War of Survival

In Promo by Piotor Svetolav

Every world I have seen has different ideals of strength.

Some view intelligence and wisdom as perfection, the calculating jackal in the shadows is one who rises to top.

Some worship strength and power as the mighty grizzly bear mauls his way to victory

Some belief in love and unity is greatest of all, as alpha wolf leads his world to purity.

But it didn’t matter in the end because everything they believed was rendered useless at my hand.

Pure intelligence meant nothing to ruthless aggression and power.

Raw animalistic strength paled in comparison to centuries of knowledge and strategic manipulation.

And the largest pack imaginable is only strong as weakest amongst them and the patience of one to divide and conquer.

Because intelligence can be overcome, strength can wane and bonds are too easily broke.

But those who can survive in the very death of the universe itself, that is the greatest strength of all.

Something Piotor learnt early on in his world.

A world where death and destruction was seen with common apathy. Where peace and serenity were but childish dreams.

And a terrified boy was ripped from his family and forced to grow into a warrior.

A warrior who survived his mind being torn apart time and time again by people terrified what he could do as free man.

Who endured his arms being incinerated to the very bone and simply fashioned better ones.

Who withstood his very heart and soul being torn from him with malicious laughter before he tore the throat out of the one who fucking dared.

Even his very home imploding like a dying star barely felt like a tickle.

Because there is reason my world feared my very existence and three would be warriors shall find out that truth.

A jackal who has hid behind masks and used history to try and break his opponents without lifting finger. I’m not helpless little girl though and before you bring out your pretty little axe,

Question me this, What do you and Laughing Man have in common?

You both fucked around with the God of War and found out.

And then there’s tiny brain King Thunk. Man with many muscles but very few inside his skull.

Animals in your kingdom may bow down to your strength but I’ve torn apart bigger man you with ease.

So let me put this in way you understand, Piotor smash Thunk and leave him Bitch of Jungle.

Last of all is the god who refuses to die. The one who hid in his underworld while his brothers conspired and decimated their rivals only to disrespect the Reaper.

Tell me Hades, have you heard of Perun? The only God to exist twice in this reality.

One torn asunder by death as the other hid in terror, feeling so sure he’d rule this world.

Until I tore his spine out and bathed my arms in his blood.

And just like jackal, just like bear, you wolf of death will fall before me in absolute terror.

Because this is war, this world is mine now and I am forever loving this shit.