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While a wolf has countless positive traits devoted to it, there is one that is universally shared.

It’s not the physical traits that the world sees.

No, the universal truth of a wolf is the excruciating hunger they continually experience.

Due to this, they will do anything to satiate their desire.

The most common is dressing like a sheep to blend in with the masses or at the very least, a new flock.

Often, it works, a total blindside for all the victims involved.

Here’s one story.

A wolf pretends to be a sheep sick and lost in the woods.

A farmer’s wife finds it when taking her daily walk.

Through kindness, they nurse it back to health before they put it in with their sheep.

In the middle of the night, he sneaks through the house and uses their newborn child as an appetizer and has his main course when they confront him about it.

Luckily, not all wolf stories end that way, some have endings that surprise someone even as jaded as me.

Here’s one to give the world hope.

To change his luck in the world, a wolf once decided to change his nature by changing his appearance, and thus get plenty to eat.

He put on a sheepskin and accompanied the flock to the pasture.

The shepherd was fooled by the disguise and didn’t bat an eye.

When night fell, the shepherd put the wolf in the fold with the rest of the sheep and as the fence was placed across the entrance, the sheepfold was securely closed off.

In this moment, the wolf’s eyes grew wide and its mouth watered with the delectable dream of a desire soon to be fulfilled.

However, the wolf wasn’t the only one hungry that night.

The shepherd needed a sheep for his family’s dinner that night so he took his knife, found the one that looked like it could provide the most, and killed the wolf.

He punctured its heart with ease, cut it open and began to remove its insides.

All the parts that made him the wolf he knew he was were gone and all that was left was his outward appearance.

To the world, he was no wolf to be feared but a sheep to be eaten and discarded.

Now, Damien Wolfe, like every so-called alpha male I know, you envision yourself as the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

You wear it like a badge of honor, someone who can blend in the masses and pounce when necessary but out of those two examples, which one are you?

We both know you’re not the one terrorizing families, you can’t run away all the time to be that one.

No, you put on the wrong wool and became another one of Foley’s puppets.

He found you and started playing with you the moment he could.

We both know he already ripped out every real part of a wolf that’s inside of you.

All that’s left is your name.

The only difference between Foley and the farmer is that Foley didn’t stab your heart to begin his operation.

He started by cutting off your balls.

Narcissa Balenciaga