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What Are You Hiding?

What Are You Hiding?

So what exactly do an Automaton, a Designer, and a Mummy have in common? The answer, dear Arcadian, may surprise you!

What happens when a normal man tries to take up the mantle of hero and fails miserably? He finds himself trapped by the villains he swore to fight off…and he loses his family and nearly his life for the sake of his reputation.

And what does this so-called hero do when he escapes? He hides. Sure, he will say it’s to heal…but ol’ Colt knows the truth when he sees it. What better way to hide the scars of your failures?

At least he can choose what he hides, though. It’s a lot harder to do that when you don’t necessarily have control over your thoughts, like a machine designed for one purpose and nothing more.

Tactical examinations are damn near difficult to pull off if emotions get in the way. Gotta keep all that junk out, right? Just the facts, even if they don’t make sense to you beyond the cold hard truth.

But what IS truth, TEC? Is it what they put into your inner workings, what they’ve programmed deep inside whatever processes your logic? I dare say there’s something far scarier hiding deep inside all that machinery….and it’s my job to get to the bottom of it. To dig deep into whatever dirt, mud, and filth there is to uncover the truth…the real truth.

Something that many in Arcadia are far too willing to try and hide, to brush under a rug hoping no one will ever uncover it…ain’t that right, Narcydoll? You tried as hard as you could to hide the truth from everyone about your involvement with that explosion at Mount Olympus, about your past life…but ol’ Colt was on the case.

He always is.

And I had you pegged as an inciter of violence, of upheaval, hiding in plain sight. Zeus of all people tried to cover that up, like hiding malicious instructions in a machine or wrapping up scars…but it’s all come unraveled now, hasn’t it?

And all three of you are left with the realization that the truth is out there…for me to expose to all of Arcadia. We take one wire and pull it out of the machine…one bandage and yank it away from the wound…one simple photo and publish it…and now everyone knows who you are.

Whether you’re a fallen hero trying to pick up the pieces, a machine trying to collect information, or someone with an ugly past trying to cover it all up…it all comes out eventually, and when it does? It’ll all be printed here on The People’s Voice, where we get down to the nitty-gritty. No more lies, no more hiding.

The people have spoken, and they’ve demanded that Colt Ramsey scrape every bit of truth out of hiding. It’s what these people crave, you see, it’s what they need…in fact, it’s what they want.

And you’ve got to give the people what they want!

Colt Ramsey