“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Heavy Metal.”

[“When The Bell Tolls” plays us in as the cameras circle the School Yard, admiring the fans in attendance here tonight. As usual, Old School Wrestling hosts a sold out crowd. There’s fan signs for Bruce Van Chan, Marvolo and Mike Lane amongst them, being waved and thrusted into the air as the camera passes.] [Suddenly, the opening lick of Steve Vai’s wonderful guitar from “For The Love of God” rings out over the arena, sending the crowd wild. The fans get on their feet as the World Champion Mike Lane steps out onto the entrance ramp, accompanied by Howard Porter from the Network.] [They make their way to the ring and get inside. Porter retrieves a microphone and takes to the centre of the ring.]

“My name is Howard Porter and I’m from the Network,” [he says to cheers.] “And this alongside me, as you all well know, is Old School Wrestling World Champion Mike Lane.”

[Before he can continue, “How’d you like me now” hits and Errol Flint storms out onto the stage with a look of rage on his face. He stops atop the ramp, microphone in hand.]

“What the hell are you doing here Lane? Didn’t I make it abundantly clear that if you lost yet another fight with me, you’d be fired?” [Flint exclaims loudly.] “And yet here you are, the cockroach, back once again.”

[Howard Porter responds.] “Mr. Flint, I invited Mike Lane here tonight. You see, since you fired him a few weeks ago, ratings have gone down. My superiors at The Network have been monitoring the progress of the shows and the replays and what they’ve found, speaks volumes. The buy rates and refunds for Ring of Dreams have come thick and fast without Mike Lane in the Main Event. The Network is losing money hand over fist.”

“This is the second time you people have overstepped your bounds with me,” [Flint angrily suggests.] “The first time, you made me give me back the World Championship and now, you’re questioning my decisions?” [Errol begins to pace the ramp.] “When I signed a contract with The Network, I did so to stream Monday Night Showcase and increase buy rates for Special Events like Heavy Metal; not to be dictated to by the likes of you.”

“That’s the problem, Mr. Flint,” [Howard interrupts.] “You signed a contract with us. Do you know how many Heavy Metal subscriptions were refunded and cancelled because of Mike Lane being removed from the card? There’s no OSW World Championship in the Main Event. Furthermore, your biggest show of the year is a month away and no-one knows who’ll face Bruce Van Chan.”

[The lyrics “Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame. Darlin’ you give love, a bad name!” blast on the P.A. Just as the line ends, purple and green pyro blasts out of the stage. Bruce Van Chan steps out and walks past the chairman, heading to the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope and comes toe to toe with the World Champion.] [After taking a moment to compose himself, he grabs a microphone.]

“I’m not interrupting, am I?” [Bruce says to a cheer.] “But I thought since I was such a large part of this conversation, I should probably be a part of this conversation. Last month I won Pandemonium and subsequently signed a contract to headline Ring of Dreams against the OSW World Champion,” [he says pointing to Mike Lane.] “And in my mind, that World Champion is Mike Lane.”

[Mike, who picked up a microphone when he entered the ring, joins the conversation himself.]

“The world wants to see Mike Lane versus Bruce Van Chan,” [he says to cheers from the crowd.] “But Errol Flint? He wants to see anything but that. Errol Flint spent the best part of a year planning ways to tear me down.”

[Flint scoffs.] “And you deserved it, Lane. After everything you put my daughter through, you deserved it. Don’t you see that Bruce? You of all people must know what it’s like to have a man like him torment your family. You will be in the Main Event of Ring of Dreams but it won’t be against Mike Lane.”

[Mike heads towards the corner and leans on the ropes, absolutely disgusted. Bruce meanwhile walks to the other side, shaking his head.] [BOOM!] [Explosions suddenly rock all the turnbuckles, sending plumes of fire into the air. Lane and Chan stumble backwards, hitting the deck as Porter ducks for cover. The pyro finally comes to a close, stunning everyone inside the arena.] [That was seriously close. Mike Lane and Bruce Van Chan barely escaped having their faces melted.] [Howard scrambles for his microphone, adjusting his glasses.] “What’s the meaning of this!?” [he yells in shock.] “What the hell are you doing?”

[Flint’s face drops.] “I-I don’t know what just happened. Who’s in charge of pyro?” [He looks around the technicians who shrug their shoulders, indicating that they weren’t involved.] “Who the hell did that?”

“Was this your plan all along?” [Porter exclaims.]

“N-No, of course not!” [Errol says almost honestly.] “I don’t know what happened. I’m so sorry. L-look, I’ll do what you want. I’ll reinstate Mike Lane as World Champion and schedule the Ring of Dreams Main Event versus Bruce Van Chan!” [he worriedly caves.] “Just don’t sue me or cancel our contract, okay? Do we have a deal?”

[The fans cheer at his cowardice, though at the same time, it’s apparent that he wasn’t responsible for the exploding pyro. Mike Lane and Bruce Van Chan slowly get back to their feet in the ring, contemplating what just happened as Howard Porter signs off.]

“We have a deal.”

[The scene comes to a close with everyone ringside absolutely surprised at this explosive way to kick off Heavy Metal.]

“I’ll be fine, really.”

[Backstage, Gavin Davis is looking surprisingly calm given the fact he is about to be trapped in a ring with The Shark. Lilith, however, is pacing about and looks like she could burst into either tears or a berzerker rage at any given moment.]

“Axel will just remember who he is. He’ll see me, he’ll see the kids, he’ll see the fans… With all of us supporting him, how can’t he feel good about himself, about being The Kid’s Champion? It is nice of you to worry, I mean, intention-wise. Worrying feels bad and stuff… But it will all be ok Lil, I know it.”

[Turning around with clenched fists, Lilith speaks in an uncharacteristically harsh tone, obviously extremely stressed.]

“Like you knew he’d come around before? You know, when he suplexed you into a bunch of kids and sunk his teeth into you? When you sent him the picnic hamper? Or how about when you tried to hug him last week? Don’t you get it? If it could happen, it would have happened by now.”

“Awww Lil, don’t be so hard on Axel. I think he just feels under-appreciated. There’s me, the kids, the fans… We have a three-way attack of love! He might be able to defend against some of us, but mark my words, he cannot escape our loving, no sir. Uh, ma’am.”

[Normally the accidentally rapey statement would draw a chuckle from Evans, but not today.]

“I say this because I love you, Gavin. I think he’s too far gone. We both know you can’t fight him, last week your legs gave way. The doctors say you aren’t ready, and as much as your heart is true, your body can’t match it yet. If you fight, he will destroy you. Please, if he tries to pin you, just stay down. If he puts you in a hold, just tap. I don’t want to see you in a wheelchair again, Gavin. I know your dreams have come true before, but not all dreams can. This is one dream you need to wake up from; if you spend all your time in this dream, waiting for it to come true, life will pass you by.”

“And if I don’t fight for him, then who will?”

“Dammit, this isn’t about The Shark! This is about you! He’s made his choice and gone down that path, you don’t have to suffer for it! Don’t be a martyr!”

[For some reason, Gavin is smiling.]

“Oh, you! So silly, this is nothing to do with me being a wiccan buddhist atheist, it isn’t about religion at a-”

“It’s a saying, dammit! Not everything is literal or like the dictionary definition!”

“Then what’s the point in dictio-”

“Just trust me! When have I ever steered you wrong?”

[Gavin just went silent. He couldn’t answer, but something in him just resisted what she was saying.]

“It’s ok Lilith. I’m sure Axel won’t hold it against you, we can all have a picnic after the show’s over.”

[She stormed out, absolutely incensed that she couldn’t get through to her friend and charge. Davis, meanwhile, just sat down on a bench and started stamping his feet excitedly.]

“Oh man, this is gonna be so great! I’m gonna finally meet Axel!”

