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Big Guy

Across the valley stood a giant. Flanked by the Philistine army, he stepped onto the field of battle.

And he laughed.

For he knew he was the biggest, baddest giant in all the lands. His army had terrorised the lands and taken anything that they desired. People feared their might, and they feared the giant above all else. His reputation preceded him; any that had stood before him had been slain where they stood. Clad in his body armour he was, by all belief, undefeatable.

And he knew it. He was the original Baaaad Mother Fucker. Backed by his army of Baaaad Mother Fuckers.

Everyone knew what must be done, slay the giant to protect the land. Eagerly, the brave warriors of Israel stepped forward, the hopes of glory in their eyes.

But they were no match for Goliath. He could Outrun them all.

Until one young man stepped into the battle.

With nothing but a slingshot and a heart full of faith.

Faith that would see his stone find the single point of weakness in Goliath’s armour, toppling Goliath and sending the army of Philistine running for the hills.

I am your David, Goliath Zero…

Logic would tell us that David stood no chance against Goliath. The giant had already slain many before him. He looked down upon the weakling and laughed.

Just like you who have outrun everybody who has stood in your path with a certain sense of swagger.

Others stand before you, eager for hope and glory. Eager to take the sword to you in their own strength. Touting their own accomplishments, yet Goliath uses their over-inflated ego to slay them.

Cael Gable and his desire to once more reach the heights of Olympic Gold by slaying the giant.

Grimwolf’s desire to plunder the glory of slaying the beast.

Nigel Royal’s desire to add another conquest to his ever-increasing portfolio.

Jessie Williams trying to uphold his family’s lineage by Boomsticking Goliath’s head off his shoulders.

Each try to match might with might and Goliath laughs right in their faces like the Bad Mother Fucker he is. For he has slain men like these before with ease.

But David was different to the rest.

He stood not in his own ego, but with the power of faith. Faith that he channelled into a stone from his sling and flung it with the confidence that only he knew.

For he trusted in the power of something bigger than himself.

He fought not for glory, but from his faith. No out of ego or pride, but because his Lord called him to do so.

And that same power rests within my body, Goliath.

Outrun is nothing more than a gauntlet for you to run, Zero. And while you slay competitor after competitor like the rest of the Israelite army, I will ready my sling.

Biding my time and waiting for the opportunity to let it fly.

Because not even Goliath can Outrun the stone of David’s sling.

And you will fall, like he did.

A new king will be crowned.
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