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Vivid Vigour The Color Mixer

Vivid Vigour The Color Mixer

Welcome one and all to the Foley Funhouse!

“Today, we’re going to look at the rainbow. You know children, the rainbow is an often spoke of but never seen wonder here in Arcadia. Whilst it may be somewhat mythological – one thing isn’t; colors.”

“I’ve asked my friend Vivid Vigour to come along and tell us all about them.”

“The Rainbow is like a party of colors.”

“But they all have different meanings.”

Let’s look at green, the color Felix Foley wears the most. Green represents new beginnings, abundance, and nature. Felix is a nurturing man of great love and the green he wears represents his desire and attempt to start over.”

“It represents his abundance of love for you, children.”

“Yellow represents happiness and hope.”

“We all know that Felix likes yellow too and wears yellow shinpads. With these, he shows that he hopes for nothing more than the education of every child in Arcadia. That’s why he invites us along and is always happy to help.”

“Then there’s blue – a calm and responsible colour. Felix wears this color on his boots because he’s a calm and responsible man that takes great pride in showing restraint in difficult circumstances and being responsible for the children he so desperately wants to see prosper.”

“You know Damien, you don’t wear red.”

“But then I suppose you don’t need to, do you? Because that red light of yours represents you. It represents anger. It represents rage. There’s a reason why that red light follows you around like a beacon of frustration and that’s because you’re a tiny little man who has no idea of happiness, hope, calm or responsibility. You know nothing of love; only of hate.”

“You take great pleasure in making people like Felix miserable, even when they’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it. You turned down his application for the funhouse, then ruined his eventual reappearance upon it. You’ve done nothing but display hatred and rage with every appearance you or that dangerous light has ever made.”

“You’re the definition of red.”

“You’re a tiny little man with a complex that likes nothing more than revelling in the misery of agony.”

“That’s why you’re the red light.”

“That’s why you’ve attacked Felix, time and time again.”

“But you know what, Damien? Red doesn’t have to stay red. All it needs is a little blue and it becomes purple.”

“At Dead or Alive, Felix Foley will drop his calming blue on that terrible red light and when he does, there won’t be anything left to fear.”

He’ll do it now and do it loud.

“Uh, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Vivid Vigour, but I kinda also, uh, you know, wear red. My trunks are red.”

Vivid Vigour?


“Oh, he seems to have gone. Well, that leads us to Foley’s Thought, children.”

“The rainbow has a myriad of colors that mean different things, but that isn’t all they are. Whilst they represent one thing or another, if you mix them up, you can change the color into something else – something better. Think about that, boys and girls. If you’re ever feeling red, add a little blue.”

Felix Foley