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Fire, rages.

It burns hotter than you’ve ever felt. It’s roaring through the room, engulfing everything it touches. A young Benjamin cowers beneath a desk, watching as the smoke plumes up above him, covering the ceiling like a thick fog of doom.

He was taught by his Uncle to stay low. Stay low and stay safe. He has a towel in hand, wet by the water cooler and every now and again he uses that over his mouth to move when it gets too hot.

There wasn’t any way out that he could see. He’d tried to go down a couple of floors, but the tower block refused him. Something had happened and there wasn’t any way down. Between the blockages and the fire, he was stuck going up – until he’d gone just about as far as he could go.

Benji wasn’t sure what’d happened. He was watching his Uncle work when suddenly there was a loud crash that shook the entire building. Glass shattered and people began screaming. They panicked and ran, but his Uncle was clobbered by a falling piece of concrete that Benji couldn’t move.

He stayed for as long as he could whilst the fire raged and caught up to them. There wasn’t any way he thought he’d leave, but Uncle Ryan forced him to go. The screams of Uncle Ryan laying trapped back there as the fire reached him wouldn’t leave his head, reverberating around his skull like the worst tune you’d ever heard.

There wasn’t a way he’d stop hearing it, but for the minute, he’d need to stop listening. The fire had reached him once again and he needed to move. A young boy running through a crumbling office block, stumbling over the dead bodies of people he’d seen only hours earlier was no way to live – but at least he was living. There were many who didn’t have that luck.

He bounded through the space, leaping over bodies, furniture, and concrete, hoping the next stairwell would yield some kind of fortune. He wanted to go up or down and didn’t quite care which, as long as he escaped the fire that was hunting him like the end of days.

Benji burst through the stairwell fire exit door and stopped abruptly. There wasn’t a way up and there wasn’t a way down. In fact, to his right was nothing but blue sky and smoke. The entire side of that building had been lost to whatever happened here today. He could see outside, with dust crumbling around him.

He looked back at the fire, raging, getting ever closer…

What was he to do? There was no escape. In that moment, Benjamin knew he’d have to decide. It wasn’t whether he’d live or die, that was moot.

It was how he’d die.

Would he burn to death like his Uncle Ryan, or would he choose a less painful alternative?

With that, he stepped to the edge of the concrete and looked over the edge.

Then he jumped.
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