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There are many stories of warriors entering unknown situations. Battles, adventures, they never know what lies before them as their stories get told. They always seem to have a happy ending where the warrior comes out victorious, slaying the monster of the tales.

But this story is different. You see this is a special story. A warrior enters a dark cave because he heard the story of a great monster that resided deep inside.

A monster that has devoured every person brave enough, or stupid enough, to enter its domain. This warrior, he had a great army at his back. A group of powerful warriors in their own right, but this warrior told them to stay back this night. That he would brave this monster alone.

Deeper and deeper he walked, the light dying with each step. He could hear the breaths of a thousand bats, each seemingly watching his every move.

Suddenly they swarm him. The warrior tried to fight, but these little winged bats wouldn’t relent in their assault. So, the warrior hid and waited for the light to return. After several hours of screeching and the clawing, the warrior lifts his head up only to have it snatched off and thrown to the warriors outside who fled in terror.

Many warriors hope their story ends with their triumph, but for every triumph there is a tragedy at work.

You’ve had many of those stories. You’ve entered impossible battle odds, and have come out on top. You’ve survived so much, done so much, that you are one of the biggest power brokers there is.

People come to you, to bring you to their side, to make sure they have the power. So that they have one of the best behind them for their own individual battles.

But your story is coming to the end. A tragedy like this warrior is inevitable. Now that giant death bat awaits you.

Zero, you’ve had a long road to this point. Battle after battle, war after war, and your name strikes fear in the hearts of mortal man.

But now you sit in this unknown, and fear is building. You know that every warrior has that end, and can only escape death so many times before it finally reaches them.

Well, those bats are swarming. You feel the beat of every wing as CyberSlam gets nearer. You walk deeper into this cave with a confidence that the beast inside isn’t what you’re expecting it to be. That it isn’t like the stories you’ve ever heard and that this will be just another victory tale in your epic.

But that beast deep in that cave?

It’s me. The bones are the ones who thought they were brave enough to overcome the nightmare of this dark world.

The thousand beating wings of bats are my eyes watching you every moment for months, waiting.

Once you finally peak your head up looking for that light?

That will be the moment it’s taken off.

Carpe Noctem.
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