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I Want It All

I Want It All

“I want it all,
I want it all,
I want it all,
and I want it now.”

The lights shine and the chord is struck. The crowd go fucking wild. A man, nay, a legend stands in the center of the stage holding a guitar.

Illuminated by but a single spotlight.

And the energy is electric.

He needs no introduction. No hype man. No backing track and no back up dancers. For he is raw sweat and sexuality in leather pants. When he plays, his talent is undeniable. Panties drop, cherries pop and it never stops.

For he is a rockstar, he is a legend. His music will live on through him long after he is gone through countless numbers who sing his songs.

Word for word, note for note. They love him.

Because he is the epitome of rock and roll.

“Adventure seeker on an empty street
Just an alley creeper, light on his feet
A young fighter screaming, with no time for doubt
With the pain and anger can’t see a way out.”

I’ve lived that life since I was a young boy. It’s a life in the fast lane, that most are not cut out for. The drugs are hard and the ladies easy.

But it’s more than just bitches and music.

It’s life.

It’s my life.

And you fucking rappers threaten to take it all away.

You little fucking adventure seekers think that you can come in with your computer-generated beats, spitting fire and calling yourself cute lil’ Juggalo Boogeyman names?

These days, any kid with an ipad can make himself into a so-called rapper. The streets of talent are empty, devoid of any true musicality when the instruments you play are fake. Talentless little weasels that think they’re the next big thing.

But they’re nothing, they’re not even musicians.

They’re fucking rappers. Alley creepers, little pricks that just want their ten minutes of fame.

Any kid can pretend to be a star, but none fuck harder than Zander fucking Zane.

“It ain’t much I’m asking, I heard him say
Gotta find me a future move out of my way.”

You’ve been searching for your future ever since the shit hit the fan with your hopeless family, haven’t you Jack. You may be the only Jeckel left standing, but that simply makes you the best in a world of complete fuck-ups.

I’m the last line of defense against your world Jack. A world where facepainted, talentless sacks of shit mumble rap their way to mediocrity. Rapppers like you cannot hold a candle to what I am.

For I am rock.

The one standing in the middle of the chaos with my finger raised to the man, not using my music to inflate my own ego and make up for my tiny little penis.

I am a living legend, all you are is a talentless wannabe living in your brother’s shadow.

Move over, Juggalo child, take your hopeless ass back down 8-Mile road and fuck off.

Because Rock is here to stay.




Welcome to the fucking Zander Zone.

Zander Zane