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You ever been with one of those women who refuse to give you head?

I’m talkin’ about one of those salty cunts who think they’re too good to put your cock in their mouth and suck it.

Like, it empowers em to not to blow you.

Like they feel as if the gain some sort of fucking control over you if they refuse to suck your dick.

These bitches are difficult to beat into submission. You can slap your cock up and down their faces but they won’t have themselves a gobble, no matter what you do. People like that – they’re tough cookies, man.

They ain’t fun to face off against.

They the kind of bitch you gotta think real hard to beat. You gotta ply her with some alcohol so that she loses her fuckin’ pretence of being a hard faced cunt.

See, it might surprise you but I like bitches like that.

I like a challenge.

I don’t wanna show up, drop my drawers and get sucked off. There’s no competition in that. It’s as simple as one, two and three. I like a little bit more action, right?

So imagine my fuckin’ surprise when I see Kaine Knightlord lined up as one of my potential next opponents.

You’d have to ask yourself the question…

Would Zero like that bitch? Is that a bitch that Zero can get behind?

Fuck no.

See, Kaine Knightlord sucks on multiple fucking levels, dude.

Lemme break this down for you – lemme make science up in this bitch. Kaine Knightlord is a mother fuckin’ vampire, right?

That mother fucker sucks.

And in the ring? In that holy fuckin’ place of cock worship called Old School Wrestling, that stupid cunt is down on his knees quicker than you can flash your japs eye at him. He’s gobbling cock from the minute the bell sounds to the minute he’s led on his back with a load on his face.

Kaine Knightlord has made a fuckin’ career out of suckin’.

Fuck, he’s made a life out of it.
If there’s one thing that dopey little cock gobbler knows, it’s how to fucking suck.

And like I said, I want a little more from a bitch I face inside that ring. I’m probably the longest reigning VHS Champion of all time and if I ain’t, I’m gonna fuckin’ be. I want to step inside the ring against the best.

I don’t want an easy blowjob of a match.

I want some fucking competition.

I want an opponent that doesn’t fuckin’ suck.

So here I am, a week away from CyberSLAM and I’m beggin’ you fuckin’ people. I’m pleadin’ with you.

Don’t make me face Kaine Knightlord.

Don’t make me have a blowjob of a match. Don’t make me step into the ring with a Vampire, who’s already on his knees, greedily awaiting my cock.

Give me a fuckin’ fight.

Give me a fuckin’ challenge.

Make me fuckin’ work for it.

Cause I can work. I’m a BAD MOTHER FUCKER, after all...#

And Kaine Knightlord? That dude sucks.
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