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With a puff of dust it bursts forward. Fast, able to reach over ninety kilometers, they seem to hover as they hunt their prey. It tries desperately, squirming where it can to get that extra little space. But with a solid impact, and a quick strike to the throat, it falls.

Speed is the tool of the cheetah, and is quite effective.

With long limbs, a more dexterous tail, and an enlarged heart, they’ve built themselves over time to become specialists. Racing after their prey, they can turn and maneuver with ease, and nothing can stop them once they go. Specialization however, leads to issues. Despite being the best built, they come at the bottom when bigger, stronger, and more skilled hunters.

With this specialization, they’re facing more of a crash and burn than the winner’s circuit.

There’s far from anything wrong with upgrading. The desire to be faster, sharper, and better gets you to the top. And few can really deny that you’ve left that mark Zero. You’ve torn your way to the top, and once there have continued to be the person that’s just a little harder, a little faster, and a little stronger.

Upgrades cost though. Technology alone fails you when you most need it. If you don’t keep up, the chips slow down. You overheat, the armor chinks. Too much stress, and the parts start to crumble.

You’ll learn that even with them, the dust still tastes the same on a cybernetic tongue.

It’s not always ideal to specialize yourself into something to try and become the top dog. It leaves you precariously dangling in a situation that could have been solved had you been prepared more for anything than one situation. It’s better to be a jack of all trades, master of none. To be adaptable is to thwart a certain demise.

To protect the Odawara, it took me more than just to become the fastest at using a blade. I had to learn, adapt, and overcome issues that presented themselves. If I was just a guardian, I would be no better than a statue in a garden.

I had to be sharper, stronger, hungrier than those who came after their lives. A hunter of hunters.

So you’ve got your title, and have run with it as far as you can. But that speed, the time to hold that title wears you down, piece by piece. With so many foes at one time? It’s only a matter of time before you become too weak to continue.

You’ll be so busy catching your breath, you won’t even see me coming. All that will be there is you, crumpled in a heap and missing what you spent so much to get. All of that effort to be the baddest, and then left alone to drown in your own blood.

They’ll hang your image next to the picture of the cheetah, icons of speed that bit the dust too soon. Left in the dust, choking on their own hubris.
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