“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Monday Night Showcase.”

[Desert Springs Medical Center.] [As Monday Night Showcase opens inside a hospital, Bruce Van Chan is seen angrily leaving the hospital room of Paige, slamming the door behind him. He flips his hood up and storms off down the corridor.] [Mere moments later, Red River Jack slips into that same room un-noticed.]

“You’re looking well,” [He says closing the door carefully behind him. Paige looks terrified, sitting bolt upright in bed.] “And that’s great, considering.”

“What do you want, Jack?” [She bravely confronts him.] “Haven’t you done enough already? My husband just left here enraged because I didn’t tell him about our child. I don’t know if he’ll ever forgive me for that.”

[Red’s eyebrows furrow.] “Don’t blame me, man. You people and your lies, that’s the world you live in. Bruce lies to himself about the kind of man he is and you’ve lied to him about the kind of woman you are. I found that pregnancy test, man. Why didn’t you tell him about it?”

“I was waiting for the right time!” [she angrily raises her voice.] “Will you just stop this? Our business is none of yours. Leave my husband, my family and me alone.”

[Red steps closer to the bed, creepily putting his hand on her leg, only for Paige to snatch it away. He smiles, stroking his beard.]

“Have you been hearing the people, man? They’re asking me why I haven’t finished the job yet. They’re asking why I haven’t laid a hand on Bruce since Pandemonium. I said I was going to take down the liar that is Bruce Van Chan and I’m doing it. At Heavy Metal, inside Barbed Wire Ropes, I’m going to finish the job and when I do, you won’t have a husband and your kids, they won’t have a father.”

[Red pats the bed and turns around to walk away, leaving Paige absolutely terrified of what might happen next to her husband.] [When we come back to the ring, Errol Flint and Destiny stand inside it, looking as smug as ever. The booing doesn’t subside as Destiny is handed a microphone from a disgusted Paloma Ruiz.]

“Can I have your attention please?” [Destiny says to boos from the crowd that drown her out.] “I said,” [she repeats herself.] “Can I have your attention please?”

[The crowd grow louder.] [A furious Errol Flint snatches the microphone.]

“If you people don’t shut up, I guarantee you that you’ll never see Mike Lane again!”

[The loud crowd become quieter and Flint hands the microphone back to his daughter.]

“Thank you pops,” [she says to more boos. Reluctantly, she continues] “For almost a year now, myself and my father have been hatching a plan to make Mike Lane suffer like I have suffered. For those of you booing who don’t remember, let me remind you, shall I? Desmond Cross thought I was the answer as the first born of Errol Flint. He thought he could secure the apocalypse with my blood. I was kidnapped, beaten, held hostage and all because Desmond Cross wanted to destroy my future Husband and the planet.”

[She takes a moment, furious.]

“Then I was arrested and put in prison whilst my future husband paraded around with the man who put me there. Don’t you see? Thanks to Mike Lane, I am always the victim. He’s made me suffer time and time again. So when the opportunity arose to have James Hunter kidnap me, I knew he wouldn’t come to my rescue.”

[The crowd grows silent as the lights enter a red state of frantic movement. The hard drums of “Warrior” by Imagine Dragons blasts throughout The Wrestleplex, leading into the telling hook of the highly inspiring song. ] [The lights in The School Yard begin to resurrect as the song picks up. Illuminating the curtain, the spotlights shine on the towering figure that is “The Question” James Hunter. Accompanied by his favourite toy, Hunter slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring – moving at the pace of the music.] [He enters the ring and demands a microphone.]

“The best laid plans, eh?” [He says looking at both of them.] “Only your best laid plans saw Mike Lane fired before I had the chance to take the World Championship from him. So now, those best laid plans look a lot to me like I’ve been used and James Hunter, he’s never used.”

[Errol takes the microphone from Destiny and tries to calm the situation.]

“Hold on James, just hold on a second.”

[Destiny though, she snatches the microphone back.] “What’s the matter, you don’t like being a pawn in the bigger picture?”

[James throws his microphone down and steps to her, getting in her face. Flint tries to separate them but to no avail, that’s until suddenly, James falls to one knee! It’s PIG! Pig dives through the leg of The Question with a chopping block, taking his leg out from underneath him. He immediately hits the ropes and comes back with a MARCH OF THE PIGS!! HOLY SHIT!] [Destiny steps away, smiling.]

“Do you know what James? How about you take a few weeks off, huh?” [She says with a big grin.] “Heal your injuries, come back and face PIG at Ring Of Dreams!”

[The fans roar in approval at that match. Pig’s music hits as he, Destiny and Errol Flint make their way to the backstage area. Destiny may not know it yet but she hasn’t made a friend of James Hunter, she’s made an enemy. And believe us, no-one wants that.] [Luther and Pig stand center ring, Luther grimacing as he looks out onto the ramp. He snarls before speaking.]

“I see you didn’t like the crops burning, huh? I suppose you’ve seen that one too many times. But I didn’t go for originality. I wanted your attention. You should have known I would not let your threat go unanswered. I want you to come to this ring so that I may speak to you face to face, Scarecrow.”

[Luther looks unexpectedly up at the ramp, soon seeing himself going unanswered.]


[Luther looks about ready to give in when crows fill the arena! They cover the ring, making the murder impossible to see through, soon dispersing to reveal Pig down and Scarecrow in the ring! Luther turns to Scarecrow, obviously intimidated as Pig lays on the mat.]

“You.” [Scarecrow points his pitchfork at Luther.] “You thought yourself deserving of a deal with me. And now you think I will let you speak after your atrocities?”

[Scarecrow advances, placing his pitchfork to the throat of Luther.]

“Then you are gravely mistaken, little birdie. I only wish to crush you. Not your piggie or any ally you though to seek out. Just you. And you’re all alone now.”

[Scarecrow throws his pitchfork to the ground and grabs Luther by the neck. He goes to lift- PITCHFORK TO THE BACK! The crowd gasps in shock as the pitchfork impales Scarecrow through the back. Pig, enraged as ever, stands on the attacking end.]

“Ha!” [Luther pushes Scarecrow back, forcing him further onto the pitchfork.] “Destroy him, Pig! Destroy him!”

[Pig lifts Scarecrow overhead, looking to slam him down when the cawing of crows fills the ring. The body of the Scarecrow dissipates, crows flapping from the now empty trench coat and once more filling the ring, pecking and attacking the duo. Pig and Luther flee the ring, the birds stopping once they reach the ramp. The birds fly into a circle, Scarecrow re-emerging at the center. He picks up his pitchfork and points down the ramp.]

“Watch yourselves, little birdies…”

[The crowd goes silent as the birds leave the ring, Scarecrow included.]