[The bell rings as the two combatants circle around the ring looking for any opportunity to find a weakness. Wes Cleaver takes a step forward testing out Safiy Allah. “Allah’s Chosen” doesn’t bite as he just stares through his Keffiyeh as it shields most of his face. Cleaver lunges forward and tugs at the cloth. Rage fills the barely visible eyes of Allah as he lunges forward and connects with an uppercut! Cleaver is stunned as he backs up a step. Safiy doesn’t allow him to breathe as he pulls him close before spiking him into the mat, head-first with a DDT!] [Safiy stands tall watching this infidel squirm on the floor before him as he puts the boots to him in a hurry. He whips him up by his hair before throwing him into the corner where he charges for a discuss punch. He takes a few steps back before raising his hands up in the air and charging forward for a dropkick catching Wes Cleaver right on the chin! Your Ordinary Asshole falls to the mat clutching his face in pain but he gets back to his knees. A back kick straight to the chin as Cleaver cries out in pain.] [Safiy mounts Cleaver and begins delivering a series of blows straight to the dome with closed fists. The referee counts to four before pulling Allah back off of his victim. He and the referee begin getting into an argument allowing Wes Cleaver the opportunity to claw his way up to his feet. He charges Allah from behind and leaps over for a fameasser spiking Safiy into the mat! He goes for the cover! ONE! NO! Allah powers out at barely a one count as his wild eyes glint anger through his Keffiyeh.] [Allah’s Chosen delivers another uppercut from a kneeling position as he leaps to his feet. Cleaver staggers backwards into the ropes where his arms are tied up! The referee quickly tries to remove him from the ropes, but Safiy begins hitting discus punches wearing out the face of the exposed Cleaver! The referee finally frees Wes but Cleaver is exhausted as he falls to the mat. Safiy Allah raises his hands to the heavens as the crowd pours on the loathing boos. Allah lifts up the body of Wes Cleaver and raises him to the top rope. He climbs up after him, lifts him onto his shoulders and leaps off for a super powerslam! Safiy Allah covers him with a hooked leg! ONE…TWO… ALLAH PULLS HIM BACK UP.] [Allah looks at the massacred man before him and just shakes his head. The punishment isn’t over for Wes Cleaver! Allah takes a step back and allows the Asshole to get to his feet. Right as he gets to even footing, Allah charges and sinks his boot into the jaw of Cleaver with THE SWORD OF ALLAH! Cleaver is down and out but that of course does nothing to hinder Allah.] [Safiy Allah stands over Wes Cleaver as his head shakes from side to side in disappointment. Cleaver begins climbing up the body of Allah’s Chosen as he continually shakes his head. Cleaver gets to his feet and reaches out and tries to yank off the Keffiyeh from the head of Safiy! Nearly coming off, Cleaver goes for a roll-up! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Allah gets to his feet and hits ALLAH’S WILL! He takes the time to fix his headdress before looking down at the battered and broken body of Wes Cleaver before locking in BAGHDADI HELL! After a few moments in this hold, Cleaver emphatically taps out. But it’s only post-bell ringing that the referee pulls Safiy Allah off of his prey.] [We cut backstage to a shot of Dr. Evil making his way towards gorilla, surrounded by cohorts. They turn a corner to find Ash Williams waiting for them. Evil’s “Crew” ready for a fight but Dr. Evil motions for them to stand down.]

“Can’t wait till we hit the ring, Williams?”

[Ash steps in on Dr. Evil who smiles wide.]

“What’s wrong Ash? Are you till sour about the fact that I cost you your title?”

[Ash takes a deep breath.]

“I just… I just wanted to say… I don’t know, I guess I just wanted to let you know that I’ll always remember you, Matt. You were a good friend when I really needed one and I’ll never forget that.”

[Dr. Evil looks confused.]

“We had a good run as Tag Champs and a ton of fun, even if you did get on my nerves at times.” [Ash laughs nervously.] “I’m not really good at these kinds of things… I guess I’m just trying to say I’m going to miss you man.”

[Ash turns and begins to walk away.]

“I’m not going anywhere, Williams! It’s you…”

“It’s not your choice!” [Ash snaps, whipping his head back towards Evil.] “I’m not looking for your consent! After tonight, the OSW will NEVER see the likes of you again!”

“Oh and I guess it’s your choice, huh Williams?”

[Ash’s eyes find the floor.]

“I wish it was, Matty.”

“I’m not Matt! I’m EVIL! DR. EVIL! I’m the man you did THIS to, Williams!” [Dr. Evil points to the scar on his face.] “I’m the snake to your mongoose! The mongoose to your snake! And it’s always been that way, and it’s always going to be that way… until I destroy you Ash. Which I plan to do… tonight.”

[Ash shakes his head, obviously fighting back his emotion.]

“Goodbye Matty…”

[Ash turns and walks off, never once looking back.] [Safiy is making his way backstage after his match against Cleaver, Allah’s Chosen protectively clutching his dufflebag and its contents.. He looks to leave the building following his match, but his night is apparently not over as Cleaver attacks him in a fit of anger! Safiy hits a wall but protects his bag as Cleaver lays into him. The onslaught is very quickly turned on Cleaver, however, as Safiy once more shows himself the better man, tossing Cleaver down the hall with a powerful belly to belly suplex!]

“You are a dirty American Rat, you know that? I bested you, but you keep coming. It’s pitiful.”

[Cleaver gets to his feet, shaking the cobwebs when Safiy superkicks him out of the door to the back alley! The asshole lands on his back, slapping hard into a dumpster!]

“That isn’t cool, man…”

[Safiy shakes his head, looking at the dumpster then back at Cleaver. Safiy opens the dumpster up and grabs Cleaver, heaving him overhead into the dumpster! Cleaver lands on a pile of hot wings, where both belong, before Safiy closes the dumpster on the asshole.]

“I suppose I should have seen this coming. Trash like that does not belong near a chosen of Allah, especially when that very trash disrespects my very existence.”

[Safiy heads back inside, going back to his bag and unzipping it and taking out a protective leather case, removing from it the Quran. Safiy checks to make sure it remained safe during the encounter before placing it back in his bag before the scene fades out.] [In the backstage area, Alex Reese is pacing back and forth. Last week he barely escaped a flame thrower and tonight, he’s due to be locked into a steel cell with Hysteria – the very man wielding it.] [That’s when his phone rings.]

“Yeah?” [he answers abruptly, knowing the caller.] “No, now you listen here. Last week was the final straw. He may as well have been holding a gun to my head.”

[Reese pauses to listen.]

“I said I can do this and I’ll do it. I just need you to give me some more time. I’m on the verge, right now. Last week, he showed how desperate he was when he held that flamethrower to my face and attempted to burn me alive,” [he argues.] “No, I’m not pressing charges, I’m simply not.”

[Once again, he listens, though he appears to be getting more frustrated.]

“I know what I’m doing here, alright? I know Harrison better than anyone else and over the past six months, we became family,” [he pauses.] “And I know that family doesn’t bold well when you’re LH Harrison but this time it’s different.”

[Whoever he’s speaking to is having none of that.] [Finally, Reese relents. He has no other choice.]

“Fine, have it your way. I’ll see you later tonight.”

[Reese hangs up the call and takes a deep breath. It looks like he’s been sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and it may have gotten him in trouble.] [Can he back off, or will he suffer the consequences?] [Meanwhile, rounding the corner, shrouded in darkness, stands a figure. Watching from a distance, he fades back into the shadows as Reese walks past, unaware of his presence.] [We find Vinnie dragging a complaining Roxy behind him, heading for the ring moments before his match. Inside the ring, Andre Aquarius is smugly leaning with his back to the turnbuckle – a clothes rack sits beside him. Vinnie wastes no time laying down the law.]

“You little prick.” [He paces to come face to face with Prince Lightskin.] “Are you ready to meet your maker?”

[Andre moves Vinnie out of his way to see Roxy better. She stands with her arms folded and a sour look on her face. Clearly, she is not here by choice.]

“Look… bruh. You can’t even control your woman. She’s itching for a real man to take her off your hands.” [Andre grabs at his crotch as if to prove a point.] “Once she has had all of Prince Lightskin’s python, her ass is never… eeeeeeee-ver gonna be the same again!”

“You little piss-ant…” [Vinnie is cut off as Roxy brushes past his shoulder. She slaps Aquarius fully, right across the cheek. Vinnie pulls her back, not before she is able to claw her fingernails into his cheek for good measure. Andre rubs his cheek and smiles again.]

“I’m just wondering what I’m going to make my new piece of arm-candy wear…” [He pulls a skimpy little black dress from the rack beside him.]

“This?” [He tosses the dress to ringside and pulls out a two-piece, skimpy lycra number.]

“Or this?” [He shakes his head and pulls out a third coathanger with nothing on it.]

“Naw… I think this one will suit that little slut best.”

