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“The Shadvi”

“When Carthus was young, the Shadvi ruled the jungle.”

“Apex predators amongst the feeble wildlife, the top of the food chain.”

“Faster than their inferiors, stronger than them. They believed themselves champions and showed it by how they yowled into the night.”

“Annoying, loud, idiotic yowling spouted from their throats after every kill. When blood stained their teeth, victory screeches were soon to follow.”

“Many Carthians were afraid to hunt these creatures, believing their ferocity was too much to handle.”

“But I knew better.”

“The Shadvi were fast, they were strong, but they were stupid and impulsive. They did not hide after their kills, they announced them, begging for more prey to enter their domain.”

“To kill them, all we had to do was follow their trail.”

“Every kill they procured brought us closer to them, every intelligible shout giving away their presence.”

“We did not need to attack them head on, you see.”

“Because unlike the Shadvi, the Carthians are persistence predators.”

“We came upon the Shadvi at the end of their hunt. Their bodies were exhausted from fighting.”

“Throats sore from howling.”

“All it took was a well placed arrow to the heart and the shadvi lay on the ground, choking on their own blood.”

“OSW is much like the forests of Carthus. It is a place where hundreds of species live together. To get to the top of the food chain, one must hunt, the must claim lives and trophies to prove their worth.”

“And Zero has claimed multiple victories under his belt. Much like the Shadvi, he has fought to the top of the food chain amongst the feeble creatures beneath him.”

“Every victory bookended by his idiotic, belligerent ramblings that echo off the slaughterhouse walls.”

“Like a minar throwing its feces at the walls, Zero leaves his mark in animalistic and disgusting ways.”

“He has claimed victory over the animals beneath him and he wants… he needs you to know.”

“For months I have heard him screeching, yowling after each victory, swinging through the halls of the slaughterhouse and flaunting his title.”

“And like the Shadvi, he is too dumb to realize that he is setting himself up for failure.”

“He keeps fighting relentlessly, heart beating faster after every kill.”

“Eventually, he shall tire. He cannot keep fighting like this forever.”

“Even the Shadvi needed to rest eventually.”

“At Outrun, Zero has been placed in the fight of his life to maintain his place at the top of the food chain.”

“The title around his waist is something every single animal in the kingdom wants to sink its fangs into.”

“As I did before, I shall do once again.”

“I’ll let Zero beat his inferiors, snap their necks, and shout his taunts at the top of his lungs.”

“But he will grow tired.”

“And when he does, I shall strike.”

“I will follow him every step of the way.”

“I will sink an arrow into his heart.”

“And I will silence his yelling.”

“I will claim my place at the top of the food chain.”

“For Carthus, for my people.”
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