[The bell sounds and pandemonium ensues! Scarecrow and Nigel are throwing hands as Pig and Jeckel are exchanging blows! Pig and Scarecrow both get the upper hands knocking their sparring partners to the floor. The two monsters turn to face each other. Animal vs Hunter is standing in the ring as tensions are rising. Scarecrow flies forward into Pig as Nigel dropkicks him from behind. Royal rolls up Scarecrow after the disorientation! ONE…TWO…NO! Scarecrow powers out. As the referee is doing the pinfall though, Jeckel hits the Little Piglets with a JUGGA BLOW! He wraps the head of Pig and… THE HATCHET! Pig goes down hard. The referee turns to see the pin. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Jake Jeckel is now ‘IT.’ The clock appears on the screen to show the remaining ten minutes for this time limit match. Jeckel stands tall in the center of the ring with a huge smirk on his face. He turns around and notices that the other three men are standing around him with bloodlust in their eyes. Fear is shown but only for a second as they converge! He turns to Pig and MARCH OF THE PIGS! He staggers backwards into Scarecrow who hits THE LAST STRAW that blinds him. Nigel grabs him and… THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Jeckel is in obviously pain as his hand wavers, but Scarecrow and Pig both stomp on Nigel to break it up!] [Pig lifts up Nigel and flings him to Scarecrow who lifts him for… BYE BYE BIRDIE! Pig sees his opportunity and hits MARCH OF THE PIGS on Scarecrow. He lifts him up and… THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY ON TOP OF THE JUGGALO! Pig hooks a leg on Jake! ONE…TWO…THREE! Pig is now ‘IT!’ He gets to his feet with a grin on his face as Luther applauds him from the outside.] [Pig sees Nigel getting back to his feet and charges him in the corner with a spear! Scarecrow cuts him off with… BYE BYE BIRDIE! Pig is laid out! Scarecrow looks down at his devastation, seemingly with glee. SPINNING HEEL KICK CATCHES SCARECROW ON THE CHIN! Nigel leaps on Pig for the pinfall! ONE…TWO…THREE! Nigel Royal steals the opportunity to tag himself in and become the new ‘IT!’ He stands with a smirk on his face as the clock shows three minutes remaining. He looks down and sees Scarecrow looking FURIOUS! His smile quickly evaporates.] [HAYMAKER! HAYMAKER! A THIRD HAYMAKER! Royal hits the ground as Jeckel jumps on him for a pin. ONE… CROW PULLS JAKE OFF! Jeckel gets to his feet but Scarecrow isn’t playing games anymore! THE LIGHTS GO OUT! They come back on and THE PERCH was hit successfully as Jeckel is laid out. He goes for the pinfall on Nigel Royal. ONE…TWO…PULLED OFF BY PIG! Scarecrow is pulled off but he flips to his back with a glaring, fiery stare at Pig. Pig seems a bit hesitant to do anything but charges for a big boot. Crow rolls out of the way and gets to his feet before… BYE BYE BIRDIE! Scarecrow screams out in fury as the crowd is seemingly unsure how to take it!] [Royal is now back to his feet and THE LAST STRAW turned into… BYE BYE BIRDIEEEEE! So many of those this match but finally, Scarecrow is getting a pinfall! ONE…TWO… BROKEN UP BY JAKE AND PIG! Scarecrow gets to his feet as the two men look at each other, realizing the impending ass-kicking as a result of preventing The Hayman from getting his pinfall.] [Pig charges first but is floored by a big boot from Scarecrow. Jeckel takes advantage and hits Crow right in between the legs with a JUGGABLOW! Crow doesn’t falter though. Jake looks stunned as Crow just tilts his head before bellowing in the face of The Juggalo forcing him to back away. Running big knee to the gut of Jeckel before turning straight to Nigel who is on the top rope with a glossy-eyed expression. Scarecrow leaps to the second rope for THE HAYMAKER followed up by… SUPER BYE BYE BIRDIE! Royal is out as Scarecrow pins him down! ONE…TWO…THREE! Scarecrow gets the pin right as the time runs out making him the permanent ‘It!’] [A single candle flickers in the darkness backstage.] [Nox Bellator appears, masked once again, facing the wall as Father Pedro El Salvador paces back and forth behind him.]

“I’m sorry my child, I had no idea. I thought the Lord had returned him to us,” [he stammers.] “B-But it wasn’t to be. I would never turn my back on you, you know that right?”

[Nox slowly turns around.]

“You have forsaken me, Father,” [Bellator hisses.] “You brought me here to save or damn your precious Lux and chose to ignore me when I told you that he couldn’t be saved. Salvation was offered and he rejoiced with the Devil.”

“I thought that he had truly been returned by the Lord and-“

[Bellator cuts him off.] “Is that why you tried to bring me to my salvation? Is that why you tried to baptize me in the love of our Lord? You let him convince you that I was the darkness in this world and that I needed to see the light – only, you hardly needed convincing, did you?”

“I was manipulated by the Devil, my son.”

[Nox tilts his head and snarls.] “Well at Heavy Metal, The Devil will get his due. I will fight Lux Bellator again, in a Mask versus Mask match and I will unmask him for the fraud that he is. You’re either with me, or against me, Pedro.”

[Pedro – now desperate to destroy Lux, doesn’t even have to think about it.]

“Remove the mask, destroy the man. I’m with you, my son.”

[The scene slowly fades away to show Lux Bellator standing in the shadows. The Light Warrior nods in agreement, backing away until he’s entirely out of sight.] [The scene cuts directly into the middle of a backstage argument between Andre Aquarius and Vinnie Lane. The Megastar’s face is red with rage while he pushes at Andre’s chest.]

“I told you to fucking stay away from her…”

[Andre comes back at Vinnie with one equally as strong.]

“I would bruh bruh, but shorty wants her some Prince Lightskin now. I can’t deny her that! I’ve got to get me some of that high grade arm-candy, you feel me?”

“Feel this, you son of a bitch.”

[Vinnie swings a haymaker but Andre ducks out of the way and backs up a few steps with a knowing smile on his face. Roxy steps in between the two men, holding them apart.]

“Stop it.” [She stomps her foot as she screeches the command.] “Vinnie, come on. Let’s just leave him alone.”

[Vinnie shakes his head and pulls Roxy back beside him.]

“No. I have had enough of this prick. I’m going to teach him a damned lesson at Heavy Metal.”

[Andre smiles at this, feigning a scared look before letting out a chuckle.]

“Let’s make it interesting then faggot.” [He close enough to Vinnie and Roxy that they can smell his manliness.]

“I beat you at Heavy Metal, Girly-Man, Roxy becomes my bitch for a month… until Ring of Dreams. She can hang off the arm of a real man and see how she likes it.”

[Vinnie thinks for a moment, then smiles. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a stack of papers, unfolds them and shoves them in Andre’s chest.]

“And when I beat you, Dickless Wonder, I’ll get Roxy to sign this.” [He raises the papers up to Andre’s face so he can read the writing.] “A restraining order. She’s mine.”

[Vinnie throws the papers at Andre as he turns to leave, dragging Roxy by the wrist.]

“You can keep that for yourself to read over. I’ve got copies.”

[The bell sounds and we are on our way. Abdul and Max circle around each other to start the contest as Mohammed sweeps in causing Million to turn out. Mohammed rests at a knee for a moment as Million tells him to “Bring it”. Mohammed rushes at Max and gets Hip Tossed to the mat hard. Abdul gets right back up and is greeted with an Arm Drag, bringing him to the mat. Million locks in a Shoulder Lock but Abdul is able to get his foot on the bottom rope. Million breaks the hold and Abdul gets vertical again.] [Both men meet in a Collar and Elbow Tie Up, Mohammed gets the advantage and pushes Million into the ropes. The Referee orders them to separate but not before Abdul lands a Knife Edge Chop to Million’s chest. Max returns the favor with several right fists to Abdul’s chin. He Irish Whips Abdul into the ropes and hits Mohammed with a Running Clothesline! Million hits the ropes and goes for an Elbow Drop but Mohammed moves out of the way! Million brushes off the miss and tries to get to his feet… THE HOLY SPIRIT! Mohammed lands a Superkick! The cover! One… Two… MILLION KICKS OUT!] [Mohammed seems frustrated and makes his way to the corner. He climbs the ropes as the fans rain boos down on him. He climbs to the top rope and waits for Million to get to his feet. Abdul leaps off and MILLION DROPKICKED HIM IN THE AIR! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Million – Mohammed is stirring… He grabs Max by the hair and brings him to his feet. MILLION SNATCHED ABDUL’S ARM! BAD INTENT! HE’S GOT IT LOCKED IN! MOHAMMED HAS NOWHERE TO GO! ABDUL IS SCREAMING! HE TAPS! HE TAPS! IT’S OVER! Max Million is your winner!] [The Patriot Jim Jenkins hits the ramp as his music plays. He looks… awful. Heavy bags under his eyes, a pale, waxy pallor to his skin, and just overall run down. He walks towards the ring slowly to a chorus of boos. He climbs the ring steps and loses his balance. He almost falls off the apron but grabs the ropes to steady himself. He walks over to the ring announcer, and he reaches for a microphone. He steps back and begins speaking. His voice seems a little weaker than normal.]