[Vinnie moves to attack, but the referee steps in and drags the men apart – each man to his corner for the start of the match.] [The bell sounds as the two arrogant young superstars stare off in the center of the ring. Both mouths are racing as both men are giving the other some not-so-PG verbiage. The stakes are high as both the stakes of Roxy and the Hardcore Championship are on the line. Vinnie has a lot to lose and Andre Aquarius has a lot to gain. Andre pushes Vinnie as the crowd “ooohs.” Vinnie slaps Andre as the crowd “ooohs” once again! The two men go head to head as they push against each other as the lingo is no different than before.] [Vinnie punches Andre right in the heart. Andre brings his hands to his chest as Vinnie wraps the head of Andre in his hands to lock in a sleeper hold. He rings on the neck as Andre tries to fight out. They turn around to show Roxy looking beautiful as ever. Andre reaches out to her as he makes a hand motion of ejaculating towards her! Vinnie throws Andre off before charging him for a high knee! His temperament getting the better of him, Andre easily dodges around to his side and hits Vinnie with an arm drag.] [Vinnie gets back up in the corner and is met instantly by a European uppercut that knocks him to the bottom of the corner. Andre hits the other corner before screaming out “SEALIEVE THAT!” He rushes across the ring and nails a cannonball senton crushing Vinnie into the corner. Aquarius gets to the center of the ring before spotting Roxy on the outside. He walks over to her and begins mocking grabbing her chest. ROLL-UP BY VINNIE! ONE…TWO…NO! Aquarius is able to get out of it. Vinnie gets to his feet as does Andre. Andre hits a right hand as Vinnie returns it.] [The two begin trading a flurry of blows as the crowd are on their feet, cheering them on! They lock up as they continue to trade blows back and forth! Vinnie gets the upper hand momentarily as Andre is knocked for a loop. Vinnie pulls Andre to his feet before wrapping his knee around the head of Andre and leaping up for… BAD MEDICINE! Vinnie smiles as he does a quick air-guitar solo. He turns back to Andre and he’s on his feet. Vinnie looks impressed momentarily. Vinnie approaches him but the evasive Aquarius slides under his arms and… #PEPEKICK!] [The Pelee kick is hit to perfection as Andre hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…T-NO! Vinnie gets a shoulder up. Loverboy is shaken up but Andre allows him to get up. Andre hits the ropes and #DANKINFUSION! The Fameasser with a knee driving into the back of Vinnie’s head is oddly reminiscent of the Bad Medicine kneedriver. Andre leaps on Vinnie! ONE….TWO…THREE! BUT NO! Vinnie’s foot was on the rope as Andre begins pulling at his hair a little in exasperation. Aquarius slaps his shoulder and you know that means his finisher is coming! Andre climbs up top and watches for his prey to stand. Vinnie gets to his feet and…] [CRASHES INTO THE ROPES! Andre is crotched on the top rope and Vinnie quickly gets up to the second rope. THE HEART STOPER FROM THE TOP ROPE! Both men are down as Roxy looks terrified on the outside. Vinnie begins crawling towards Andre before draping an arm across. ONE…TWO… Andre kicks out barely. Both men are spent but they fight to their feet where Vinnie kicks Andre in the gut and lifts him up for… OPERATION: MINDCRIME but no! Andre slips over his shoulder and nearly gouges his eyes out with an eye poke.] [Vinnie is blinded by the eye poke as he staggers around with his hand covering his eyes. Andre springboards off of the second rope and… #FUCCBOUYA-VINNIE CATCHES HIM WITH A SUPERKICK! The boot catches Andre right under the chin as he slams down to the mat. Vinnie pulls him up and… HEARTBREAKER! Vinnie hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…THREE! Vinnie smiles as the final bell rings as he holds his title and woman in his hands.] [After successfully retaining his title, Vinnie is quick to take his Hardcore title and grab Roxy to his side. She stands with a familiar stack of papers in hand, a contract.

Vinnie looks over at Andre, who is just starting to come to.]

“Now… Stay the fuck away from my Roxy, you son of a bitch.”

[He nods at Roxy, who eagerly signs her name across the bottom of the Restraining Order. One copy for Vinnie, which she hands to her man and the other copy for Vinnie, which she tosses at the downed Prince Lightskin from afar.

The pair turn to leave, getting as much distance between Andre Aquarius and themselves as possible.] [The bell quickly sounds as both competitors slug it out in the entranceway, Ash getting the advantage with a solid right hand as he grabs Cories by the back of the head before slamming him head first into the barricade. Ash walks Cories back to the ring before trying to throw him into the steps, Cories manages to reverse it, sending the Chosen One back first into the unforgiving steel. Cories slams Ash’s head into the steps before rolling him into the ring as Cories looks underneath the apron, grabbing out the very first ladder of the match. Cories goes to slide it into the ring but Ash is up on his feet as he delivers a baseball slide that sends the ladder back into Cories] [Cories is slowly getting up to his feet on the outside as Ash stares down at him before backing off, before running up and diving through the ropes with a suicide dive! The crowd roars as Ash pulls Cories to his feet, rolling him into the ring and sliding the ladder inside as well. Ash doesn’t setup the ladder, instead pulling Cories to his feet as he hooks him up for a suplex but Cories fights out of it before tossing Ash away stomach first onto the ladder. Williams gets up, holding his gut in pain before his head is nearly taken off with a massive superkick] [Ash is down as Cories grabs the ladder, setting it up as he begins climbing it up, trying to rid OSW of Ash forever. He barely gets halfway up before he’s pulled down by Ash who begins pummeling him with lefts and rights, grabbing Cories by the waist before he throws him halfway across the ring with a Belly to Belly right into the ladder. Cories goes down, holding his back in pain as Ash pulls him to his feet, CHUMBAWUMBA! Cories hit that out of nowhere as he rolls outside the ring, grabbing a chair as an evil smile creeps on the Green Ranger’s face] [Ash is stirring to his feet as Cories walks over, raising the steel chair high up in the air but as he brings it down, Ash’s right hand reaches up, throwing the steel chair away. Cories is undeterred, running forward with a massive chair shot..BOOMSTICK THROUGH THE CHAIR! Ash just punched right through the steel chair but his hand seems to be stuck as Cories takes advantage, nailing Ash with a hard enziguri to the back of the head but as Cories rushes to the ropes, he bounces off into a hard swinging chair shot] [Ash pulls the chair off his right hand before he goes to pull Cories to his feet but walks right into a low blow. Ash doubles over as Cories hooks his arms, GET A HELMET! Ash is down as Cories doesn’t climb the ladder, instead rolling out of the ring, and grabbing another, larger ladder. Cories rolls it in, setting it up near the turnbuckles before he begins climbing up, he gets to the top, sizing Ash up before he leaps off with a Shooting Star Press but Ash moves at the last moment. Cories gets up, holding his gut as Ash pulls him in, HAIL TO THE KING!] [Cories is down and out as Ash steps up the ladder and begins slowly climbing up, rung by rung and as he’s at the top, his fingertips just grazing the contract, Cories leaps forward, tipping the ladder over as Ash goes crashing to the mat. The ladder clips Cories in the head as it falls, both men are down and out on the canvas and after a few moments, a familiar tune begins playing over the loudspeaker, soft at first but louder as the March of the Dragon calls through the arena. Cories leaps to his feet, energised by the call as he rushes over to the prone Ash, leaping up and landing a Standing 450 Splash. Cories points over to the ladder as he slowly climbs up, the crowd on their feet as he leaps off with a massive Swanton Bomb] [Cories sets up the ladder once more as he begins to climb, Ash slowly getting to his feet as he tries to pull Cories off the ladder. Ash pushes the ladder over once more but Cories holds onto the contract, dangling in mid-air as Ash looks over to the ladder in the corner and slowly climbs up it himself. Ash sizes up Matty who desperately tries to pull the contract down before leaping off, SUPER BOOMSTICK! Ash nailed Cories in mid-air as chants of ‘HOLY SHIT’ ring throughout the arena] [Ash slowly gets to his feet, the crowd on their feet as he sets up the ladder once more, slowly climbing up. As he reaches the top, Cories stirs, sitting up as he reaches out to the ladder before collapsing to the mat. Ash looks over, shaking his head sadly before reaching up and pulling the contract down.] [Matthew Cories or Doctor Evil has been forced to leave Old School Wrestling!] [Brent Kersh is backstage chatting with Bobby Neptune. The two of them appear to have formed a bit of an alliance and friendship after the events of two weeks ago. ]


[The two men turn around to find Phoebe Outlaw running towards them. Neptune immediately tenses up, but Kersh holds him back.]

“What do…” [Kersh begins but Phoebe cuts him off.]

“She took her!” [Phoebe explains.] “Dani came to the show with me tonight. She is gone. Anna must have got her again.”

[Brent stops to pace in a small circle, trying to regain his composure. Neptune takes over.]

“I know I’m like the last person that should ever say this, but…” [Neptune starts, but Brent steps in.]

“Enough.” [He says with barely held back rage. He raises an eyebrow towards Bobby.] “You know where she hangs out?”

[Neptune shrugs. Brent looks back to Phoebe.]

“We split up. We find Dani. Then you and I are going to have a discussion about bringing Dani here again.”

[Phoebe almost retorts, but stops out of concern and just nods. She still snarls her nose back out of defiance. Both Phoebe and Brent head off in different directions leaving Neptune alone. Bobby looks over at his All-Star Championship for a moment.]

“Better leave you here, buddy.”

[He quickly places it back into his bag, using a padlock to chain it to his locker. He isn’t getting it taken again.] [Elsewhere in the darkness, a figure shrouded in shadows watches intently.] [We see two very attractive, but questionably young, women standing in a backstage area. They are looking up at someone and are clearly smitten with whomever they are talking to. The camera zooms out and we see Nigel Royal leaning against a wall and putting on the charm.]

“You know, girls, I come from a very wealthy family. And a loooong” [he spreads his hands about a foot apart from one another] “..line of very powerful people.”

[They look at each other and smile, clearly very excited at this opportunity to spend time with Nigel. One of the girls, slightly taller with blonde hair, opens her mouth to speak. Nigel puts his hand up as if to hush her.]

“Also, I have a very, very nice estate, just outside of London. Maybe you ladies would like to go out there with me sometime and take a ride……on one of my thoroughbred stallions.”

[They look at each other again with big doe eyes. The shorter of the two, with long dark hair and an “I heart Nigel Royal” T-Shirt on, bites her lip seductively and tries to talk. Once again, Nigel cuts her off.]

“Of course, there is no need to wait until another time to see my estate. Why don’t you ladies come back to my locker room, and I’ll show you some pictures I’ve taken of my……property.”

[They look at each other, and giggle. Nigel puts out his elbows and each girl puts their arm through his. He leads them down the hall and to his locker room door. Nigel opens the door and begins to lead the girls in.]

