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“We’ve all played the childhood game of war, haven’t we?”

“The players are simple, the rules are simpler. Each person places down a card and the one with the better card wins. If your cards are the same value? Then war is declared.”

“Each player throws down a plethora of cards. The one with the highest face value walks away with the pot, winning the game.”

“And when war is declared, you don’t want simple numbered cards.”

“You want face cards.”

“Jacks, Kings, Queens.”

“The Jack is a reliable servant of a card, one that can crush tens and garner victory for its owner.”

“The Queen is even better, the likes of which can burn through the rest of the deck with ease, lowering its head to but one card.”

“The King. As in life, as in war, all bow to the king and its rule.”

“All but one.”

“”The tag team title match is definitely an interesting one, you know. Like most matches in OSW, it can so easily be seen as a simple game of war.”

“You see, we’ve each got a deck, Simon, and yours is stacked against mine, isn’t it?”

“With Jet Set Radio on call, you have a Jack on the table immediately for me to consider. But I have a Jack of my own, Simon. His name is Sir Renault and while he may not want serve me, he knows he must if we’re to win this war.”

“So we’re matched out the gate, aren’t we?”

“It’s time for war.”

“You rapid fire cards from your deck, you have the Queen in Pyre out next to set fire to my dreams, then you lay yourself on the table.”

“A King to rule them all.”

“No one bows to the King, isn’t that right?”

“No one except for the single card I have hidden up my sleeve, Simon.”

“The Ace.”

“You see, in war sometimes what you need isn’t a King, nor a Queen. They’re powerful, but the Ace? It is the most versatile, powerful card in any game where it’s played.”

“That’s right, Simon. I’m placing myself right down on the table in front of you and your menagerie of cardsĀ  to tear through them like the paper they are.”

“Sir Renault does not matter for he merely got me into this war game, the Jack is all I needed to allow myself a chance at victory.”

“So what happens when the Ace is one the table?”

“The person who plays it takes them all.”

“Your Jacks, your Queens, your Kings. My pile will grow larger as in one fell swoop I tear through your entire deck. Nothing humbles the Ace, it always takes what it wants once its on the board.”

“Your crown, your victory.”

“And the tag team titles.”

“Aces are high, Simon.”

“And now it’s the King’s turn to bow.”

“I have walked this path before, I shall walk it once more.”