“Shut up, people! I ain’t got the energies to deal with you sons of bitches!” [The boos resume.] “All I know is Vlad the Incestibule is makin’ me sick, and I’ve been prayin’ to the Prophet Donald J. Trump every night that I ain’t caught the queer aids. I want Vlad out here right now!”

[We wait for a moment and then the arena is plunged into a red-tinged darkness. Vlad steps out onto the ramp and makes his way to the ring. He rolls in under the ropes and gets to his feet.]

“What do you want, my dear?” [He says with a sneer and a flash of his pearl white fangs.]

“I want the… the… anecdote to whatever homer-sexshual, transvestibule, illegal Russian immigrant disease you infacted me with!”

“I am Romanian.”

“I don’t want no damn romance! I want to be cured!”

[Vlad looks annoyed, but pushes on.] “You are sure? You do not want the gift of everlasting life? The eternal existence that places you outside of the annals of time.”

“I don’t want nothing to do with you or your anals! I want to be healthy again!”

[Vlad seems to consider it.]

“Fine… if you and your team can defeat me and mine, I shall release you from my hold. Until then, my dear!”

[The lights suddenly go out, and when they come back on, Jenkins stands alone in the center of the ring, confused.] [The bell rings as both men circle around eachother, Vlad eyeing Hysteria down as if he’s his next meal as Hysteria just waits for him, a chilling smile on the face of the Lost One. After several moments, Hysteria rushes forward, taking Vlad by surprise with a running uppercut that leaves Vlad dazed on his feet. Hysteria throws the Impaler across the ring but as Vlad rebounds, he counters with a running knee to the gut of Hysteria before quickly tossing the Lost One to the mat with a Snap Suplex. Hysteria barely hits the mat before he’s on his feet however, as he lunges forward with a headbutt that sends Vlad staggering back] [Hysteria rushes forward, trying for a lariat but Vlad ducks under, delivering a dropkick to the knee sending Hysteria down to one knee. Vlad quickly underhooks both of the Lost One’s arms, delivering a double underhook ddt, driving Hysteria down into the canvas. Vlad doesn’t cover, instead pulling the groggy Hysteria to his feet but a superkick attempt is blocked as Hysteria flips Vlad into the air, slamming him throat first onto the top rope with a stun gun. Hysteria chuckles violently as he climbs up to the top rope, waiting for Vlad to get to his feet and as the Impaler slowly does, THE FALL OF MAN! Vlad is down as Hysteria goes for the pin] [ONE…TWO…Kickout! Hysteria pulls Vlad up to his feet, delivering a sickening headbutt to Vlad, who staggers back, eyes glazed over as Hysteria pulls him onto his shoulders, spinning him around, APAT…BLOOD IN THE EYES! The mask blocked most of it but it still stunned the Lost One as Vlad takes advantage with a massive superkick, sending Hysteria crashing to the mat. Vlad calls for the end, pulling Hysteria up to his feet LOST HOPE! Hysteria hit that out of nowhere and that should be it as Hysteria covers the Impaler. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Wes Cleaver once again finds him backstage, this time devoid of food and seemingly looking a copy of playboy as he kicks back on a bench. He mumbles something to himself before he finds the playboy leave his hands. He looks up in time to see it ripped to shreds by Abdul.]

“What the hell, man? That was a perfectly good playboy!”

[Abdul is quick to silence Wes by smacking him, sending Cleaver off of the bench.]

“You disrespect me every time you are within my eye sight. And now you dare bring filth into the locker room. Is it a goal to to disrespect not only me but my religion?”

[Cleaver stands up, rubbing his face.] “You can’t look at magazines? What kind of religion is that!? I didn’t know you turban dudes were so prude.”

[Abdul visibly twitches as Cleaver talks, not saying another word before unloading on him with multiple rights and lefts. Cleaver hits the lockers and Abdul doesn’t let up.]

“It is a Keffiyeh! I am a proud Muslim and I will not stand here and listen to your ignorance!”

[Cleaver looks to get an upperhand after pushing Abdul back HOLY SPIRIT! The superkick from Abdul drops Wes and the Holy Warrior stands over the now down and out Cleaver.]

“I don’t just hate you, I hate your very culture and being. I will not rest until you see the error of your ignorance. Remember me, for I will definitely remember you!”

[Abdul swiftly turns to leave, Cleaver holding his jaw after the vicious assault.] [After a gruelling match here tonight, all Nigel Royal wants to do is get the hell out of dodge. His security force leads him to his limousine, opening the door for him and ushering him inside.]

“Sierra is locked away tight, stay frosty, over.”

[With Nigel locked inside his limousine, surrounded by bulletproof windows and the best security money could buy, he relaxes.]

“Take me home driver,” [He demands, only the engine doesn’t start and the limo doesn’t move.] “Are you listening to me? Hello? Don’t you dare make me ask you again. When your commanded to do something, you bloody well do it!”

[The partition slowly comes down, the peak of a rather different hat coming in to view first. Nigel’s eyes widen because behind the glass, is none other than Max Million. Million grins, diving through the gap as Nigel lunges for the door. He beats him to it though, right handing the shit out of him right there in the middle of that limousine. Max grabs a nearby bottle of champagne and crashes the bottle across the head of his nemesis, knocking him out cold. With blood on his hands, Max climbs back through the partition and starts the engine.]

“Where to, boss?”

[Max laughs to himself sadistically, slamming his foot down on the accelerator and speeding off out of the School Yard.] [The security force, somewhat perturbed by what he just saw, gets back on the radio.]

“Alpha to control, can someone please contact Sierra? I have a bad feeling, over.”

[The radio hisses.] “Copy that, one moment,” [the voices pauses.] “He’s not answering, over.”

[The head of security rushes off into the building to collect his force, clearly a bad feeling about what he just saw.] [The bell sounds as Death and Cleaver start off for their teams, Wes rushing forward with a few kicks to the midsection but an attempt at a high kick is ducked under as Death grabs Wes, throwing him across the ring with a capture suplex. Wes gets to his feet dazed as Death rushes forward with a knee strike that lifts Wes up into the air, a hard elbow to the side of the head has Wes out on his feet before he’s thrown into the corner, the Shark getting tagged in. Shark backs up, rushing forward as Death boosts him up into a leaping headbutt on Cleaver] [Wes goes down as The Shark drops with him, biting Wes’s forehead as Wes screams in pain. Cleaver is pulled to his feet before being driven down into the mat with a DDT. The Shark quickly climbs up to the top rope, diving off with the Shark Dive which hits only mat as Wes manages to roll away. The Shark gets to his feet holding his back in pain as he walks right into a massive spinebuster. Wes rushes over,finally tagging in just before the Shark can stop him as Andre comes in like a house on fire Shark catches a pair of dropkicks before Andre ducks under a clothesline attempt, drilling Shark with the #PEPEKICK] [Shark staggers back into the ropes as he bounces off right into a big belly to belly suplex. Shark slowly gets to his feet, holding his back in pain as he wanders right into a kick to the gut #DANKINFUSION! Shark is driven into the mat but before Andre can cover, Wes tags himself in. Andre gets in his partner’s face but climbs back onto the apron as Wes climbs up to the top rope, setting Shark up, FROG…BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE! Death rolls into the ring, nearly taking Wes’s head off with that massive knee strike. Creeping Death rolls out of the ring, grabbing Andre off the apron as he throws him into the steel steps as the Shark comes to, seeing Wes unconscious on the match as he locks in the Asylum Special. Wes is out cold and the hold is locked in tight as the referee quickly calls for the bell] [Backstage, Brent Kersh goes through his usual warm up routine, stretching his muscles out to prepare for the match to come. As he rises from touching his toes, he finds he is not alone.]

“Bobby.” [Brent says as he steps forward to shake the hand of Bobby Neptune.] “Glad to see you up and moving.”

[Bobby smiles in return, and the two men appear to both be happy to have made it through last week’s ordeal at the hands of Anna Goodchild.]

“Thanks to you.” [Bobby finally says, suddenly turning a little more serious.] “How’s Dani doing?”