“You’re in for a treat, girls, you see……”

[Nigel stops mid-sentence. The camera pans around the locker room. It is completely filled with every type of garbage, rubbish, and litter imaginable. There are old newspapers strewn about every which way, cans and bottle everywhere, and everything in between. There is one particularly nasty pile of something right in the middle of Nigel’s desk.]

“What the hell is going on here! Get out!” [he yells at the girls who flee seemingly terrified.]

Nigel begins to inspect the room. He bends down and sniffs the pile on his desk. He gags and almost throws up his lunch.] [Then, perched atop a bronze bust, of course of himself, Nigel spots a specially placed piece of garbage.] [The very grave stone with Roberts name on it, broken into pieces. Max Million might not have been able to get his hands on Royal, but he’s damn sure going to make it harder for him.] [The bell sounds as the two teams square off in this Tornado Tag Team Iron Maiden match. The ring is surrounded by a cell as weapons adorn the walls. The two teams circle around before standing off. All four men exit the ring to the side area where they each scour the walls looking for a weapon. Corey Black removes a baseball bat. Smiley pulls Smiley Jr., a crowbar, from the wall. Doctor D’Ville begins pulling down a table. Doubt looks around before pulling down a toolbox and setting it on the apron before opening it up for a screwdriver within.] [The men enter the ring with the exception of the doctor who slides in a table first. Death looks at Doc long enough for his opponents to charge him. He ducks a shot from Smiley Jr and connects with a baseball bat strike to the midsection of Doubt, which forces him to kneel over. He turns to Smiley and cracks him over the head with the bat. Smiley staggers but his stubbornness won’t allow him to fall! Creeping Death takes a few steps back and really sizes up Smiley. He pulls the bat back and…] [Doubt stabs Death in the shoulder forcing him to lose his attention on Smiley. CRACK! The crowbar smashes over the back of Death’s head as he falls to the mat. Smiley and Doubt both look at the Doctor on the outside but D’Ville seems to have no intentions on jumping into the fray. It’s almost as if he’s testing out Creeping Death. Smiley charges Death in the corner with SHOCK THERAPY! The spear is hit with great impact as Doubt follows up with a spear of his own in the corner. Death falls to the mat as Doubt lifts him up and whips him towards Smiley.] [CHELSEA GRIN! The spinning heel hook is hit to perfection as Death slumps to the mat. Doubt quickly stands beside Creeping Death with his back to him. He claps his hands before leaping for a standing moonsault as his knees DRIVE into the ribs of Death. Doubt covers in the center of the ring. ONE…TWO…NO! Death powers out as Doctor D’Ville cheers on from the outside of the ring. Smiley looks frantic as he runs over to the table and sets up the table in the center of the ring. He pulls Death over to the corner. Doubt instinctively climbs the top turnbuckle as Smiley places Death on the table.] [Only Death starts fighting back. He kicks Smiley in the head before pushing Smiley back into the ropes! Doubt is crotches on the top turnbuckle, but the pain doesn’t seem to be affecting him as it would a normal man. Death grabs Smiley by the hair and BLACK MIST TO THE EYES! Death throws Smiley on the table. He jumps up to the second rope and connects with a stiff elbow to the dome of Doubt. He wraps an arm around himself before lifting up for a SUPERPLEX ONTO SMILEY THROUGH THE TABLE!] [Both men are down as Creeping Death is bellowing out in absolute anger. He pulls Doubt off of the pile and throws him to the outside. Death leaps to the top rope and springboards off for…. A MOON STOMP ONTO DOUBT! Creeping Death whips him up before lifting him up for a running spinebuster into the steel wall! He isn’t done as he does it AGAIN! AND AGAIN! Doubt slumps to the ground before Creeping Death rolls him back into the ring. Death slides in after and grabs Smiley before whipping him into the corner. Yakuza kick to Smiley!] [He pulls Smiley to the center of the ring before… BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE! Smiley hits the floor hard as Death covers him. ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Doubt breaks it up. Death is irate as his partner watches on with a pensive look on his face. Death kicks Doubt before grabbing the baseball bat. Doubt starts to get to his feet but Death strikes him hard in the gut forcing him to lean over. He raises the bat up and SMACKS it across the back of Doubt. Smiley staggers to his feet as Death backs up ready to strike again.] [Only Doc slides into the ring and takes the bat from Death! CRACK! He cracks it over the head of Smiley before going for the pin! ONE…TWO…Death pulls Doc off of Smiley! Doc’s eyes are wide as he gets to his feet with a scowl on his face. Creeping Death’s lips turn up into a crooked, demented look. BLACK MIST INTO THE EYES OF DOC! He takes a step back and… BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE! Doc is laid out as Death drags Smiley atop of the Doctor! The referee looks confused before counting him down. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [The match is over but Creeping Death is pacing back and forth pulling his mask tightly to his head. Doubt gets back to his feet staring at Death curiously. Death goes to the corner where the bat is laying and lifts it up. He runs his finger along the wood. Doubt tends to his partner as Doc lays beside him clutching at his eyes with a huge smile on his face. Death turns to see that as his vision turns to red.] [CRACK!] [The baseball bat comes down across the back of Doubt’s head! He collapses atop his partner and fellow tag team champion, Smiley. He turns to Doc as he places the end of the bat on his neck.]

“You think you can laugh at ME!? More fucking mind games?! I’m fucking sick of it. I’m sick of all this shit. I am no one’s pawn and I am NO ONE’S experiment. This ends here Doc.”

[Creeping Death lifts the baseball bat and… BRINGS IT DOWN ACROSS THE CHEST OF DOC! He raises it up and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! Smiley finally comes to and begins pleading with Creeping Death. He gets to his knees, still harbouring his head injury. Creeping Death sees this as that twisted smile returns.]

“You support HIM!? After the shit he pulled? You’re just as pathetic as him.”

[CRACK!] [The baseball bat slams against the side of Smiley’s head as he collapses. All three men are down as Creeping Death stands tall wielding his baseball bat close to his side.]

“No more games.”

[The bell sounds as the kids surrounding the ring open the bout with a “GAVIN DAVIS” chant. The Shark seems agitated by the noise and closes in quick on Davis, BUT IS MET with a hip toss that sends “The Predator” across the canvas. He’s back up quick and Davis is right there AGAIN with a hip toss. Enraged now, The Shark is up again and he’s MET WITH A RUNNING DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE FACE! The Shark GOES THROUGH THE ROPES but lands on the outside canvas. Ringside is off limits in this one and even a blood thirsty animal like The Shark knows it.] [Glaring hungrily at the children “The Predator” isn’t ready as Davis swings him around and LANDS a big fist to the face. AND another! SHOULDER BLOCK through the ropes and now Gavin is setting him up! VERTICAL SUPLEX!?! NO! Davis couldn’t get The Shark into the air. He tries again, but NO! Gavin seems to be struggling with some weakness in his legs and back AND THE SHARK makes him pay. MY GAWD HE’S CLAMPED DOWN ON DAVIS’ ARM! THE SHARK IS TRYING TO EAT GAVIN’S FLESH!! Davis goes reeling and that gives a dazzled Shark time to climb back into the ring.] [Davis tries to regroup BUT HE’S MET with a kick to the gut. And now a closed fist to the forehead of Davis. And there’s another. AND another. The Shark with a knife edge chop to his opponents throat and now he heads to the ropes. On the return, RUNNING KNEE from The Shark and he’ll make the cover. ONE… TWO… DAVIS is able to kick out. The Shark won’t stop now. He’s to his feet and he’s heading to the corner. The Shark, climbing the turnbuckles. HE’S GOING TO THE TOP!] [“THE PREDATOR” watching his prey and INTO THE AIR! “FIN-NISH HIM”! NO! NO! DAVIS MOVED! DAVIS MOVED AND THE SHARK HEADBUTTED THE CANVAS! Gavin drapes an arm over his opponent for a cover. ONE… but that’s all he gets!! Both men down. Neither man moving quickly. Working, slowly to their feet. The Shark has a step on Davis, but just a small one. The Shark to his knee and Gavin is right there with him. The Shark up! DAVIS UP! DAVIS LEAPS, but what the hell? Gavin basically just fell to the canvas. It looked like a “Smiles All Round” attempt.] [Gavin Davis honestly does not look healthy in this contest. He’s not moving well. His balance is off and the strength in his lower body isn’t up to par. What a dangerous situation to be in as “The Predator” brings Davis back to his feet. KNEE to the midsection and now The Shark sets DAVIS up for a vertical suplex. HOISTED into the air and Davis is brought CRASHING down. The Shark makes a cover. ONE… TWO… THREE!! NO!! Gavin won’t stop fighting, but it definitely looks like he has not fully recovered from his previous lower body paralysis.] [A bunch of concerned looks on the faces of the children at ringside. Their “Gavin Davis” chant long silenced as The Shark brings their hero back to his feet. From behind now with a GERMAN suplex and Gavin’s neck and head area is smashed into the canvas. The Shark won’t go for a pin here. Instead he’s headed back to the corner. He’s going back to the top. Davis isn’t going to lay there and die. He works to his feet. “The Predator” on the top rope now. Gavin to his feet. LEAPING… HURRICANRANA FROM THE SHARK!!] [That puts Davis down again and The Shark goes for the win. ONE… TWO… NO! DAVIS… AGAIN kicks out. There’s no quit in this man, but you have to wonder if he’s sacrificing too much, too soon in this one. The kids aren’t giving up on him though. They’re starting to chant. They’re starting to clap. They’re trying to get Davis back into this contest and it’s driving The Shark insane. He hates. He DETESTS it! Davis brought to his feet and sent into the ropes with an irish whip. On the return. CLOTHESLINE! NO! THE SHARK DUCKS AND DAVIS CLOTHESLINES THE OFFICIAL!] [THE REFEREE HAS BEEN KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS! Gavin Davis falls to the canvas, succumbing to his injuries and… what is… WHAT THE HELL IS THE SHARK DOING?!?! He’s forgotten all about Davis. He’s… HE’S LOOKING AT THE CHILDREN! OH MY GAWD NO!! NO! SOMEBODY HAS TO GET OUT THERE! THE SHARK IS HEADED TO THE OUTSIDE! THE SHARK IS A MONSTER! HE’S A PREDATOR! HE’S GOING TO DO SOMETHING TO THOSE KIDS!! THE KIDS SCATTER AWAY! THEY’RE RUNNING, BUT HE… HE’S TRAPPED A FEW IN THE CORNER OF THE BARRIER!! MY GAWD WHAT IN THE HELL IS HE DOING TO DO?!?!] [SOMEBODY!! SOMEWHERE! PLEASE… LOOK OUT!! HOLY HELL!! GAVIN DAVIS FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! USING THE TOP ROPE TO SPRINGBOARD HIMSELF OUT OF THE RING AND DOWN ON TOP OF THE SHARK! HE SAVED THOSE KIDS! HE SAVED THOSE KIDS BUT HE MAY HAVE BROKEN HIMSELF IN HALF DOING IT!! DAVIS IS OUT, BUT THE SHARK IS WORKING TO HIS FEET! THE FAN FAVORITE WON THE BATTLE BUT HE’S GOING TO LOSE THE WAR! “The Predator” trying to clear the cobwebs now as he lifts Davis to his feet, rolling him back into the ring. Perfect timing as the official is just now coming to.] [The Shark climbs back into the ring. He brings Gavin back to his feet and there’s an irish.. NO!!! REVERSED BY DAVIS AND IT’S THE SHARK SENT HARD INTO THE CORNER!! The Shark stumbles out and “SMILES ALL ROUND”!!! NO!!! IT HAPPENED AGAIN! AGAIN DAVIS ATTEMPTED THAT LEAPING KICK AND AGAIN HE DIDN’T HAVE THE STRENGTH TO GET HIMSELF HIGH ENOUGH INTO THE AIR!! The Shark going for the cover. NO! He’s… HE’S GOING FOR THE “ASYLUM SPECIAL”!! THIS ISN’T GOOD! IT’S LOCKED IN! DAVIS IS IN SEVERE PAIN! HE CAN’T HANDLE IT! HE… HE’S TAPPING! HE’S TAPPING! It’s over. The Shark has overcome Davis in OSW’s first ever “SCHOOL’S OUT” match.]

