[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [VHS opens cold, inside a large overly polished church. Light shines brightly through the stained-glass windows, bouncing off our cameras as we pan around to see Lazarus sitting in a pew. He has his head bowed and appears to be praying.] [Footsteps shortly interrupt our enjoyed silence. The click-clack of boot to wooden floor only comes to a halt beside Lazarus. He slowly lifts his head from prayer, opens his eyes and sets them upon whomever has joined him.]

“Brother, thank you for coming,” [Lazarus says with a smile.] [The camera turns, revealing Lux Bellator.]

“How could I refuse? I owe you a debt of sincere apology, my brother,” [Lux admits, almost ashamed.] “I’m so very sorry that I eliminated you from the Chamber.”

“I’ll hear nothing of it,” [he responds.] “You did what you had to do and I can respect that. But I did call you here for a favour,” [Lazarus says, returning his head to prayer.] “Tonight, Bellatorum reunite, but I need you at Face/Off. I can’t trust North and alone, myself and The Knights will never be enough.”

[Bellator doesn’t even hesitate.]

“Of course, anything you need,” [Lux responds to a smile from his friend.] “But if you can’t trust Viktor, perhaps we ought to find out whether or not such mistrust is warranted? Come with me once you’re finished here, and we’ll put this whole situation into perspective.”

[Lazarus nods, standing up and making the sign of the cross. He follows Lux into the aisle and out of the church. Whatever they have planned, it takes place tonight.]


[Both OSW newcomers take their corners, Benedict looking ever cocky as he stares down Pascal.] [Benedict closes in on Pascal, striking first with a hard forearm! Pascal staggers, but he still stands! Benedict throws another, then another- Pascal catches the forearm! He throws back a hard right before Irish whipping Benedict to the ropes, catching him on the way back with a swift calf kick! Benedict gets up into a nasty DDT from Vicktor! The Zenith taunts to the crowd for a moment before going back to Benedict, peeling him up by his hair, he goes for another DDT! NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! Benedict reversed it and locks in a pin! Pascal kicks out before even a one count!] [Pascal is quick to his feet, catching Benedict with a HARSH kick to the jaw that keeps him grounded. Grabbing his hair again, he lifts Brendan’s head from the mat and starts swinging with vicious rights! He slams down Benedict’s head before grabbing him for a DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX! He looks to go for another- Benedict rolls forward! Pascal rolls straight to his feet, turning around INTO A SUPERKICK! DIRTY SANCHEZ! Pascal’s head snaps back as the kick knocks him clear off of his feet. Benedict leans into the ropes, trying to catch his breath following the assault from Vicktor.] [Brendan waits for VIP to rise, catching him with a stiff elbow as he does! Looking to go on the offensive he unleashes a flurry of chops upon Pascal before pulling him into a fireman’s carry gut buster! Pascal gets to his knees, AND BENEDICT SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE! VIP swings back and catches Benedict in the gut, forcing him back as he gets to his feet, pushing his offensive on Benedict once more, whipping him into the ropes and and tries for the clothesline! Benedict ducks it! MUSTACHE RIDE! BENEDICT CATCHES HIM WITH A RUNNING CUTTER! He covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Benedict rises to his feet following the match, the Cock of the Walk showboating as Pascal rises behind him.]


[With the match over and both men now on their feet, there’s still visibly tension resonating. They lock eyes, as if trying to read the other’s thoughts. Viktor Icarus Pascal sneers….. Brendan Benedict just smirks.] [Their unspoken challenge made, VIP orders for a mic.]

“Benedick, you better wipe that smug grin off your face, or I’ll smack it off for ya!” [He steps closer; Brendan chuckles] “Go ahead. Laugh. I’ll rip that pornstache off ya like duct tape. Then ya can suck face with all the lil’ fake-breasted sluts ya want, and all they gotta do is cough up your new skin graft!”

[Benedict laughs even harder. He just waves VIP off dismissively, before reaching for his own a mic.]

“Ho-ly shit! Are you compensating for something, huh?” [They go nose-to-nose] “Listen here, Vicky. One, if it’s scorching hot women and sucking’s involved? It ain’t the face their workin’ on. Two, they don’t call all this ‘The Cock of The Walk‘ for nothing, brother. You want another piece of me?”

“Get in line.”

[VIP’s seething. He runs his hand through his hair and beard, carefully choosing his next words.]

“Ya see, that’s exactly the kind of arrogance I used to have. But now, after 15 years of getting a gut-full, bolts in my neck and broken promises staining hotel sheets nationwide…… I’m little a wiser.” [He steps back, looking Benedict up and down.] “Here’s the cold, hard fact, Benedick. You’re nothing special. Ya never will be, but you sure as Hell think you’re God’s gift to rats and rings, don’t ya?”

[Brendan just nods mockingly.]