[With that, Brent turns away for a moment to grab a towel to wipe his brow. It’s an obvious move to delay answering the question.]

“As far as I know, she’s good.” [Brent says, making it clear that he does not fully know.] “She got a clean bill of health from the hospital we all went to, but beyond that I haven’t heard.”

[Neptune takes a moment to look around the room, trying to figure out how to handle the awkward situation.]

“You’re a good man, Brent.” [Neptune finally decides to say.] “She’ll see that soon enough. Even up in the stars, they fear those transitional years between childhood and adulthood.”

[Seeing the attempt at outreach, Brent offers a slight smile in return, just nodding.]

“But before I go,” [Bobby says, looking a bit nervous.] “Any chance you know where my All-Star Championship is? I’m getting a little tired of people taking it. I assume Anna doesn’t have it, so I was hoping you or Phoebe had your hands on it?”

[Brent takes a moment to think it over, and finally just offers a small shrug.]

“Sorry Bobby, I have no idea what happened to it. Last week was a little bit of a blur.”

[Neptune nods, disappointment shining through, before the two men shake hands. Bobby turns away to leave Brent to his stretching, walking out the door way as we follow him. He turns the corner into the hallway outside of the locker room…] [THWACK!] [Neptune hits the ground hard. Above him stands Phoebe Outlaw, who holds the All-Star Championship in her hands.]

“Cleaned her up for you, Starboy.” [Phoebe says, laying the belt over the head of the unconscious Neptune.] “I’ll see you at Heavy Metal.”

[Never one to pass up the opportunity to turn the odds in her favor, Outlaw walks back down the hallway, leaving the downed Bobby Neptune in her wake.] [Patriot Jim Jenkins rushes straight over to Nox Bellator. The weight behind the man forcing Nox back into the corner. A look of pain on Nox’s eyes as Jenkins all of Jenkins’ weight follows him and squashes makes him the filling in a Jenkins and Ring post sandwich. With Bellator slumped in the corner Jenkins begins unleashing left and right combos. The wind looks to be knocked completely out Nox Bellator and he just falls to the floor. Jenkins begins to dance to the crowd. Twerking and stuff, the crowd look horrified for more reason than one. They know whats coming next.] [BOSTON TEA BAG PARTY!! BELLATOR ROLLS OUT THE WAY!! Jenkins’ face is a picture as he crushes his own nuts onto the mat. Nox begins to recoup some of the energy he had squashed and punched out of him on the outside. The Patriot has clawed his way to his feet. Too busy checking on his balls though he has no idea that Nox is up on the ring apron. Grabbing the ropes and hoisting himself over he then executes a beautiful drop kick to the back of the big lump Jenkins. The drop kick throws Jenkins off the ropes and he comes hurtling back toward Nox, with his back to him.] [Once close enough Bellator wraps his arms around Jim. He’s going for the bridging german suplex. Jenkins plants his weight though. How can you lift a dead weight like that? As Nox continues to try. Jenkins throws one of his big fat elbows into Nox’s head, followed by another. A third finally loosens Nox’s grip. Throwing himself off the ropes he comes charging at Nox, nox greats him with a standing dropkick to the knee though. Jenkins slumps to one knee. Nox throws himself off the ropes. Dropkick to the other knee. JENKINS IS ON HIS KNEES…… DARKNESS FALLS!! GOODNIGHT! ONE…TWO… THREE!!!!! NOX BACK TO WINNINGS WAYS HERE TONIGHT] [Darkness takes over the Schoolyard. The light from the inhabitants cell phones quickly give sheen to the arena and a voice quickly comes into the arena.]

“In the beginning, there was no light. There was only darkness.”

[The voice of Anna Goodchild is recognizable to all, and the crowd begins to lightly boo. Yet they are intrigued by what she may have to say.]

“Over the course of seven days, the Lord created this world we live in. But it all began with light.”

[With that, a spotlight shines down to the center of the ring where Goodchild stands.]

“That light was good, and it brought the creation of all other things. Including mankind. The very same mankind that has continued to disobey and break the covenant with the Lord that was sealed in the Garden of Eden.”

[Anna sneers out at the cell phone’s giving light, a bastardization of her goal.]

“The light of God should never be taken for granted. It is there to lead those to the Promised Land. The children of Israel wandered for many years because they did not follow the light. Time is filled with broken covenants from not following the simple light.”

[Anna shakes her head and looks down.]

“Brent Kersh, you should have been a light to the people closest to you. These sycophants here and all those that know your name around the world would follow you. When your spawn came before you, broken by sin, you should not have spared the rod. You have spoiled the child, and all of these children that follow your every word.”

[Anna sneers before continuing.]

“Just as with Adam and Eve, things have transpired here that should never have done so. The woman, Danielle Kersh, was tempted by the serpent, Phoebe Outlaw, to eat of the temptation. Instead of doing what you should have done Brent, you behaved as Adam, choosing to condone such behavior. You even saved Bobby Neptune from his fate at the hands of the Lord.”

[The lights come on fully now, and Anna Goodchild seems to be sad in the middle of the ring.]

“While I knew the serpent and her nature, Brent, I did not expect you to fall as well. Nevertheless, the wages of sin is death. May the light of God find you before the end. You robbed the Lord of His sacrificial lambs, so now you will take your daughter’s place in His mighty wrath.”

[She bows her head and awaits Brent and Phoebe’s arrival for their match.] [The bell sounds as Anna Goodchild rushes forward, taking the Enforcer by surprise with a big spinning heel kick. Kersh crashes to the mat as Anna drops down with him, trying to lock in the Angle Lock early on but she’s pulled off by Pheebs who begins to lay into her with kicks and punches before a jawbreaker staggers Goodchild, as she stumbles right into a vicious lariat from Kersh. Outlaw pulls Goodchild up to her feet before rushing to the ropes, bouncing off with a shining wizard that the Angel manages to roll away from, Pheebs nearly taking out Kersh instead. Pheebs stops just in time, turning around into a big hurricanrana from Goodchild which sends her through the middle rope to the outside] [Anna turns around right into a big right hand from the Enforcer before being lifted up and slammed to the canvas with a butterfly suplex. The Enforcer backs up, bouncing off the ropes as he tries for a knee drop but Anna catches Kersh, flipping him onto the mat and locking in a Boston Crab variation. Goodchild barely gets it locked in however as Outlaw rushes back into the ring, nailing Goodchild with a massive Shining Wizard, breaking up the hold] [Goodchild slowly gets to her feet, stumbling right into the waiting arms of Outlaw who takes her over into the Northern Lights, staying down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Goodchild gets the shoulder up. Outlaw gets to her feet, calling for the end as she pulls Goodchild up, PURIFIER OUTTA NOWHERE! Outlaw is down but Goodchild can’t cover as she’s turned around by the Enforcer and spiked into the mat with a massive spinebuster. Kersh calls for the end as he drops down, locking in the Lone Star. Goodchild screams out in pain, trying to reach the ropes but she’s stuck in the middle of the ring and forced to tap out] [Crunch.] [The sound of a shovel being driven into the ground echoes throughout the dark night. The scene pans out from Nigel Royal’s bloodied face to see dirt being unceremoniously dumped atop him.] [A few coughs and splutters later and Nigel tries to stand up.]

“What are you doing?” [he coughs.] “Max, is that you my old friend?”

[Max stops, laughing.] “You’re pathetic, aren’t you?”

“Come on old chum, there’s no need for this. Please, let’s be reasonable. We can talk about it!” [Nigel begs.] “What do you want? Do you want me to apologize, is that it? Do you want me to say that I’m sorry?”

[Max shakes his head and continues shovelling.]

“What about money? Here, I’ll give you back everything I stole from you,” [Nigel pleads, taking his wallet from his back pocket and fumbling for credit cards and cash. He throws it all at Max, emptying it out.] “Have it all. There’s more than enough money on each of those cards to make you more than whole.”