“Dani!” [Brent Kersh frantically calls as he runs into the darkened room.] [Danielle Kersh is bound to a folding steel chair. The fear from two weeks ago isn’t there. Apparently she is used to being kidnapped by now.]

“Dad!” [Dani responds, a look of trepidation on her face. Brent takes a moment to look around for a trap, then just shrugs and runs right in.]

“I’m coming, baby.”

[Kersh quickly begins to get the ropes off of her body. Underneath she is wearing a black dress of sorts. She quickly collapses into his arms.]

“You’re safe now, dear.” [Brent says, holding her close, his face showing his irritation at what has transpired. Anna Goodchild has went too far this time.] [With great effort, Dani pulls away from Brent. She stares into his eyes, and her breathing seems more and more labored by the moment. She is serene in contrast with the previous kidnapping.]

“I was always safe here.” [Dani calmly replies.] “She would never hurt me.”

[Brent’s eyes almost bug out of his head as he can’t believe what he’s hearing.]

“Listen kid, I don’t know what she did with you, but these people don’t play around.”

[Dani seems strangely calm with this exchange.]

“These people? She only has my best interest in mind, Dad. Why can’t you see that?”

[Brent quickly grabs her arm and shakes his head.]

“Come on, we’re getting the hell out of here. Screw Heavy Metal. Screw all of it. I’m taking you home and you’re staying there.”

[Brent pulls, but Dani does not move. It’s as if she is rooted to the ground by some strange power.]

“You can go home.” [Dani replies.] “But I’m staying here where I belong. With her.”

“With her?” [Brent replies, spit almost flying out of his mouth from anger.] “You want to hang around with a zealot? Try to burn people? Did she brainwash you, Dani?”

“No.” [Dani quickly replies.] [After a moment of reconsideration, Dani hugs her father once again.]

“You’re right, Dad. I could never follow Anna Goodchild.”

[A panting Phoebe Outlaw quickly runs into the room, startling both of the Kersh’s.]

“Dani!” [Feebz calls out.] [Brent Kersh turns around, pointing a finger at Phoebe.]

“If you hadn’t brought her here, none of this would have happened.” [He accuses. Brent’s face is red with rage. It’s all directed towards Outlaw at the moment.] [For her part, Phoebe merely shrugs. She frowns at Brent with her hands on her hips. Slowly that frown turns into a sly smirk.] [BOOM. DANI KERSH JUST LOW BLOWED BRENT KERSH!] [Brent falls to his knees before Phoebe, who is joined by Danielle. Feebz pats her on the ass, and nods towards the chair.]

“Glad I picked that easy to tear rope. Especially with you in black.”

[Danielle doesn’t respond, only stares at her father. She seems shaken by this turn of events, but there is no turning back anymore. Phoebe walks over in front of Brent.]

“I’ll see you in the cage, Brent.”

[Outlaw kicks Brent in the head, sending him over to his side. As he falls though something important happens.] [Brent Kersh does not cry. Yet as he falls to the ground a small droplet of water hits the ground beneath his right eye. It could be a bead of sweat, or even residue from the shower he took earlier.] [The only thing certain is that a low blow will never hurt the heart of Brent Kersh as much as seeing his daughter walk away from him after executing it.] [She is Daddy’s Little Girl no longer.] [Luther and Pig walk towards the entrance ramp, obviously intent on the upcoming match when the backstage takes a turn, Luther following it in confusion.]

“This is new…”

[The backstage of the Schoolyard grows cold and dark, looking nothing like it usually does. Luther and Pig walk around what seems to be a near endless maze of halls, the backstage becoming more and more convoluted as the duo walk. Luther gets more and more frustrated as he drags his hand across the right side wall. Eventually he throws his hand down and yells at the rafters.]

“You think it’s funny to toy with us? You are scared, aren’t you? I will show you fear when I get out of here! There’s no escaping Pig, and I will release him upon you without restraint!”

[Luther soon finds his wish granted, the call of a crow heard and Scarecrow appears at the end of the hallway, arms outstretched.]

“From day one you accepted my deal of bringing you pain. You will soon see it realized.”

[Crows slowly swarm around Scarecrow, but he soon finds a a March of the Pigs knocks him out of it! Scarecrow hits the wall behind him and Pig picks him up by his coat. Pig’s onslaught is only stopped by Scarecrow pointing at the end of the hall, Pig looking back to see crows swarm Luther, the man disappearing afterwards.]

“All alone, Pig? Are you scared?”

[No, no he is not. The brutal toss against a neighboring wall was definitely proof of Pig’s rage. Pig is fast to his feet and the two monsters begin brawling it out in the hallways. Both men lock up and crows surround the two, soon having both disappear from the hallway.] [The arena fills with crows and out of nowhere do the two monsters appear in the ring, Luther landing at ringside. The referee forces the men apart and calls for the bell, starting the match!] [The bell tolls as the two giants stand in the center of the ring with rage in their eyes. Pig takes a step further as his chest protrudes forward nearly touching The Hayman. Scarecrow’s head turns to the side before he hits a THE HAYMAKER! The huge haymaker hits Pig, but Pig barely budges. His teeth are bare as he headbutts Scarecrow! The Cornfield’s Creation goes to whip Pig, but The Animal isn’t budging! Pig throws a haymaker of his own but Scarecrow isn’t moving either! Pig grabs Scarecrow’s arm and tries to whip him, but it’s also to no avail!] [The two behemoths aren’t letting up a bit. Luther jumps up on the apron and throws something into the ring. Scarecrow turns his head momentarily, just enough for Pig to take advantage with a lifting spinebuster into the corner! Pig begins pummeling down on Scarecrow with vicious blows as Luther cheers on. The item, the pitchfork, lays across the mat. The referee lifts up the weapon and deposits it outside, just long enough for Luther to slide Pig a pair of brass knuckles! Pig places them on his beefy fist and smashes Scarecrow across the face with it!] [Pig gets rid of the evidence by tossing it outside where Luther picks it up. Pig raises his fist high before bringing it down across the back of Scarecrow driving him to the mat. A moment of reprieve for The Hayman as Pig wanders backwards in preparation for something sinister. Scarecrow gets to his feet slowly before… THE MARCH OF THE PIGS! The headbutt spear brutalizes Scarecrow as he’s knocked clean out of the ring! Pig goes after him but the referee pulls him back to the center. Luther, however, takes an advantage by stomping away on the prone Scarecrow.] [The fans are irate as the referee is distracted by Pig. Luther finally stops his assault as the referee comes back to see him standing over Scarecrow. The referee turns to see the pitchfork and looks at Luther, piecing things together.]


