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Your Number

Your Number

There once lived a young man who lived in a matrix.

Very famous and decorated within his discipline, he initially triumphed in his life journey.

But as he fought against the man who held him down, hacking the broken system which he created, he fell victim to a number of hardships.

First, his lover cheated on him and left him for the very man he dedicated his life to fight against.

Second, his collectors came to collect the debt he had accumulated, taking his strength as well as his weapons, and leaving him nearly beaten to death.

And third, he was imprisoned at the end of his uprising.

His path to redemption was halted, and now he sits in his cell searching for purpose and pondering whether to take the blue or red pill.

Just waiting for his number to be called to salvation.

Thankfully for us all, God’s got our numbers.

You see, God is calling all the time, and is just waiting for us to answer.

That young man simply isn’t hearing the call because his phone’s ringer is muffled by a number of distractions.

The hacking distracted him from the realization that his sins have led him to a life on the run.

The fiery vixen distracted him from a master manipulator pulling the wool over his eyes.

And all the success and the glory he has achieved under the spotlight distracted him from the path to the one light that offers salvation.

God has a plan for us all, and all that the young man needs to do is answer that call to bring it to fruition.

In OSW’s matrix of ones and zeros, it sure is difficult to find your number, Zero.

In my eyes you’ve been the number one wrestler of Old School Wrestling since the first day I stepped foot into the Slaughterhouse.

You held the VHS Championship for 317 days, outrunning us all to defend it 23 times and becoming the face of that title.

Alongside your ex-flame you held the Tag Team Championships for 336 days, defending them 9 times.

You even got your bionic hand on the holy grail, holding OSW World Championship for 57 days with 1 title defense.

Those impressive numbers are a reminder to anyone that, despite your number of recent hardships, if they want to be somebody around here then they have to go through you first.

But I’m here to remind you that I had you you dead to rights at Outrun last year, and if it weren’t for Phineas Moody that VHS title would have been mine.

On top of that, it was my former brother and I who took the Tag Team Championships off your former fiancée’s and your sinful waists.

See, I’ve got your number, Xavier, and I’ve been waiting all this time to call it.

The only thing holding you back are the distractions inside that visor of yours, but my plan for you will grant you the clarity you need.

Zero, it’s time for you serve Yahweh and fulfill your true purpose.

Don’t choose blue or red; just answer my call.

Deus vult.