“Is that what you think this is about?” [Max says whilst throwing dirt over Nigel.] “Money? It’s not just about that, it’s about Robert, it’s about High Society, it’s about a legacy that you buried in the dirt for your own greed.”

[Nigel scrambles to defend himself.] “B-But we’re brothers, aren’t we!? Brothers fight.. they..”

[Royal grabs a handful of dirt and as Max turns around, throws it in his eyes. Million stumbles backwards, absolutely blinded. Nigel pulls himself out of the grave and runs off into the night like a coward, not looking back for even a second.] [Max finally regains his sight, throwing his shovel down into the grave with rage, watching as a pickup truck swings by and stops, allowing Nigel entry – his security team having located him just in time.] [The scene comes to a close with the fuming face of Max Million. He nearly put Nigel into the ground here tonight and you have to believe that he won’t stop until Royal suffers like he did.] [Smiley and Doubt stand in the ring as the match is set to begin but neither look overly enthused to get into this one. They step forward to the center of the ring and smash heads together. I guess that’s similar to a handshake by most normal non-Asylum members. The two circle around before Doubt charges forward with a series of haymakers. He spins for a discus elbow that catches Smiley on the temple which floors him. Doubt hits the ropes and leaps into the air for leg drop. He covers Smiley. ONE! Smiley kicks out! Smiley gets to his feet as Doubt allows him.] [Doubt hits the ropes and springboards off for a moonsault, but Smiley dodges it. Luckily, Doubt lands on his feet but his kneecap is quickly struck by Smiley Jr., the crowbar! With this No DQ match, this is perfectly acceptable. Doubt falls to his back clutching his knee before Smiley raises the crowbar up and begins smashing it down on the knee repeatedly! Doubt manages to lift up for a kick to the side of Smiley’s head with his good foot. Doubt pulls himself back to the corner and pulls himself up to his feet slowly.] [Smiley charges him with an overhead strike, but Doubt lunges himself forward with a chopping block to the kneecap of Smiley! Doubt seems to be returning the favor by targeting the knees. Smiley gets back to his feet as Doubt has staggered-ran to the ropes before leaping to the knee of Smiley only to raise the injured leg up and… THE END OF WISDOM! Smiley falls to the ground, but Doubt is slow to get the pinfall due to his injured knee. ONE…TWO…NO! Smiley is able to kick out after the slow crawl. Both men get to their feet, but Smiley grabs Smiley Jr. on his way up. CROWBAR TO THE KNEE! Doubt falls to his knees. THE CHELSEA GRIN flattens Doubt! He goes for a slow cover. ONE…TWO…NO! Doubt kicks out. Smiley pulls him to his feet by his mask and… HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! Doubt is laid out. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [The match is finished as Smiley and Doubt are standing in the ring. Both men have intense expressions on their face but Smiley smiles widely before embracing Doubt who doesn’t reciprocate but also doesn’t retaliate. As Smiley is happy at the moment, the sounds of “House of 1,000 Corpses” by Rob Zombie filters through the arena. Red smoke rises from the floor as Doctor D’Ville and Creeping Death seemingly appear out of the smoke on the stage. Doctor D’Ville is smiling from ear to ear as Creeping Death nods in approval.]

“Very good job boys. Very interesting display.”

[The Doctor halts for a second as he strokes his chin. Creeping Death leans down and whispers something in his ear in which the Doctor laughs about. Having had enough, Smiley motions for a microphone and pulls it up to his mouth.]

“Listen up! I may follow your every order and do as you command, but taking those titles was a shot to my pride! I defended them in your HONOR, Doc! Then you just rip it away without any remorse for me? For Doubt? We defeated the Power of Positivity and brought Hysteria back to The Asylum!”

[Creeping Death brings his microphone up to his mouth with his eyes flashing irritation.]

“Defeated POP? You had three-on-one odds! You defeated a betrayed Alex Reese! That’s no feat! We defeated them at their pinnacle. How the fuck can you compare it? And you raise your voice to Doctor D’Ville?!”

[Doctor D’Ville raises his hand and Creeping Death takes a step back with a sneer across his face. Smiley looks irate at the outburst by Death as he brings the mic to his mouth once more.]

“Compare it?! We would have defeated ANYONE Doc put in front of us. You cannot discount our actions in securing your old friend to The Asylum, Doc. You promised us that someday we could have the titles back. When is someday?!”

[Smiley begins rubbing on the back of his neck in withdrawal again as Doctor D’Ville smiles at him as his icy, blue eyes scour the ring.]

“I hope you realize the error in your tone with me, Smiley. I’ll treat you like a brother if you show me the same regards.”

[Smiley lowers his head feeling remorseful for his tone from before. Doubt, however, shows no remorse as he takes the microphone from Smiley.]

“I care nothing for the gold in which you relinquished from us. The only thing that must be resolved is who deserves the tag team titles. We defended them more times than you two have. Smiley and I have earned a number one contendership match.”

[Creeping Death takes another step forward, but Doctor D’Ville sticks a hand out in front of him. His smile is never fading.]

“Oh, Doubt. My actions seem to have upset you both, no matter how you try to hide it. How shall we remedy this…” [Creeping Death leans down and whispers in his ear as the smile widens.] “Very well. At Heavy Metal, there shall be a match for these tag team titles. In one corner will be the tag team of Creeping Death and myself. In the other? The team of Smiley and Doubt.”

[The two inside of the ring look just as confused as ever as Doctor D’Ville’s smile spreads even further. Creeping Death leans down and whispers again as D’Ville can’t help but to laugh under his breath.]

“At Heavy Metal, you’ll lose your MINDS to get them!”

[The Doctor laughs wildly as the music plays up again as the lights flicker on and off as Smiley and Doubt are left in the ring looking shocked at the announcement.] [Errol Flint sits backstage in his office smoking one fat cigar. The sight of him makes the audience sick as Destiny pours herself a large glass of champagne, clearly they’re celebrating here tonight.] [Then there’s a knock at the door. In walks an extremely worse for wear Vane. He’s tattered, distressed, dirty and we’ve not seen him for months.]

“Charles?” [Flint asks in confusion.]

“Did you know it was him?” [Vane demands to know, stumbling towards the desk.] “Did you know?”

[Flint looks bemused.] “Did I know what?”

“Red Snow, you bastard. Did you know he did it? I can’t prove it but I feel it in my bones, you son of a bitch.”

[Errol’s face contorts into that of a wry smile.] “I may have had an idea. Old School Wrestling was in need of a makeover; don’t you think? I admire his initiative. He saw an opportunity to widen the field for himself and he took it. Reichous Marx, Charlie Thompson, Ethan Bird, Wes Warhammer; they were all very sad victims of the time and its fallout. The problem is Charles; you weren’t supposed to find out.”

[The door suddenly locks behind him, Destiny standing there with a sadistic smile of her own.]

“I’ve kept you locked away for months now so that you couldn’t reveal the biggest jewel in our crown. At Ring of Dreams, everything comes full circle. We’ve been building to this point for six months now. You, James Hunter, you’re all pawns in a much larger game.”

[Vane falls to his knees, barely able to stand.] “Why?”

[Errol just laughs at him sadistically, the scene coming to a slow fade with Vane on his knees in front of the man who all along knew what happened at Red Snow.] [The opening bell rings and these two bitter rivals waste no time going at it, brawling back and forth until they’re rolling around on the canvas exchanging lefts and rights. The action eventually spills under the bottom rope and both men fall to the outside! Ash is up first and he doubles Vinnie over with a BOOT TO THE GUT! Followed by a CLOTHESLINE over the announce-table! Nick and Johnny scatter as Vinnie finds his feet, grabs Ash, and BODY SLAMS him right on top of the announce-table! Williams arches his back in pain and Vinnie scoops up a chair and, CHAIR SHOT!] [Holding his gut in pain from that chair-shot, Ash rolls off the announce-table and begins to crawl towards the ring. Vinnie storms after him with that chair and swings again, but Williams manages to get a boot up, and Ash sends the chair, SMACK, right into Vinnie’s face! Lane is dazed and Ash capitalizes, Irish Whipping Vinnie into the barricade, and Lane goes UP AND OVER! Right into the crowd! Ash takes a minute to catch his breath before going after him… Vinnie is up! UPPERCUT! Lane catches Ash by surprise, grabs him by the back of the head and dumps him over the barricade into the stands with him!] [The two find their feet and brawl back and forth! Ash runs at Vinnie with a boot but Lane is ready, SUPLEX! Ash sent flying right into the fans! People and chairs fly everywhere and Vinnie loses sight of Ash. He’s searching through people in the crowd… BOOMSTICK! Ash catches Vinnie out of nowhere with a Boomstick!]