[Luther is livid as he throws his hands up at the referee. Pig exits the ring as Luther begins giving him words of encouragement before finally leaving the ringside area with a scowl on his face. Pig turns his attention to Scarecrow as he lifts the monster up and rolls him inside of the ring.] [Pig slides into the ring and THE LIGHTS GO OUT! They flicker back on showing Scarecrow with Pig in a powerbomb position. OUT AGAIN! They flicker back on to show both men laid out. Pig from THE PERCH and Scarecrow from the early onslaught. Scarecrow gets to his feet as he begins to stalk Pig but THE GREAT DESTROYER MISSES! The pop-up superkick misses narrowly as Scarecrow evades before THE LAST STRAW hits Pig right in the eyes! The Animal clutches his face as he takes a step back. Body slam to The Animal followed by a knee drop across the face!] [Scarecrow takes a few steps back as he prepares for the finish! Pig uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Scarecrow slides behind him before lifting him up for… BYE BYE BIRDIE! Pig slams onto the mat but hits it so hard that the impact carries him outside of the ring! Scarecrow quickly leaps outside and lifts up the lifeless body of Pig and slides him inside. He goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Pig gets a foot on the rope at the last second! Scarecrow looks irritated as he pulls Pig back up.] [Scarecrow lifts up Pig to the top rope as the crowd begins to murmur. He hits two solid Haymakers before lifting Pig up by his arms and twisting it into a chokeslam… SUPER BYE BYE BIRDIE! Pig slams onto the mat as Scarecrow covers him! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Jake Jeckel marches backstage with a swarm of people around him. There are at least twice as many as last week. He looks extraordinarily angry and is walking with a purpose. He walks to a door with simply “#1” stenciled on it. He bangs on the door and waits. He hammers again and finally the door opens. Marvolo immediately begins swinging a chair. Jeckel ducks and Number One nails the Juggalo behind him. He takes out another, all the while screaming.]

“Where is she!? Tell Marvolo! Where is s…..”

[JuggaBlow! Jeckel drops Marvolo with a low blow from behind. He starts stomping him on the ground and his security forces join in. He yells.]


[Two of the security pull Marvolo to his feet. He’s beaten, bloody, and bruised, but still conscious. He speaks, spitting blood as he does.]

“Where’s Raquel?”

[Jeckel punches him in the mouth, and Marvolo’s knees give out. He’s still held up by security. Jeckel grabs him by the face and forces him to look at the Juggalo.]

“Listen up good, asshole! No one gives Jake Jeckel an ultimatum! I decide what happens, and when it happens! You got that!?”

[He waits. Marvolo stares at him for a moment…. then spits bloody phlegm into Jake’s face. Jeckel looks shocked. He wipes it off. ]

“Bring her. I want her to see this.”

[Two men pull Raquel through the crowd. She tries to get to Marvolo, but they hold her back. Marvolo, the same. ]

“I’m done with this bitch any way. She’s boring as hell and can’t even talk.”

[With that he grabs Marvolo and… THE HATCHET ON THE CONCRETE! Raquel screams! Marvolo is out cold. They throw Raquel onto him. She tries to shield him.]

“See you in the cage, asshole!”

[They walk away, leaving Raquel to tend to her man. ]


[As Raquel checks on Marvolo, the camera rises to the show the same figure from multiple segments tonight, sat upon the rafters, watching the action below.] [Who is this guy?] [Backstage, Bobby Neptune heads down a hallway looking around, searching for Danielle Kersh.]

“Anna, come out come out wherever you are!” [Neptune sings before snorting.] “Hell, if you came out you’d probably have a better temperament.”

[Almost as if on cue, Anna Goodchild leaps into the frame going to hit Neptune, but Bobby quickly pushes her back against the wall.]

“You’re a sick freak, you know that?” [Bobby asks the sneering Anna.] “People like you make the whole planet look bad.”

“DEMON!” [Anna yells as she spits directly into Bobby’s face. He drops her out of utter shock.] [Goodchild quickly mounts an attack on Bobby, shoving his head into the concrete hallway. She stands over his dazed body, sneering down at him.]

“I tried to cleanse you.” [She states, turning almost melancholy.] “But you have resisted the light. The Lord will deal with you in his own way. I have been chosen to…”

[Neptune cuts her off by charging her, lifting her up and into the wall. He throws her down to the ground and places his knee over her throat.]

“Cleanse me?” [Neptune states, looking shocked.] “Listen sweetheart, I shower twice daily. And if you mean in some spiritual sense, then I’ve bathed in the seas of Europa, and that did a hell of a lot more for me than another one of your spit baths.”

[Anna manages to slip away, slinking to the other side of the hallway. The two of them stare at each other for a moment.]

“See Anna, the two of us can beat the hell out of each other in just a little bit. And it’s actually going to mean something for our careers.” [Neptune continues.] “You want to convert me, then show up to Showcase next week with some overhead slides or a light show or something fancy. If you want to offer some kind of reasoned argument for your point of view, I’ll listen.”

[Anna seems shocked that he even offered this.]

“The Lord does work in mysterious ways, Bobby Neptune.” [Goodchild says as a smile forms.] “Just as the prophets of old, I will prove your false idols to be just that. If I don’t destroy you tonight, that is.”

“Yeah, yeah.” [Neptune responds, the adrenaline fading and his memory picking up.] “I do have a question for you though.”

[She raises an eyebrow.]

“Where’s Dani?” [Neptune asks, suddenly charged again.] [Anna Goodchild merely smiles in return.]

“The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

[With that she rounds the corner. Bobby gives chase, but she is gone.]

