El Trébol Jr

OSW Superstar

Wrestler Overview

El Trébol Jr


Boston, MA


120 lbs

Wrestling Style


Dropkick Murphys

"Shipping up to Boston"

8 - 1 - 0

1× Double Feature Championship [Current]

3x Top 5 Roleplays

Special Moves

¡Mis Joyas! (My Jewels!)
A Running Headbutt to the Opponent's Groin

Cuelga Vid (Hanging Vine)
A hanging triangle choke to a standing opponent

Boca Llena (Mouthful)
Opponent is seated in corner, Trébol shoots the ropes closest to opponent and comes back with a dropkick to opponent's jaw on rebound

Common Moves

Various Kicks aiming at the knee and shins

Shining Wizard

Various Arm Drags (Japanese, Tilt-a-whirl)

Various Hurricanranas (Normal, Reverse, Driver)

Various DDTs (Normal, Spike, Double-Arm)

One-handed Bulldog

Fujiwara Armbar

Monkey Flip

Various Senton (Running, Standing, Top-Rope, Cannonball)

Mushroom Stomp from Top Rope

Al Ver Verde (Seeing Green)

Top Rope Moonsault, landing on the shoulders of the standing opponent, that transitions into a Reverse Frankensteiner