“Hello, Ashley!”

[Ash can’t even celebrate the Boomstick before he’s distracted by a voice… he turns to the ring to find Dr. Evil perched atop a ladder set up between the ropes!?! Ash charges back into the ring and races up the ladder! And now him and Dr. Evil are exchanging blows at the top of the ladder! But here comes Vinnie Lane! Lane dumps the ladder sending Ash crashing to the canvas! And Lane with the cover! One! Two! Three! He’s done it, Vinnie Lane is the new Hardcore Champion!] [Dr. Evil, pissed off that his plan was foiled by Lane, scrambles to his feet after that near 20 foot fall and scoops up the ladder to use as a weapon. He swings on Lane but Vinnie rolls out of the ring and stumbles up the runway. Dr. Evil turns around to find Ash getting to his feet and swings on him too, but Williams ducks as well… and catches Dr. Evil with a boot to the gut! Causing Evil to drop the ladder!] [Ash picks the ladder up and swings on Dr. Evil… and connects with a shot to the head!! Dr. Evil drops like a sack of potatoes but Williams doesn’t stop there! He turns the ladder at an angle and begins to drive it into Dr. Evil’s mid-section and gut! And now he’s just slamming it down over and over across Evil’s back!] [The fans, who at first were enjoying Ash getting the upper-hand, begin to turn on the brutality of this beating and Ash suddenly realizes what he’s doing. He stops and drops the ladder, a distraught look on his face over what he’s just done to his old friend.]


[The fans start an It’s Ok chant to let Ash know they understand why he snapped, but that it was time to stop. Ash seems to agree as he drops the ladder and slowly backs out of the ring… but he stops… his despair turns to outrage, and he’s back at the ladder! Picking it up and driving it again into Dr. Evil’s mid-section.] [#2 suddenly appears from backstage accompanied by a dozen security officers! They all storm the ring as Ash continues his vicious beat-down and pry the ladder away from Ash and Ash away from Dr. Evil. Williams doesn’t go easily but security eventually manages to wrestle him out of the ring and up the runway.]

“At Heavy Metal, Ash Williams destroys the Evil!”

[Ash screams out as he’s dragged backstage. Inside the ring, Dr. Evil slowly gets to his feet, holding his stomach and bleeding from the forehead… and smiling…] [Marvolo steps inside the classroom, but Red River Jack is nowhere to be found. Number One gives off a small shrug before turning ONLY TO BE NAILED WITH THE SPARTAN KICK as RRJ steps out from behind a mobile whiteboard and surprises his opponent. Desks fly everywhere as an old fashioned school bell echoes through the halls. Jack stalking Marvolo now, BUT he’s caught with a fist to the gut. AND ANOTHER! Marvolo working to his feet, BUT RRJ CATCHES HIM with a European Uppercut and now an IRISH WHIP! MY GOD! Number One flies across the teachers desk and slams against the wall!!!] [The Creator, Cultivator, and Consumer of Worlds is back on the attack, BUT MARVOLO LEAPS ONTO THE DESK! INTO THE AIR! CROSSBODY BLOCK SENDS BOTH MEN THROUGH MORE DESKS AND MARVOLO STAYS ON TOP FOR THE COVER! ONE… TWO… NO! RRJ kicks out and Number One staggers to his feet. He’s clearing the cobwebs and he’s signaling for the Tongan Death Grip as Jack climbs to his feet. Jack is up and THERE IT IS! MARVOLO SINKS IT IN!! TONGAN DEATH GRIP AND JACK GOES BACK DOWN! Number One releases the hold quickly though and he’s moving to the… OH MY!] [Marvolo just rifled an eraser off the head of Jack. And now he’s going for the door. MARVOLO IS ALMOST THERE AS RRJ WORKS TO HIS FEET! NUMBER ONE IS OUTSIDE!!! THE DOOR IS SHUT!!! THE… NO!!! RED RIVER JACK busts through the door AND SHOULDER BLOCKS MARVOLO INTO THE CONCRETE WALL! Irish whip sends Number One back into the classroom and Red River Jack FOLLOWS WITH SEEIN’ RED!! SEEIN’ RED BY RED RIVER JACK!! MARVOLO IS DOWN! RED RIVER JACK HEADS FOR THE DOOR! THIS IS GOING TO IT! THE DOOR IS SHUT! THE DOOR IS LOCKED!!! RED RIVER JACK HAS PICKED UP THE WIN HERE TONIGHT!!! WHAT A MATCH!!!]

“And I won’t sit down

And I won’t shut up

But most of all, I will not grow up!”

[The crowd are on their feet as, for the first time, Gavin Davis walks out onto the arena stage in front of the fans for the first time since appearing almost a month ago. His enthusiasm is simlpy unmatchable, unlike Lilith behind him who seems very much like she’d rather be anywhere else in the world. She simply shuffles along behind him as he slaps the hands of the fans. He doesn’t even reach the ring before the ‘Hug Life’ chants fire up for the retired Rage alumnus. As he slides into the ring, a stage hand places two microphones inside the ring, which Lilth goes to collect as Gavin continues to play up to the fans. The two people in the ring couldn’t look any more disparate in mood, as Lilith hands a microphone to The Manchild. Davis’s music ceases, but the chants don’t. As excitable as ever, Gavin grabs Lilith by the arms and tries to dance around with her, but Evans just looks to the side and stands still. As the crowd finally calms down, Gavin begins to speak.]

“Heyoo everyone! You all having a nice time?”

[A brief round of cheers break out from the hyped up crowd, and Gavin is completely oblivious to his friend nervously rubbing her brow behind him.]

“That is awesome. Like, really awesome, I’m glad you’re all happy, because happiness is nice. Speaking of nice, Errol said I could come out here to talk to you peeps. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Last time I was in a ring, I won the main event of Wrestlefest. Sure, my back was broken and I was taken out on a stretcher, but that’s just a poopy lining on a silver cloud. When there’s also rainbows. Anyway, as you guys can see, I’m doing way better than then, in fact I-”

[He is interrupted by the sight of Lilith who is quivering, because she knows exactly what is coming.]

“What’s wrong hun?”

[She throws her arms around The Man-Child and embraces him, an the only words she can muster up are,

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”

[She closes her eyes and swallows the saliva building up in her mouth as “How’d You Like Me Now” hits the speakers. Errol Flint steps out onto the stage with a microphone in hand as a chorus of boos rain down. Completely oblivious, Gavin seems pleased to see him, still grateful for being offered the opportunity to be in front of the fans one more time.]

“Oh, hello Gavin, my friend! Are you having fun?”

“Yuh-huh! Lots of it, it’s always fun when you’re surrounded by friends!”

“Friends… Right. You see, there’s a reason I wanted you in that ring Gavin, because I have a message to send you and I can’t think of any better way than to do it in public. You see Gavin, at Heavy Metal, you are having your return match.”

[The fans aren’t sure how to react, some cheering and some booing, waves of both jubilation and trepidation washing over the throng of people.]

“Really? But I can’t, I mean, my legs are still all weak and stuff. The rehab peopel who aren’t the drug rehab people but the hurting rehab people said I can’t wrestle, my body isn’t even close to ready. I can jog for about half a minute at a time though, and sometimes I don’t even fall over!”

“Well, your friend thought differently. Didn’t she, Lilith?”