“I have got to figure out how people do that around here.” [Bobby mutters as he hits the wall in frustration.] [Wherever Danielle Kersh is being held, Bobby Neptune will not be her savior today.] [Pedro El Salvador stands at the head of the table, so to speak. Nox Bellator stands in the ring, waiting on his opponent, the yin to his yang. Lux and Nox have waged war, with Lux even pretending to rejoin his father to get closer to Nox. Lux has done everything he can to try to strip Nox Bellator of his mask. Whatever lies beneath, however, is destined to remain hidden as Nox has avoided showing his true face. Tonight, one of these men will show their face to the world. Who will it be?] [Like an animal, Nox springs forward from the ring once Lux appears in the aisle. It erupts into a brawl on the floor, but Nox gouges the eyes of his nemesis to take over. He pummels Lux to the ringside area, and the two decorated fliers devolve into CLAWING AND SCRATCHING on the floor! The fans at ringside are in awe of the intensity on display between these two beasts as they fight for any scrap of an advantage. Beneath his mask, Lux bleeds through a rip caused by Nox BITING THROUGH TO HIS FOREHEAD!] [The official is trying to bring order, but Nox sidesteps him to continuously attack the bloody hole in Lux Bellator’s head. He mounts Lux to rain down shots, but the Light Warrior manages to slip out. This isn’t his first rodeo, after all, and he charges in with a leaping strike. The two men seem suspended in midair before Nox sends the Light Warrior INTO THE STEEL STAIRS to get an advantage as officials flood ringside to try to restore order. Nox sends Lux into the stairs again and goes for a body block but Lux avoids.] [Lux groggily rolls into the ring as the official finally is able to signal for the bell. Nox is right behind, but the former Champion quickly throws the Dark Warrior into the corner, and begins to stomp a mud hole. Lux is beginning to let his own aggression out on his foe. Nox tries to retreat from the onslaught so Lux helps him out with his boot, kicking the dark-clad fighter to the outside of the ring. Lux follows, but Nox was waiting, throwing him in to the stairs again. This time, Nox drags Lux into the ring with him.] [Nox has a gigantic grin on his face as he licks the blood of Lux Bellator off his battered knuckle. At ringside, El Salvador barely controls a grimace. He knew what he unleashed in this man, though. It was what had to happen. Nox does a slow circle before turning back to Lux, AND GETS NAILED IN THE FACE BY A DROPKICK! This backs Nox into the ropes and Lux goes to clothesline him over the top, but NOX GETS HIS HEAD STUCK BETWEEN THE ROPES! The Dark Warrior dangles, the hint of a grin on his face as Lux slowly approaches him.] [With a smile on his face and a look to Pedro El Salvador, Lux grabs the mask of Nox Bellator and pulls it off. The crowd gasps as HE HAS ON ANOTHER MASK BENEATH! Lux shakes his head and nails a vicious elbow to the head of Nox, releasing him from the ropes and sending him to the floor. Nox gasps for air as Lux drops to the floor, showing no mercy on his doppelganger. The Light Warrior throws Nox into the announce table, and slaps him square across the jaw. Nox laughs in his face and asks for another, so Lux levels him, sending both men over the table into the announcer’s laps.] [In the mess of cables, the two Warriors jockey for position. Using everything around him to his advantage, Nox comes up with the power play, wrapping a power cable around the neck of Lux. He wrenches back as hard as he can until Lux stops fighting him. A grin on his face tells the tale as Nox looks over and offers a blood thirsty nod to Pedro El Salvador, who retains his holy composure in the state of the affairs taking place before him. Nox picks up the broken Lux while the official counts them out. Nox spits in the direction of the ref before carrying the limp body of Lux Bellator to the ring.] [Once Nox joins his nemesis, he drops down to punch him twice in the already bleeding wound that has stained the Lux Bellator uniform red. From outside the ring, El Salvador commands with great power for Nox to finish it. The Dark Warrior stands to his feet and makes the prayer motion with his hands. He picks up Lux, and motions towards the corner nearest to Father Pedro. Nox lifts Lux up into the crucifix position and screams out as he charges for the corner. DISCIPLE BREAK… NO LUX SLIPPED OUT… HE PICKS UP NOX… CATHOLIC CROSS!!! Lux can barely see as he falls on top of Nox. ONE… TWO… THREE!! THE LIGHT HAS WASHED AWAY THE DARKNESS! IT’S TIME TO SEE WHO NOX BELLATOR REALLY IS!] [Lux Bellator has never felt such exhaustion in his entire life.] [He rolls off of Nox and turns to face him, getting a second wind almost immediately. It’s time and he knows it.] [He reaches down and grabs the mask of Nox, ripping at it, tearing it, pulling it from the base of his head. There’s desperation in his eyes – knowledge the likes of that he’s never known beneath this façade.] [Finally the mask is off. The mystery has been solved.] [And Lux Bellator, he falls backwards in absolute shock. His eyes widen, his heart pounds inside his chest. “It cannot be” he mumbles, “it cannot be!”] [But it is.] [Solomon.] [Lux scoots back across the canvas on his behind, terror in his eyes. He never thought for one second that El Salvador would stoop this low again. Solomon rises from the canvas like a phoenix from the ashes, his somewhat haggard face more on display now than it has ever been.] [The Light Warrior doesn’t know how to react. His tormenter, his abuser, his nemesis was an old foe dressed like him all along.] [Solomon though, he pounces and with one swift strike, drives his foot into the jaw of Bellator. Salvador gleefully enters the ring alongside his counterpart, raising his arm as the fans display their displeasure loudly and in unison.] [The scene comes to an end with this war hardly near a conclusion. Solomon stands tall, his broken mask in his hand, his arm raised by Father Pedro El Salvador and Lux Bellator, he’s lying unconscious, dreaming of a day when he knew the world as it was.] [The bell rings as both men rush forward, a flurry of rights and lefts as Jack gets the advantage with a hard knee to the gut, trying to throw Bruce into the barbed wire but Bruce manages to reverse at the last moment, rushing forward with a huge Lariat that turns RRJ inside out. Jack gets up to his feet as Bruce leaps up, landing a dropkick to the face that staggers Jack. Bruce lands a second one as Jack staggers back a few more steps, just grazing the barbed wire. Bruce goes for a third but Jack ducks it, spinning Bruce around, SPARTAN KICK!] [Bruce hits the barbed wire back first, screaming out in pain as he drops to his knees. A sadistic smile comes over Jack, as he grabs Bruce by the back of the head, pulling him to his feet before throwing him into the wire, racking his forehead over the barbs as blood begins dripping down Bruce’s forehead. Jack lets go of the wire for a moment, grabbing it again as he tries to wrap it around the throat of Bruce but Bruce lashes forward, delivering a stiff low blow doubling Jack over] [RRJ gets drilled into the mat with a hard DDT before dropping down immediately, trying to lock in the Van Chaninator early but Jack easily kicks him away, delivering a hard right that staggers Bruce as RRJ gets to his feet quickly, grabbing Bruce from behind and tossing him halfway across the ring with a huge German Suplex, Bruce landing hard on the back of his neck. Jack backs up, sizing Bruce up before nearly taking his head off with a massive running roundhouse. Bruce slumps down as Jack hooks the leg for the cover.] [ONE…TWO…Bruce gets the shoulder up as Jack catches the arm, trapping it over Bruce’s throat as he wraps the other one around, locking in a strangle-hold. Bruce struggles to get to his feet as Jack pulls back with all his strength as Bruce fights to his feet, landing a savage elbow to the ribs that breaks the hold for a moment but Jack dodges the second, transitioning into an abdominal stretch before flipping Bruce over onto one knee and delivering the Number Ten Flatliner. Jack barely lets Bruce hit the canvas before he lifts him up, delivering a sadistic elbow to the spine before throwing him across the ring again with a Back Suplex right into the barbed wire] [Bruce gets to his feet slowly, entangled in the wire but as he tries to free himself, Jack grabs him from behind, bending him over as he begins raining down clubbing forearms, driving the barbs into the chest of Bruce. A final savage one drops Bruce to the canvas a bloody mess as Jack pulls the limp Van Chan to his feet, double underhooking him and lifting him up high before Bruce is drilled into the canvas with a piledriver. Bruce is limp on the canvas as Jack drops to his knees, falling back in a lackluster cover] [ONE…TWO…Bruce gets the shoulder up! Jack shakes his head, hooking the leg as he tries for another cover. ONE…TW…Bruce powers out as Jack looks almost shocked at Bruce’s resilience as he goes to pull Bruce to his feet but gets a swinging hook to the jaw for his troubles. Jack staggers back, turning back into a leaping Thesz Press by Van Chan who explodes with a flurry of lefts and rights before getting to his feet, firing himself up to thundering applause from the crowd. Jack gets up to his feet, staggered as Bruce grabs him by the back of the head before tossing him into the barbed wire] [Jack screams in pain as he peels himself away from the wire, walking right into a kick to the gut, before Bruce turns him around NAP TIME! Jack is drilled into the mat as Bruce points to the top rope, the crowd cheering Van Chan on as Bruce slowly climbs up top, but before he can deliver the 450, Jack leaps forward, crotching Bruce on the top turnbuckle. RRJ slowly climbs up top, the barbed wire sagging under his weight but as he tries to set Bruce up for something, he’s given a headbutt for his troubles as Bruce leaps over Jack, taking him down to the mat with a sunset flip] [ONE…TW…Jack kicks out and stands up right into a massive roundhouse to the side of the head. Jack slumps down to the mat as Bruce drops down with him, locking in the Van Chaninator. The crowd roars as Bruce pulls back with all his might, Jack screaming in pain but refusing to tap out. RRJ is close to the ropes but there’s no rope breaks in this match as he’s close to tapping from the pain before he swings backwards, leveraging Bruce’s shoulders onto the mat. ONE…TWO…Bruce kicks out as he’s forced to break the hold as well] [Both men get to their feet, exchanging lefts and rights before Bruce leaps up, clipping the side of Jack’s head with a stiff enziguri. Bruce puts Jack’s head under his left arm, but Jack manages to slip out of the NILYDTS, kicking Bruce in the gut, SEEIN’ RED! Bruce gets drilled out of nowhere and this should be it as the crowd boos heavily at the idea of Jack winning. Jack drops to his knees, hooking the leg as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THRE…BRUCE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Jack can’t believe it as he pulls the limp Bruce up to his feet, trying for a second one but Bruce slips out, DDT! Jack is down and out as Bruce goes for the cover but looks at the barbed wire and gets a different idea. Bruce grabs a loose piece of wire, wrapping it around his fist before he locks in the Van Chaninator assisted by Barbed Wire! In tremendous pain, RRJ refuses to tap out but he quickly loses consciousness, passing out from the hold as the referee calls for the bell] [The screen goes black and white.] [All night long in the shadows, we’ve seen a man watching. Tonight, when we finally see him in all his glory, he’s stood inside the cabin of The Scarecrow.] [All around him are trophies of victims The Hayman has taken.]

“They say that he’s a monster, a creature of the night. In the big city, he’s the unstoppable force and immovable object all rolled into one. He hasn’t succumbed to the evil of Las Vegas, he is the evil of Las Vegas.”

[The man touches some of the trinkets, his pure disgust radiating from him.]

“My name is The Silver Shroud and tonight, I have been searching. I have been lurking in the shadows, watching. Do you know what I’ve been looking for? I’ve been looking for the evil lurking in Old School Wrestling and I have found it.”

[He grimaces, touching the tip of his hat.]

“People laud The Scarecrow, either out of fear or misguided ignorance. They either think he’s different or they don’t know the truth. He’s still hurting people. He’s still taking innocent victims and destroying their lives.”

[This clearly chaps his ass.]

“But that’ll end soon, along with The Scarecrow. Because justice never sleeps.”

