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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

“There was once a hungry wolf, stood before a flock of sheep, licking his lips.”

“But he found great difficulty in getting at them, owing to the vigilance of the shepherd and his dogs.”

“One day, the wolf found the skin of a sheep that had been tossed aside and decided to wear it. He pulled that skin over his head and strolled in among the sheep.”

“The sheep that belonged to the shepherd would follow the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. It looked like one of them, it smelt like one of them – they believed the wolf to be one of them.”

“Having led the sheep apart, the Wolf made a meal of it and for some time he succeeded in deceiving the sheep, enjoying his fill of hearty meat.”

“Do you know how long I’ve yearned to be among the sheep?”

“I once stood before them, licking my lips, eager to participate in their meandering lives – desperate to taste their delicious meaty beings.”

“And the shepherds of Arcadia like Zeus and his dogs of war always kept me at bay.”

“Until one day, I found the skin of a sheep that had been tossed aside. He had been discarded and left to decay. He was broken by the world of Arcadia and was left behind like a lost little lamb. His mind was fractured, and his soul was weighty and worn. But his skin? It was beautiful.”

“It was not only my way past the shepherds, but among the lambs.”

“It didn’t take much convincing to let me pull that skin on and now I’m here, a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.”

“You little lambs have no idea what’s coming at Dead Men Walking do you? You meander about your meaningless limited existences, waiting for your time to be led to slaughter.”

“And then there’s me, a wolf among you, ready to feast on your delectable little souls.”

“Because you see, Amataga Tuga is but a skin suit.”

“He’s the sheep’s clothing I’m wearing.”

And I’m the Demon within.

“I look like a sheep.”

“I talk like a sheep.”

“I smell like a sheep.”

But I’m not a sheep.”

“In wearing Amataga Tuga, I’m finally able to walk among the you. I was walking among you when I broke Butch like a toy and devoured his soul.”

“I’ll be walking among you again at Dead Men Walking and when I do, it’s like Red Hood has rung the dinner bell and you’ll be the lambs to my slaughter.”

“It’s time to feast like the wolf in sheep’s clothing that I am. Whilst you look at me and see the man that I’m wearing, you have no idea that behind his eyes are the black void of death, lurking among the lambs, ready to take their souls.”

When you summon the demon…

You get the horns.