The Elevator

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The Elevator

Eyes open in the darkest of black. They belong to Edward Newton, who sits slumped against a metal wall in the middle of an unknown location. A small red-light flickers on, revealing his surroundings. It’s a metal box of sorts. The four metal walls are covered in graffiti and dirt but reveal no information about where he is or why.

The last thing he remembers was rushing to the aide of his brother, Luke Storm – but everything after that is nothing more than a blur. He knows what he must do; he’s gotta find a way out and fast.

With that, he begins searching every inch of the metal box, until suddenly it initiates, starting up like some kind of generator. The sound is loud at first, intensifying for a second before slowly fading to a gentle hum. Only this time, it doesn’t feel still. It feels as if he’s moving.

“Hello?” He calls out. “Sandman, is this you?”

The last thing he remembered was running at The Sandman to save his brother; it stands to reason that the Dream Demon is playing mind games with him now.

“You may have captured me, but you can be certain that I’ll find my way out. It’s only a matter of time,” he muses loudly into the humming void.

“Edward Newton,” an ominous almost robotic voice returns reply. “Welcome to the Elevator.”

The Riddler raises an eyebrow. A game? How cute. You can see by the look on his face that he’s somewhat amused, if not curious.

“The direction of the Elevator is chosen by you. You can choose to go up, or you can choose to go down. We look at the choices you have made and adjust our journey based on them. By the end of our ride, you will arrive at your chosen destination.”

“The choices I’ve made?” He queries. “Alright.”

Suddenly, a white light illuminates a projection on the metal wall behind him. We see a flashing montage of things Edward has done in his life. We see memories of his being pulled, of Bruce Van Chan – of the murder he committed. We see Injustice and the acts of violence they committed. We see Nygma, murdering people inside an asylum before burning it to the ground and finally, we see him sacrificing himself for his brother.

When the footage stops, Edward Newton looks astonished. He can barely believe his eyes.

“This isn’t a game, is it?” He asks solemnly.

“Edward, you have made many decisions in your life. Some of them have been good and some of them have been bad. The Elevator allows you to choose your destination, and you’ve spent a life choosing.”

“Please,” he begs. “Please, I…”

Suddenly, the Elevator abruptly stops, coming to a brutal halt that thrusts Newton backwards into the wall with a thud.

“You have arrived.”

The doors open. Fog falls into the elevator…

Accompanied by scurrying footsteps….

And then a scream.
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