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Since the dawn of Arcadia, when our ancestors discovered the treachery of murder and the absolution of death, blood has been spilled in the name of everything, from preaching monsters to lovesick puppies and pure psychotic rage.

And now, we’ve once again been plunged into conflict. The destructive nature of man has been birthed into a structure forged for war. Our world will be plunged into a barrage of battle at Warforged.

But that won’t be the end of it, not as some may predict. Instead, it’ll be a prologue to another bloody chapter of our Old School Wrestling and Arcadia history.

A soldier stood on a battlefield between the enemy.

It was a war torn landscape, with multiple different factions fighting for supremacy.

You had the preachers, who hoped he would be beside them in the war. They wished to deliver their message and hoped this solider would be a shining example of what they wished the world would be.

You had the lovesick, the desperate – those who loved death, despair and pled their allegiance to it. They wanted the solider to join them, to die fashionably for their cause in love.

Then you had the treacherous, the liars and the cheats. You had those that wanted to win at any cost, even at the cost of their own team mates. You had betrayal and deceit wrapped into a wanting victory.

Yet the soldier stood in the middle, unmoved.

See, he joined this battle, forced into an alliance that he was neither comfortable or satisfied with.

And when he stepped out onto the battlefield, he did so indiscriminately, but not for any one faction. It didn’t matter which faction won, as long as he was the victor.

Because in war, only the winners set the standards.

Only the winners decide what is true and false; what is the status quo and the reality.

I won’t side with the preachers, nor the lovesick, or the treacherous. I stand in the middle of this battlefield, allowing each and every one of you hope that I will join your side and help your side to victory.

The truth is far more simple, you see.

The one that wins, is the one I will support.

For man and monster may succeed in destroying each other.

But war, war never changes.

And to the winner goes the spoils.

I will be that winner, one way or another.