[The screen fades to black.] [Ten competitors, ten fighters, ten warriors surrounded by heavy metal.] [The bell hardly has a chance to sound before these ten athletes storm each other in the middle of the ring – well, all except Nigel Royal who immediately ducks through the ropes to the outside with Max Million in hot pursuit. As right and left hands are traded inside the middle of the ring, Nigel Royal scrambles up the cell with only one thing on his mind; escape.] [Max quickly leaps up onto the cage with him, following him up to the top as the fans cheer him on. They want to see nothing more than Max Million getting his hands on Nigel Royal here tonight. They both make it to the top, swinging their legs over, Max grabbing Royal and delivering a huge right hand that has the Bloodline swaying.] [Only here comes security! Large men start climbing the cage from the outside, reaching Max Million and distracting him whilst Nigel swings his other leg over and quickly escapes! He climbs down and begins running towards the entrance ramp, just as Million knocks one guard FLYING TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!]


[The fans explode as Max swings his leg over and climbs down the cage, making a b-line towards the entrance ramp and Nigel Royal – only here comes Security again! A full force of security personnel blocks the entrance ramp as Royal stands behind them, screaming orders. “He doesn’t have an appointment! He doesn’t have an appointment!” Nigel yells as Million bounces off the guards.] [Both guys have escaped the cage and this match, making it a four on four.] [Meanwhile back in the ring and tensions have risen. Bobby Neptune is being man-handled by Anna Goodchild, who throws him into the barricade and starts stomping a mud-hole in him. Brent Kersh doesn’t like that and quickly heads to the outside, grabbing Anna and dragging him away. Only from behind is Phoebe Outlaw with a steel chair! She delivers the shot to the back of Brent’s head, saving her partner here tonight. Phoebe backs up and CHAIRSHOT TO ANNA GOODCHILD FOR GOOD MEASURE AS WELL! IT LOOKS LIKE SHE DOESN’T FORGIVE AND FORGET!] [Outlaw could head to work on climbing the cell but instead, she’s going after Neptune, strangling him on the concrete floor. Elsewhere inside the ring, Alex Reese is being similarly strangled in the corner by Hysteria. He drags him out and into a huge Side Walk Slam, driving him into the canvas. The utterly despicable Hysteria gets back to his feet and barely dodges and incoming knee by Marvolo, who turns around to be Overhead Suplexed into the canvas.] [‘The Lost One’ has taken control now. Elsewhere, Jake Jeckel has grabbed a table and set it up on the outside. Marvolo rolls there, walking straight into The Juggalo – only he grabs him close and WHITE TIGER DRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE! OUT OF NO-WHERE!! Both men lie in the carnage as Brent Kersh stumbles back into the ring. Kersh ducks under a clothesline attempt by Hysteria and hits the ropes, returning with a Big Shoulder Block.] [Immediately after, Anna Goodchild slides into the ring with a steel chair, swinging for Kersh who ducks, sending her straight into a getting up Hysteria instead! Kersh spins her, scooping her up and SOUTHERN- NO!! ANNA DROPS DOWN! Reese comes in from behind and turns her, ROLLING CUTTER!! HEAD SPINNER! REESE DROPS HER! The Motivational One gets back to his feet but Phoebe Outlaw is there… NORTHERN LIGHTS! BOOM!! She rolls back to her feet and comes face to face with Brent Kersh!] [Both of them step to each other, their eyes locked and then it explodes! They start trading right and left hands, Phoebe driving her knee into his gut to break it up. She hits the ropes and comes back, sliding under him with a baseball slide. Phoebe pops up and Kersh turns around… DDT!! Outlaw turns to exit the ring but BOBBY NEPTUNE IS THERE WITH A STEEL CHAIR!! Neptune sends her flailing back to the canvas in a heap. He quickly storms across the ring, leaping up the middle turnbuckle, onto the top and straight into the cage!!] [Bobby is almost home and dry after that athleticism. Only Hysteria has other ideas! He climbs the top rope and leaps across to meet Bobby on the cage. The pair of them trade punches, Bobby grabbing him by the head and pushing his leg inside… RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP FROM THE CAGE TO THE FUCKING RING APRON! OH MY FUCKING GOD! HOLY SHIT! BOTH MEN JUST BOUNCED BACKS FIRST OFF THE RING APRON AND THEY MAY VERY WELL BE BROKEN IN HALF!!]


[The fans are on their feet only to see Marvolo climbing the cage on the opposite side to the drama. Marvolo reaches the top as Jake Jeckel stirs from within the table wreckage. He gets to the top and… and wait a minute, he turns to face Jake. DIVING SPLASH… DIVING SPLASH FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE TO JAKE FUCKING JECKEL! HE LANDED STAIGHT ONTOP OF THE JUGGALO! MARVOLO JUST FUCKING SACRIFICED HIMSELF!] [Only across the structure, Anna Goodchild escapes! She hits the floor with a thud, having taken a moment to somehow get out of his hellacious match. Brent Kersh storms over, face to face with Goodchild who now stands outside the structure. He starts climbing to cheers from the crowd, getting to the top but there’s Phoebe Outlaw! Outlaw has somehow gotten back to her feet and ran towards the top rope, climbing and leaping onto the cage. That’s some leap!] [Both her and Kersh make it to the top, trading right and left hands once they get there. These guys have gotten to fever pitch with this feud. Kersh grabs her, she grabs him and THEY FALL! OH MY FUCKING GOD! STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING ANNOUNCE TABLE!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! BRENT KERSH AND PHOEBE OUTLAW JUST FLEW THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE AND NOW LAY DAMN NEAR BROKEN IN HALF ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!] [It’s three versus two at the moment and Hysteria and Neptune are still out of commission on the outside. Reese is back to his feet and an escape beckons, only he refuses! He storms around the ring to where Hysteria lays and starts pummelling him with left and right hands. The fans roar, but just across the ring, Marvolo and Jake Jeckel are each climbing the cage. They both look worse for wear as they reach the top, swing their legs over and start climbing down. They know it’s a race to the finish so that either of them can come out on top.] [Only Raquel is there! Marvolo’s number one girl is having none of it and has a steel chair in her possession. If Jake wants to escape, he’s going to get a chair shot to the face – there’s no two ways about it. Marvolo drops down to the outside, escaping first and quickly backing up Jeckel as THE JUGGALO LEAPS FROM THE CAGE, CROSSBODY TO MARVOLO AND RAQUEL!! THAT SON OF A BITCH WAS ESCAPING ONE WAY OR A FUCKING ‘NOTHER AND THERE’S NOTHING THEY COULD DO ABOUT IT!!] [Left in the ring now is Alex Reese, Bobby Neptune and Hysteria. Neptune slowly gets back to his feet as Reese runs Hysteria into the steel steps. He looks at his partner and tells him to go, shouting at him, “Get out of here, I’ve got this!”. Bobby reluctantly starts his climb, turning around every few moments to check on Reese and Hysteria. Just then, the unthinkable happens and Hysteria spews some kind of white mist into the face of his once best friend. Alex stumbles and falls backwards, unable to see a damn thing.] [Hysteria quickly starts heading up the cage, knowing that if he escapes, his team has won this thing. Bobby gets to the top, looking across, and starts RUNNING THE CAGE LIKE A TIGHTROPE!! He runs across it, getting to the corner and holding onto the camera for dear life as Hysteria slowly reaches the top. THEN HE GOES AGAIN! BOBBY NEPTUNE RUNS LIKE A CAT ACROSS THE TOP OF THE FUCKING CAGE AND DROPKICK TO THE FACE! DROPKICK TO THE FACE OF HYSTERIA!! BOTH MEN TUMBLE! BOTH MEN TUMBLE!! NEPTUNE FALLS FIFTEEN FEET TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR BELOW, HAVING SACRIFICED HIMSELF IN HIS OWN EXIT FROM THIS MATCH WHILST HYSTERIA FALLS BACK INTO THE RING, LANDING ON THE CANVAS IN A DAMN NEARED CRIPPLED HEAP!] [Alex Reese finally manages to compose himself, heading up onto the cell. Carefully he climbs up, swinging his legs over and ensuring that he drops to the bottom! The bell sounds and the fans go ballistic, Alex Reese, Marvolo, Brent Kersh, Max Million and Bobby Neptune picking up the win inside Heavy Metal Mayhem!] [After that absolutely incredible match, Alex Reese isn’t done, not by a long shot. He immediately heads towards the cage door as the referee unlocks it, removing the padlock. Reese bursts in and storms over to Hysteria, pulling him out of the ring with authority.] [The fans aren’t sure what to make of it as Alex slams him face first against the steel and reaches down into his tights, pulling out a pair of handcuffs.] [That’s right, handcuffs.] [The camera closes in and Alex leans around and screams into the ear of his former best friend.]

“LH Harrison, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before and during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, the shittiest public defender you’ve ever seen in your life will be provided for you.”

[What the hell is going on?]

“You can’t arrest me!” [Hysteria mumbles, his mask meshed into the steel.] “You’re just an informant!”

[Alex grins.] “My name is Alex Reese, Special Agent Alex Reese and I’m part of an undercover sting operation looking into the death of your wife and children.”

[Hysteria says nothing in absolute shock.]

“And you’re under arrest.”

[Alex pulls him away from the cage and drags him out of it as the crowd go wild at this astonishing development. Alex Reese was an officer of the law this entire time? He was undercover? There’s just so much to understand.] [Heavy Metal goes off the air with Reese frogmarching Hysteria up the entrance ramp, arresting him here tonight!]