Water and Blood

In Promo by Sir Gable

Water and blood, the integral fluids that flow through God’s greatest masterpiece. They are so vital that even our lord and savior himself, Jesus Christ couldn’t survive after they left his mortal vessel.

You see, it wasn’t the nails that pierced his skin on the cross, nor the days without food and water that left him emaciated. It wasn’t even the forty lashes that made him fall.

It was when a Roman soldier performed his coup de grace and pierced Jesus through the ribs and right into his beating heart.

The strike was so pure and true that not only crimson left his body but the water of life, a water that spilled on the earth so we had a chance to be clean.

That soldier didn’t know it at the time but when he impaled the lord, he saved the world.

That act gave all of us the chance to be redeemed, it gave us a chance to be with our father in heaven, it gave us a chance to enjoy eternal life even if the life we endured here was one of suffering.

Then, the miracle of all miracles happened, our lord overcoming the chains of death, conquered Lucifer, and returned to Earth to prove he was indeed the messiah that was promised to us.

40 days later, he ascended to where he belonged after coming here and doing what had to be done.

The fact that I’ve been resurrected like him doesn’t escape me and because of it, I don’t fear death, it wields no power over me. I know i’ll walk through those golden gates again. It just wasn’t my time yet. I’m on this earth for a purpose.

I think I’ve finally discovered it, do what you have to do, Impaler, be like that Roman soldier and impale a man for no reason than preaching to these people about what they could be.

Impale a child of God, someone who has walked his path more than most, spill my blood and water and let me do my true purpose.

Give away the second chance I was given so Yahweh can have his.

I will ascend higher than any belt you could give me so impale me, do what you do best and pierce this heart that still somehow beats.

If you don’t, I’ll take something worse than your title, I’ll take your name, I’ll take your whole meaning of life.

If you can’t impale the man who’s holding his arms wide open for you to give us both our meanings, who can you impale?

Who can you kill and feel right about doing so after you failed your life’s purpose, why do you think you’re here?

It’s me, it’s always been me, it wasn’t gold, it was the gold standard, it wasn’t serving the reaper, it was serving the lord.

Now do what you must. Do what most never can do, save the world.

There is one catch though. If you can’t send me to heaven, I’ll make sure to put you through hell.