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Volume II, Season V


“The Terrors”

Season Five.
June 28th 2021 – December 18th 2021
23 Episode Season
Red Snow VII finale.


With The Darkness now unleashed upon Old School Wrestling, Double Tap IV was our first stop. It’s there that we realized just how The Darkness would affect everyone – making them a darker, more evil, more volatile and violent version of themselves.

Black Skull wanted The Darkness to infect everyone, turning Old School Wrestling into a battleground. This would in turn make it harder for Sigil to reach him.

As people attempted to murder one another, Up in Smoke culminated in Albie Shaw winning the OSW Championship and the formation of bMf – Bad Mother Fuckers.

Joanna Williams meanwhile tried to train her brother Jessie, in her fathers stead. Someone set Stoner on fire, murdering him brutally, Banzan convinced Darklord who join him on the hunt for the capture Leif Helvig, Nigel Royal revealed he had a son called Archie, that he brought back to America and Two-Face’s wife, Vivian, begged for him to turn himself in.

Elsewhere, someone is using a hacker to obtain a priceless weapon and The Warped arrived, a second terror with the ability to morph reality into anything he pleased. His first warping was to send Old School Wrestling Noir, culminating in Wrestling Noir II.

By the time Invasion rolled around, there were many questions regarding who set Stoner alight when another body was found charred backstage. The crew investigating the issue believed it to be Pyre, and upon hearing of this, Storm warned them to stay away.

Nigel Royal meanwhile made Albie Shaw an offer that he couldn’t refuse. CXDY came to realize that his wife was being stalked by someone who invaded her privacy and saw her naked.

Viper Roberts on the other hand won Invasion thanks to a mighty assist from bMf and Luke Storm, who owed him for Storm’s movie role.

Banzan and Darklord managed to track down and locate Helvig, who had been tortured and kept in a desolate place. They rescued him, taking him to safety.

Meanwhile, Israel Grimwolf and Cael Gable set sail in search of The Locker, only for their ship to wreck. Gable was rescued, but Grimwolf wasn’t found.

Sigil on the other hand managed to find out that The Terrors were here, seeing The Warped and The Darkness in a special machine. He realized there that he must warn everyone. The Warped though didn’t make that easy, making Old School Wrestling into a Fairy-tale, culminating in Once Upon A Time.

The Collector tried to warn OSW about the Terrors, only for Voynich to accuse him of being the boy who cried wolf. No-one would believe him. Israel Grimwolf meanwhile came back from the dead, revealing that he managed to escape the Locker, but wasn’t alone. The Nekken was chasing both him and Gable. Viper Roberts took his opportunity and with the help of bMf, Invaded on The Sandman to become the OSW World Champion.

When Warped finally came around, Luke Storm found himself in a near miss with a loaded gun that shouldn’t have been loaded. He instead murdered a man accidentally, which should’ve been him.

CXDY’s investigation into who was stalking his family led him to Kaine Knightlord, but that was revealed to be a dead end. The stalker produced another video, this time revealing that he thought Cody’s family was his own.

It was revealed that Zero was the weapon that’d be hacked by an unknown assailant and Albie Shaw betrayed Nigel Royal, refusing to be his employee – that is until Royal showed him something that made him change his mind.

Chase Monroe arrived, the Detective here to hunt for the arsonist murderer among us.

Darklord, Banzan and Helvig went in search of the man Banzan allowed to capture Helvig – only for Helvig to find him dead. Banzan and Darklord were immediately convinced that Leif murdered the man in revenge, though he denied it.

Joanna Williams, fed up of training her brother – wanted some real action. She went on a hunt, leaving Jessie to fend for himself for a bit.

When Warped came to an end, it became clear that another Terror was on its way. The Returned arrived and brought an army of the dead with him.

The Dead had come back to haunt the living, with former Old School Wrestling wrestlers returning from the dead to attack those they felt responsible for that death. Malice, Darby Sorrow, The Forever Friends, Scrimshaw, Sandy Rogers, Tyler Brooks, Edward Newton, Sweet Alice and more took umbrage with various members of the OSW roster.

As Sigil and Voynich came together to fight Malice and Sorrow, Sigil was truly distracted from his mission to find Black Skull.

At Lost Tapes II, everything with the undead came to a head. The stalker of Cody Williams family kidnapped his wife and son, leaving no trace behind.

The Nekken finally arrived, attacking Cael Gable and nearly drowning him. Israel Grimwolf barely arrived to resuscitate his best friend and tag team partner.

Zero meanwhile reminded Sigil of the deal they made last season and took an item from his collection, as agreed. Sigil thought it odd and rightly so – Zero was hacked, doing the bidding of someone else, after all.

Joanna returned from her hunt, a month or so later, and wasn’t herself. Jessie could tell that she’d become something else, choosing to avoid her and run away.

Elsewhere, Detective Chase Monroe was found murdered, leaving the backstage crew and Monoe’s family declaring their intent to end this once and for all and get revenge.

The Undead threatened to overrun the roster but they came together in belief of Sigil, defeating them. Sigil managed to kill The Returned, causing the entire building to shake, laying all the risen to rest, only he didn’t stop there – murdering Voynich as well.

At the end of the show, it was revealed that the building shaking actually belonged to the rise of the final terror; The Endless. The Endless won’t let anyone die, allowing them to resurrect indefinitely. Due to Voynich being killed after his arrival, The Best Kept Secret returned to life!

