAKER TO THE FACE! IT’S A FUCKING CAR WRECK OF A MOVE THAT TAKES THEM BOTH OUT!]

[The fans are on their God damn feet here tonight! How are either of these guys on their feet? Bobby covers… One……. Two……. Three!! NO! BRUCE VAN CHAN KICKS OUT! NO WAY! IS THIS GUY INSANE? Bobby can’t believe it. He says that he’s going up to and groggily makes his way up the same turnbuckle. He LEAPS… OH WHAT AIR TIME FOR BOBBY NEPTUNE…. RED ARROW… A SECOND TITANS CRASH-NOOOOOOOOO!!! BRUCE VAN CHAN POPS UP JUST LIKE NEPTUNE DID A FEW MINUTES AGO AND DROPS HIM WITH A FUCKING CUTTER! A FUCKING CUTTER!! “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant he fans! It’s Bruce’s turn to cover and One….. TWO……. THREE! HE’S DONE IT! BRUCE VAN CHAN PICKS UP THE WIN!]

[As the fans roar after that incredible Main Event, something strange starts happening on the stage.]

[Men in white jackets pour out]

[This must have been what Jake was talking about earlier this evening. Bruce Van Chan had better get the hell out of there!]

[Bruce backs himself into a corner as orderlies enter the ring, coming through the cell door and rushing the ring.]

[He’s ready to fight.]

[But instead, they grab Bobby Neptune!]

[‘The Starboy’ is still groggy after that cutter as they drag him to his feet and force him out of the cell. He doesn’t know where he is.]

“BRUCE VAN CHAN! BRUCE VAN CHAN!” [Chant the fans, willing Bruce to get involved and stop this nonsense.]

[Only he doesn’t.]

[He simply watches.]

[The orderlies drag Neptune up the entrance ramp, where Jake Jeckel comes out to meet them, a smile on his face. He nods as they take Bobby backstage, carting him off to nearest insane asylum for medical treatment.]

[Monday Night Showcase goes off the air with Bruce Van Chan staring down Jake Jeckel from the ring.]

[Was that Bruce being more ruthless?]

[What the fuck is going on?]