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Welcome To The Shadows

A cop gets to live the life of a hero.  He carries a badge as a symbol of that heroism, people respect and adore him.  The hearts of men and women alike are thankful for his presence. 

A designer gets to live the high life.  Their works hang from people like beautiful works of art hanging in museums.  They get the love of people for making them feel beautiful.    

A paparazzi puts his life on the headline.  He gets to flaunt his work as the world thanks him for keeping them informed.  He gets notoriety and fame from his works.    

They all get to live life in the light, surrounded by people, surrounded by approval, devotion, and renown. 

All the while what Mr. Nobody gets is nothing, fed scraps from their table.  Forced in the shadows of the darkest hole of Arcadia by a man who still calls me friend, and I still do missions, why? 

Colt, the big-time journo living on the headline.  Finding the biggest scoops, heck one of the most famous heroes in Arcadia turned to you for your investigative eye.  You stood center stage and had all the celebrity you could handle.  

Then, we have Hera you were given anything you wanted, design your fashions, and even make your own name apart from Zeus.  As Narcissa Balenciaga, you were everyone’s favorite fashion plate.  You made anyone who wore your works feel gorgeous.  

But let’s not forget Jackson Cade, you got to wear the most respected “badge” in all of Arcadia, the OSW World Championship and by holding that title you became a symbol.  Everyone regarded your guidance when the Red-Light District went up.  They idolized you as a beacon of virtue in a tarnished world. 

You all have gotten to live in the light, surrounded by the blessings, faithfulness, and glory of the masses. 

Well now let’s loop back around to the why of this mission. 

Why did the man who thrust me into Deathrow give me this task? 

Why did Zeus make me the messenger telling Mr. Ramsey to write his most recent story? 

Because it’s cast all of you into the darkness, snuffing out the light you’ve lived so comfortably in for so long.       

So, welcome to the shadows, here is where Nobody dwells, here is where Nobody thrives. 

Here you’ll become Nobodies forgotten people forced into hiding, skulking around, forced to blend into the crowd. 

When Zeus told me, “You’re not Nobody,” I was confused… but now I understand what those words meant at Ring of Death: 

 It’s my time to step from the shadows and cast my own.  Design my path, write my headline, and claim the badge that Jackson Cade once held as his own… The OSW World Championship.  This all starts with the three of you and making my mark at Red Snow, that is the Arcadian Ghost’s mission. 

And when all is said and done, after I take my place in the light, Nobody will remember the darkness where you reside.  

Harold Attano