As Ring King approached, there was a lot more than the crown on the line.

Pyre made it through the semi-finals to the final, only to find herself kidnapped by Simon. The Taskmaster revealed that he was the one behind the arsonist murders and had done so because he wanted Pyre and bMf to help create him an Empire. He blackmailed her into supporting him, and in turn kept the authorities off her back.

The Nekken hunted Cael Gable and Israel Grimwolf, forcing them to exit the Tag Team Championships match.

Joanna Williams was revealed to be a Vampire and attempted to turn Jessie Williams, also revealing that Kaine Knightlord turned her. They were about to turn The Prince before Ash Williams made his triumphant return, saving Jessie.

Albie Shaw had once again had enough of doing Nigel Royal’s bidding and cost him their tag titles match. When Nigel revealed to the world that he had Shaw’s son Archie, the crowd bouyed The Guv’nor on and he took one of Royal’s fingers, demanding that he get his son back and threatening to take a finger a week until he did.

The Stalker of CXDY’s family was finally revealed to be SeeSaw; however, Mr. Make Believe couldn’t seem to make them love him. He told Cody that the only way they’d see him again is if he met SeeSaw in the Toybox at Red Snow – a match that no-one has ever survived.

Darklord called Helvig and Banzan to an underground location to announce that Banzan was responsible for the torture of Helvig. Helvig didn’t need further proof and attacked Banzan, only for Darklord to reveal that it was he all along. He was fighting a war on many fronts and had proven Leif Helvig is not the best warrior this planet has to offer. Before he could kill Helvig, Banzan made the save and they escaped.

The near death experiences of Luke Storm continued, with the actor somehow escaping a pyro explosion. This led Deathnote to reveal that Luke Storm’s death is in his book, but somehow he keeps escaping it. He then showed us Storm’s new death date of Red Snow.

Corvus was revealed to be the person behind the hacking of Zero – requiring him as a weapon. Zero and Sigil concocted a plan for Corvus to reveal himself and he did. He had Zero take the bones as his prize from Sigil, but no-one knows why.

Viper Roberts demanded to know from Deathnote the death day of Two-Face, revealing that it was tonight. Two-Face was no more and Alton Whitlock had finally returned, despite his disfigurement.

As the show concluded with a newly crowned Ring King in Israel Grimwolf – Grimwolf revealed the world that he was in fact The Nekken and subsequently attacked and kidnapped Cael Gable. The show ended with Sigil burying Voynich beneath the Slaughterhouse so that he would die and come back to life indefinitely.

At Red Snow, Sigil and Voynich were due to end their year long war in a Deathmatch. As the show rolled around, some shocking revelations blew OSW away.

Jessie Williams chose to let his sister live, but that was a mistake. Later that night, she murdered an innocent man and Ash told his son that he wasn’t ready. Jessie finally relented, leaving OSW for good.

Albie Shaw fought and defeated Nigel Royal, rescuing his son Archie – but not without consequence. Royal shot Shaw in the chest and went to shoot his son, only for Shaw to connect with a powerful headbutt that killed Nigel Royal dead.

Darklord wanted to find out who the best warrior alive was, and was set to kill Helvig and Banzan, until Helvig allowed Banzan to escape. What followed was Darklord using his hammer to kill Leif Helvig, only to be killed by Hati and Skoll – Helvig’s wolves.

Cael Gable lost to Israel Grimwolf, but used a found medallion to suck The Nekken out of Grimwolf. What followed was Gable brutally killing his friend, stealing his world title opportunity. Later that night, Israel Grimwolf somehow returned, entering that match and defeating Viper Roberts and Cael Gable for the OSW Championship.

Zero was almost killed by Corvus, who vanished just before finishing the job, Luke Storm was revealed to be tethered to Mordecai and Pyre was forced into marrige with Simon. By the end of the night, it was clear that The Sandman had been sending Luke premonitions of his death, which is why he wouldn’t die. Simon, knowing that bMf wouldn’t join him, enlisted the services of Jet Set Radio, who debuted, kicking bMf’s ass.

Two-Face finally ended his saga with Viper Roberts, defeating him in the snow outside The Slaughterhouse. He intended to blow him up, only to change his mind and walk off into the sunset with his wife.

CXDY rescued his family from SeeSaw, surving the toybox. He became the first person to ever leave the structure without becoming a toy. CXDY retired, living happily ever after with his family.

Sanctus Bellator succumbed to The Impaler and his mask, only for Sir Renault to rescue him and return the mask back to The Impaler. Bellator and Renault became a team, known as Vakiyra. The word and the war of God.

When the season and show concluded, Sigil had been taken from his match with Voynich to the hall of skulls, where he was confronted by The Terrors and Black Skull. Black Skull revealed himself to be Rain, aka Death – the holder of the last crystal, the death crystal, and asked his Terrors to finish Sigil.

Sigil, however, used the reality crystal to turn the hall of skulls into his heaven, consuming the terrors and making Death unable to reap him. Death escaped, not before Corvus was revealed to be working for him. The Black Hand is an operation belonging to death and when death can’t cut the red tape to kill people, he sends Corvus.

Corvus poisoned Sigil, but Zero came to the rescue, saving him just in the knick of time as our season came to a close.