Eternal Pleasure

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Eternal Pleasure

"I observed a man that aspired to live life hedonistically."

"According to his mind, a hedonistic life involved indulging in carnal desires. Every night, he'd travel into town to find a woman he could seduce into his chambers. Once they arrived, they would perform whatever depraved acts he desired."

"When dawn came around or his primal urges were satisfied, he would drop them off at the nearest street corner and never meet them again."

"Overtime, the man became fatigued with his life. While he once enjoyed playing with the opposite sex until the sun arose, he began wanting more than just a cheap thrill."

"He attempted to settle down with a lady he met before, but the damage was already done. His reputation for using and dumping others had caught up with him, causing all of his former and potential suitors to turn away from him when he needed them the most."

"You're currently living a similarly pleasurable way of life, aren't you, Zero? You constantly talk of entertaining yourself with countless women every chance you get and how you'd satisfy them all night long."

"In your eyes, these girls were nothing more than props. You'd interact with them until you grew bored and tossed them aside."

"Most people would be disparaged or even beaten for treating women like mere toys. You, however, are able to escape such punishment due to your dangerous aura and how you simply didn't care what they had to say."

"If people had a problem with that, you and your new friends would personally see to it that their qualms seemingly vanish. Through intimidation or force, you made sure your life of pleasure remained alive and well."

"You might've had your way with the women of the world so far. You might've even trampled over those that wanted to stop you from doing so previously. All of that will change come this Monday."

"A life of solely pleasure is hardly a life at all. Without some form of hardship to balance out the moments of delight, those things you enjoyed will become dull and expected."

"Those women you once enjoyed defiling in your bedroom aren't as pleasing to you when you constantly attract them at the snap of your metallic fingers."

"What will happen when you run out of joy for the biggest pleasure you have in life? You've expended your power of hacking to give yourself an immaculate amount of wealth. Your friends will eventually leave you to find new ones. There's hardly anything left to fill the void it'll leave you."

"That goes doubly so for that belt you carry across your shoulders."

"I'll be the greatest challenge you have to face come Outrun. You've lived the life of luxury so far, but now it is time you encounter some form of hardship that makes life worth living."

"Dream a little dream of me. Come Monday when you're laying down on the canvas, you'll be thankful that you have."
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