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Over two millennia ago there lived a man who preached the word of God to the farthest regions of Jerusalem.

A disciple of faith, John the Baptist’s followers grew in number with every baptism he performed as a service to preserve their souls from sin.

Revered by his followers as a prophet, he foretold the coming of the messiah, a man who would one day eclipse him in influence and importance.

When Jesus Christ emerged from the River Jordan in baptism, a miracle occurred. As the heavens opened up the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus, and God called him his son.

The rest as they say is history. John’s followers became believers of God’s son, and John had no choice but to become Jesus’s disciple as well.

For although John was a messenger of God, it was Jesus who started a movement as King of the Jews, and John’s fulfilled prophecy created a chasm in religion between warring faiths, changing the fate of the world forever.

With the beginning of time set in stone, our timeline through the emergence of Christ and up to today has been watched with a keen eye by an ancient guardian who now walks these Slaughterhouse halls.

Her encyclopedic knowledge grows with every bit of history that she observes, and like a prophet she wills the future of the world to be in her image by shaping the minds and actions of those around her.

A disciple of fate, she aims to control us all by preserving the universe’s timeline of events, stripping us of our free will.

She is a warrior, and will wage war against those who threaten her devotion to ensure that her idealistic timeline of events remains intact by all means necessary.

So, you want to blame Yahweh for our current reality, Chronoa?

Well, if it is a holy war you want then that is exactly what you will get, because at High Voltage I embark on my crusade for the Holy Grail and you just so happen to be the first competitor in my warpath.

I will exercise my free will upon you and create a nexus event like none other, shattering your vision of a perfect world and replacing it with my own.

Just as Jesus’ fate to become the icon of Christianity was set in stone when John baptized him, so too will I become Old School Wrestling’s icon when you baptize me with my first Ring King tournament victory.

When I finish you, Yahweh Himself will descend from heaven to anoint me, and it will be Darth Jesus who performs the greatest miracle OSW has ever seen. Then you, baring witness, will have no choice but to abandon your cause and realize your fate:

As my disciple.

I pray that you scribe this parable down into your tablet so you can spread the gospel of God’s Greatest Warrior to the farthest regions of the universe.

Try all you want to protect your sacred timeline, but your fate—my fate—our fate has been sealed.

And the rest, as they say, will be history.

Deus vult.