[Gavin turns to Lilith who lets go of him, stepping back fearfully, even though she must know he would never do anything to hurt her.]

“I didn’t have a choice. Please believe me, Gavin.”

[He merely nodded and turned back to Errol, his absolute trust in Lilith irking the Chairman of OSW somewhat.]

“So great, I’m in a match and I have no say. I thought you were nice, Mr. Flint. Why are you doing this?”

“Ratings? Publicity? Teaching some ill-mannered bitch to respect authority? All of the above, plus more, so don’t thank me, thank Lilith. But it’s ok, you’ll be surrounded by your friends. You see, you’re going to be in a School’s Out match. I’m sure even someone as terminally dim as you knows what a lumberjack match is, but this one is different. The ring is going to be surrounded… By children. Children who love you Gavin, children you believe in you. Children who will lose their belief, their hope and their dreams when their favorite child of all gets obliterated in the middle of that ring, all captured in glorious HD and televised around the world. And believe me Gavin, you will[/b] be obliterated, because your opponent is none other than…”

[To the surprise of nobody in the arena bar Gavin himself, “Rock Lobster” hits and The Shark storms out from behind the curtain, walking straight past the laughing Flint. Lilith slids out of the ring as Gavin backs up towards the ropes, The Predator showing absolutely no signs of stopping. Errol heads back over to the entrance and leans back against the set as a trembling, clearly terrified Gavin remains steadfast, refusing to back down, even as Lilith grabs his ankle and tugs, urging him to leave. The Shark rolls into the ring and squares up to his appointed next meal, yet for all his fears, Gavin does not move.]

“I know you’re in there Axel. You were a good man burning bright, and nobody who has shown such heart doesn’t have the spark of kindness still in your heart. This is your best chance to break free, you don’t have to be The Shark any more, you can be the Kid’s Champion agai-”

[The Shark levels him with a single right hand, following Gavin’s falling body and pummeling away at his back. The boos rain down almost as heavily as the blows as Gavin tries to clamber clumsily to his feet… He hit him back! gavin just punched The Shark, and again, the crowd are coming alive! Gavin runs towards the ropes, going for the Dragon Slayer… And his legs give way.] [A hush falls over the arena as his body fails him, and a ravenous Shark stalks him. Without mercy, he locks in the Asylum Special, gavin screaming in agony as Lilith has to turn away so her friend can’t see her cry. Gavin grabs the rope with his free hand, but it doesn’t matter. This isn’t a match, there is no referee to stop it. He taps furiously, but The Shark isn’t letting go. The life drains away from him as he eventually passes out, and The Shark returns to his feet, rubbing his lips and running his tongue against his teeth. Errol makes some kind of motion and security rushes out from backstage towards the ring, sliding in just before The Shark was about to tuck in.]

“I’m sorry Shark, I need him still in one piece for Heavy Metal. Then… I won’t stop you.”

[The Shark still struggles against the men holding him back, trying to get to the man who has proved an annoyance to him for the last month, but he is bundled out of the ring and taken to the back, as a sobbing Lilith attends to Gavin.]

“I’m sorry Gavin, I’m sorry…”

[The bell rings as Lux Bellator and Bobby Neptune circle around. Differing beliefs will collide tonight but this belief is nothing new to Neptune after weeks and weeks of dealing with Anna Goodchild. These two come head-to-head in the first ever, The Final Exam match. Three-counts are thrown out as the only way to win this match is by pinning your opponent to the floor for a ten-count. The two lock up in the center of the ring, but Neptune quickly side-steps out of it before lifting up Lux for an Atomic Drop. Lux clutches at his backside while turning into a leaping knee strike to the face that sends Lux to the outside of the ring.] [Neptune hits the opposite ropes before leaping to the top rope and springboarding off for a MOONSAULT! But Lux is able to move out of the way as Neptune crashes to the floor hard! Lux rushes over to him, lifts him up, and sends him crashing into the metal barricade, face-first! The crowd gasps in synchronization as Lux extends his arms. He lifts up Neptune by his blue hair and throws him into the steel post before rolling him into the ring.] [Lux climbs up onto the apron before springboarding off for a DDT! Neptune barely to his feet and SUPERKICK TO LUX! Lux hits the floor hard as Neptune goes for the pinfall! ONE…TWO…NO! Not even a three count and Neptune needs ten! Neptune rolls outside and grabs a cheat sheet (steel chair) as the teacher (referee) seems to allow it for this one! Neptune sets the chair down and Neptune hits the second rope before leaping off for RED GIANT! Lux is staggered but he keeps his feet as Neptune leaps to the top rope. SUPERNOVA! Face smashed right into the chair as he hooks a leg! The referee starts the count. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…NO! Lux kicks out right at nine!] [Bobby pulls Lux to his feet, but Lux slaps him hard! Lux hits the ropes and… THE ARM OF GOD! Neptune is screaming out in pain as the armbar is locked on. He yanks him up to his feet by his arm only to send him crashing back down with his head smashing onto the leg of the steel chair with… THE DISCIPLE MAKER! Lux hooks a leg! 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…TEN! Lux wins the inaugural Final Exam match!] [Red River Jack walks through the backstage like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. We’re just moments away from the Main Event and you can bet that he wants a piece of it.] [Suddenly blood splatters across our screen.] [The camera switches to another shot, showing Bruce Van Chan with his hands wrapped in Barbed Wire, delivering another thunderous blow to the mouth of Red River Jack. The barbed wire rips at his jaw, blood spewing out all over the place.]

“You threatened my wife?” [He screams, hitting him again. Bruce continues as Jack hits his knees.] “You threatened my wife, you son of a bitch!”

[Red kneels there, blood dripping from his mouth as Bruce paces back and forth, contemplating what he’s doing. His emotions are running high but Red doesn’t care and instead of being silent, he laughs at him.]

“What’s the matter, man? Have the lies of Bruce Van Chan finally caught up with you?” [He mumbles, gargling blood.] “Have you woken up?”

[Bruce steps forward as if he’s going to strike again but stops, holding himself hostage against his own desire to destroy the man who’s destroying his family.]

“You think you know me Jack, is that it? You don’t know me at all,” [Bruce grabs him by the throat.] “I know that you want me to rip you to pieces. I know that you want me to prove that everything I am is a lie. But tell me this, tell me how does it feel to know the man you think is a liar, showed you mercy.”

[He releases Jack, who falls onto his back, laughing hysterically.]

“You may not like it, you may not believe it, but I’m the real frickin’ deal, man and there’s no wedge you can drive between me and my family that’ll make me otherwise. May God have mercy on you like I just did, Jack. I’ll see you at Heavy Metal and we’ll finish this.”

[Bruce starts unwrapping the barbed wire from his hands as he walks away, leaving Jack there to laugh, spitting blood as he does.] [Jake Jeckel walks backstage with a motley crew. Flanked on either side of him are men in suits, and following behind are four or five juggalos and juggalettes. Two of the men in suits look like body guards, while a third talks business.]

“Mr. Jeckel, I ensure you that everything is in place. Mr. Marvolo will not be an issue.”

“How can you say that? You think is just gonna let it the fuc…[He notices the camera]… just gonna let it go?”

[The group continues walking until they reach a set of double doors. Jeckel pushes on the latch, but the door doesn’t budge. He tries again, but it seems to be locked. Suddenly the two Juggalos in the back, drop. The rest of the group turn around and one of the bodyguards catches steel to the face. Three down already, as Marvolo swings on the other bodyguard, who is trying pull a tazer. The juggalettes go running as the chair crushes into the second bodyguards head. This leaves Jeckel and businessman. The businessman cowers in the corner. Jeckel holds his hands up.]

“Stop! She ain’t here! Back up!”

[Marvolo doesn’t swing, but screams.]

“Where is Raquel! Marvolo wants to know now! He knows that she wasn’t taken by the real authorities, so where is she?!?!”

“She’s safe. Tucked away nice and cozy. She’s servicing… and being serviced… by top men.”

[It’s clear that Marvolo is holding back with everything he’s got.]

