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You Can Choose: Your Family

You Can Choose: Your Family

It’s funny what a year can bring. When the bells first chimed in the new year, I thought I’d lost everything. My parents, my home, everything bar my eternal hope. That is until Doom kidnapped a hapless hero and some naive kid rushed in to try and save him. I didn’t know it at the time but that stupid risk gave me back my father.

Since then, dad and I have been rocky to say the least. He thought I was an arrogant child who didn’t know better, I thought he was just another adult who was too terrified to do the right thing. There were times I wanted to learn everything he knew, there were times I wanted to strangle him for holding me back. But in the end, he’s still my father and I..we need eachother. We might get along like oil and water but when it matters, we’ll always be there for one another.

But it wasn’t always like that. I believed he was just standing in my way, a tired old man who was too broken to do what was right and then when I found out at Ring of Dreams he had been lying this entire time, all I felt was rage and betrayal. Stewing inside a cell with nothing but torture and ramblings of a psychotic asshole to keep me company.

And then you started visiting Felix. Secretly not to annoy your best buddy but you kept me company. Kept me sane and slowly I started to realize how alike we were. The good heart we shared, how we both wanted to change Arcadia for the better and how we both needed validation from someone we never thought we’d get it from.

My father’s a stubborn, pedantic, out of touch fool who’s also the greatest hero I’ve ever known and when push came to shove, he risked everything for the chance to save me. Something that I know Doom would never truly do. And Frostbite was meant to prove it, a false murder attempt to show you Doom never cared but his little heroic save has you fooled yet again.

Yes, there’s a small part of Doom that does care for you Felix but that’s the final fragment of the good man that died in that pool to give birth to the monster that remains. You had enough good in your soul to overcome Scissors, but Doom….the tiny voice that loves you is drowned out by the cacophony that despises you and always will.

Sometimes people we love can poison us, can drag us down into the abyss and the only way to survive is to let them go. Because while I know my father would go through the darkest pits of Tartarus to save me, one day Doom will send you there screaming and not feel a thing.

At Red Snow Felix, you need to do the right thing. Not just for Arcadia but for yourself. Even though it hurts, even though it kills, you need to walk away and let us end the monster that has overcome your best friend.

Because if you stand in the way of Burning Justice,

We won’t hesitate to run right through you as well. 

Destructo Boy