“Why do you think you can just take a man’s woman from him?”

[Jeckel shrugs smugly.] “It’s worked for me before; why not now, assho…”

[Marvolo gives in and nails the Juggalo over the head with the chair. He crumples and Marvolo continues to pummel him on the ground. Finally Jeckel appears to be out cold. Marvolo drops the chair and looks at the man cowering on the ground in the corner.]

“When he wakes up, you tell him that Marvolo said he wants Raquel back here next week! She better be here at Heavy Metal if he wants to get out of the match in one piece… And change your pants!”

[Marvolo marches away through the wreckage, leaving the businessman to weep in his own urine.] [Both men are standing in the ring as Bruce Van Chan walks to the center before raising the title high into the air. Alex Reese smiles as he bounces from foot to foot. The referee takes the title and motions for the bell as the two lock up. Bruce grips the wrist of Reese and twists it around to make Reese bend over. Reese pushes back into BVC moving him into the ropes. Using his weight, he whips BVC to the opposite ropes before leaping into the air to connect with a double crossbody!] [Reese pops right back up to his feet with a smile adorning his mug. Bruce gets to his feet as well with a disgruntled look on his. Reese holds a hand up for a test of strength to which Bruce meets him. They interlock fingers and begin pushing against one another with their chests trying to get the advantage. Bruce begins to get the advantage, but Reese jumps into the air and puts his boots into the midsection of Bruce before falling back and… monkey flip that sends Bruce into the corner turnbuckle and over to the floor!] [The crowd cheers Reese on as he sizes up Bruce on the outside. Bruce is stunned as he staggers to his feet. Reese charges the corner, leaps up, and leaps off for a clothesline! DROPKICK TO REESE! Bruce had the clarity to nail Reese with a dropkick sending him backfirst into the steel post! Reese hits the ground with his back arched in pain! Bruce smirks to himself before looking under the ring and withdrawing a 2×4! He raises the board into the air as the crowd issues an automatic “Hoooooooooooooooooooooo!” chant in unison. Bruce takes a step back before bringing a crushing blow down upon the back of Reese.] [Reese grits his teeth in pain as he rolls to the announcer table to where he pulls himself to his feet. Bruce watches him patiently, looking for an opportunity. Reese finally raises his head as a board comes swinging at it! CRACK! The board nails Reese’s hands as he manages to get them up in time but the impact sends him over the announcer table into their laps! Bruce smiles as he pulls Reese out by his hair before throwing him over the guardrail and into the audience.] [Chan lifts up Reese, but Alex nails a Pele kick! Both men are on the ground as security holds the people back. That doesn’t stop one fan from leaning over the security guard and pouring the contents of his beer all over the face of Bruce Van Chan! Bruce gets to his feet while trying to get the alcohol off of his face as the security guard pie-faces the asshole with the now-empty beer cup. As Bruce wipes his face, he’s taken down by Reese with a double leg takedown followed by a barrage of punches as the crowd is cheering passionately! They want to see a championship exchanged!] [Reese gets to his feet and pulls Bruce with him. They walk a few feet before coming to a curtain. He whips Bruce into the curtain as the entire thing comes down and tangles up around him! Reese takes a moment to catch his breath before stepping over the curtains as a hand extends out and wraps around his ankle. Reese tries to shake him off but the face of Bruce emerges as he gets to his knees. Reese gets loose, takes a step back, and goes for a superkick to the kneeling Chan! Chan leans back to dodge it, but gets back to his feet.] [NAP TIME! The inverted DDT lands right onto the curtain as both men are slow to get back to their feet. Bruce gets there first and staggers down the hallway towards the backstage area where he finds the catering table. Most of the food is gone but there is a half of a cake sitting at the end of the table. Bruce gets a handful and tosses it at Reese as he comes staggering up. The cake surprises him momentarily as Bruce hits an enzuigiri knocking Reese onto the table. Bruce hits him with a barrage of shots before seeing a ladder leaning against the wall.] [The Real Frickin’ Deal sets up the ladder and begins slowly climbing up the rungs. He gets to the top as the crowd’s gasps can be heard echoing through the arena. He motions for something big! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER ONTO THE EMPTY TABLE! Reese managed to roll out of the way just in time as all of the empty plates and cake collapses in on the defending United States Champion. The referee watches as this carnage goes on with the US title in hand. Reese stares at the belt for a second before grabbing Bruce up.] [He takes him through the hallways passing by the locker room and then… The Asylum locker room. Reese throws Bruce down the hall as he stops for a moment to stare at the door before gritting his teeth and continuing down the hall after Bruce Van Chan. The hall ends at a door in which Bruce is flung into shoulder-first as his head smashes the glass! Alex Reese pulls Bruce Van Chan back in order to pull the door open. He grabs Bruce and throws him into what appears to be the parking garage.] [Alex Reese spots the doorway that leads out into the streets of Las Vegas. He begins making his way towards that door but is caught by Bruce who hits an axe handle to the back of his head knocking him into a nearby limousine. Reese is leaned back against the limo as Bruce comes charging up and hits a Stinger splash slamming the back of Reese onto the hood. Both men are groggy, but Bruce gets to his feet on the hood and pulls Reese to his feet.] [He goes for… NOW I LAY YOU DO- But Reese struggles out of it with shots to the gut. Reese spins Bruce around and… WAKE UP CALL! Reese’s head shatters the windshield as Bruce’s back is dug into the knees of The Motivation! Both men are spent as they lay across the limousine. The referee stands by with the United States Championship displayed. That’s what these men are fighting for. The opportunity to walk out of this arena with the United States Championship strapped around their waist. Both men slowly fall off of the limousine crawling around the sides on opposite sides.] [Both men get to the back of the limo with only a few feet separating them and the door to victory! Bruce gets to the door first as he pulls on the door to open it up! Reese dropkicks the door to slam it shut to the shock of Bruce! He gets to his feet as Bruce spears him to the floor as he begins throwing punches left and right. He gets back to his feet and begins his walk towards the door. Reese is back to his feet though!] [Bruce comes back towards him but Reese turns around for a Pele Kick! Bruce scouts it out this time and dodges it! Bruce goes for the door and opens it wide. Reese rushes at him and both men go outside! Due to the charge, Bruce Van Chan is the first one out the door, however. The referee waves his hands in the air and raises the hand of Bruce Van Chan as Alex Reese leans against the outside of the arena holding his face in his hands before falling to the floor face first in exhaustion.] [The bright lights of Las Vegas.] [As Alex Reese opens his eyes on the concrete floor, that’s all he sees. The lights flicker back and forth, the noise of the bustling city street heard all around him. He slowly pulls himself back up, squinting as he does.] [Through his squinted vision, he looks across the street at what appears familiar. There’s a figure, dressed in a long black coat, a white shirt and mask. He rubs his eyes and the figure is gone.] [Again he rubs them.] [And when he opens them again, there he is, standing right in front of him; Hysteria.] [Only his former brother isn’t alone. Carried on his back is a large tank that leads to a hose. Hysteria looks at Reese, his head tilted.]

“I’m going to burn everything you love to the ground, kiddo,” [He hisses with a hint of humour about his tone – as if he finds it funny.] “What’s the matter? No motivational speeches?”

[Suddenly a big burst of fire pours from the end of the nozzle, Alex barely diving with a commando roll to safety. He backs up into an alleyway, where no-one can see him – all except Hysteria who follows.]

“There’s no escaping me Alex. Everything burns, don’t you know?”

[Reese is now backed into a corner, running for his life. He looks around frantically, reaching up to a nearby fire escape and pulling himself up at it as another burst of flames flies in his direction. Barely having escaped, he pulls the fire escape ladder up so that Hysteria can’t reach it.] [Only the madman laughs heartily below.] [Monday Night Showcase comes to a close with Hysteria shooting plumes of fire into the air at Reese who’s fortunately high enough not to be effected. He looks down at his former brother, the flames reflecting in his eyes.]

“Everything burns,” [He agrees.] “Everything burns.”