“Good. Learn the hard way. ‘Cause that’s how I did it, and that’s exactly how I’m gonna do it again.”

“Is that suppose to be a challenge?” [Benedict asks knowingly] “Look pops, I’m gonna tell you the same thing I say to all those b-e-a-utiful bare-ass naked ladies I leave lying, soaked in sweat and sex every single restless night.”

“I’m always up for another….. Are you?”

[With that ‘Lick It Up’ starts playing, and Benedict begins to back away. VIP never takes his eyes of his new rival. What an interesting exchange.] [Are we fixin’ to go for Round Two?]


[The Phoenix might be on the warpath for the love of his life but tonight he finds a big roadblock in the rookie sensation Earhart. Will the Phoenix soar or will the Mad Scientist make him his third victim?] [The bell sounds as the Phoenix rushes out from the bell, peppering Earthart with hard strikes staggering the bigger man before leaping up with a snap forearm that sends Ethan down to one knee. The Phoenix rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a snap dropkick on the chin that nearly knocks Earthart out cold. Jacob doesn’t cover, instead climbing over the ropes onto the apron as he waits for Earthart to get to his feet. PHOENIX…BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!] [The Phoenix got planted as Earthart stomps down on his prone form before lifting him up, locking in an Abdominal Stretch. The Phoenix screams in pain as Earthart wrenches back with all his strength, trying to force a tap out. The Phoenix refuses as Ethan lets go, swinging the Phoenix into a knee to the gut before planting him to the mat with the BACK SURGERY! The Phoenix cries out in pain as Earthart covers] [ONE…TWO…The Phoenix gets the shoulder up. Earthart rolls away, waiting for the Phoenix to get to his feet and as he slowly does, rushes forward before nearly decapitating him with a massive Lariat. The Mad Scientist calls for the end, lifting The Phoenix up, CHEMICAL FAC…ZIG ZAG! The Phoenix kips up, psyching himself up as he tries to finish Earthart. He lifts him up, grabbing him from behind, FOR HE…EARTHART SLIPS OUT CHEMICAL FACIAL! The Phoenix gets planted out of nowhere as Earthart covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Mad Scientist picks up another huge victory here tonight, going 3-0 in his OSW career so far, the heartbreak of the Phoenix being extended just a little more here tonight]


[Concrete walls stare back at Ethan Bird, reflecting his boredom at the moment. This is a man who likes to be taking action, or at least watching the fruits of those actions. His goal at the moment is a little less fun.] [Babysitting.]

“This is taking forever.” [Bird comments to himself as he taps his foot in boredom.] “I thought Mother cared about her children.”

[Before him is a squirming form under a burlap sack. By the shape of the form, it’s most definitely a child. Last week, Bird kidnapped one of Mother’s children, and now he appears to be lying in wait for her to show up.] [BZZT!] [Bird smiles behind his beard as the lights begin to flicker. He turns around from his vantage point to find Mother standing before him. She cradles the head of the covered child while Bird looks on.]

“Hush, my child. Mother’s here.” [She whispers to the young one, slowly removing the burlap sack…] […To reveal that this is not one of Mother’s children. It’s just a random child, taken from God knows where. Bird steps forward with a bigger grin on his face.]

“You really didn’t think I was that stupid, did you?” [He taunts.] “I’ve got yours in a secure location for the moment. However, feel free to rescue this one or whatever you call it. Her parents could use a reminder of who I am.”

[Mother seems to lull the child into a haze of sleep or worse before standing to face Bird.]

“I want my child.”

[Bird shrugs in response.]

“You can have your child back after I get what I want.” [He continues after seeing Mother’s curiosity piqued.] “I want my title back. You give me a rematch, and you get the brat back. I’ve had to work overtime in keeping her from hurting her new caretakers.”

[His creepy grin is only matched by the darkness that emanates from the eyes of Mother. She steps back to cradle the hypnotized little girl used as bait.]

“Be careful what you wish for, Ethan Bird.”

[BZZT!] [The lights flicker once again, and Ethan Bird finds himself alone. Yet he has a smile on his face.] [He’s gotten what he wanted, but at what cost.]


[Tonight the Black Dragon kicks it into high gear against the unhinged wrestling Ringleader! Will the circus gain a new acrobat? Or will Kaito just beat the paint off Alistair Huxley’s face?] [The match starts with Huxley offering a handshake, only to SLAP Kaito right across the mouth! The Black Dragon just sneers, throwing a hard Jab and– No, WAIT! Kick to groin! Fluffy has the referee distracted! FALL OF THE ACRO– NO! Kaito just flips over onto his feet, unleashing a lightning-quick flurry for kicks on any part of Alistair he can hit! Huxley ducks a Shinning Wizard; BIG kick to the back of the head! Kaito rushes the ROCKED Ringleader into corner, charging back…… YAMIKAZE! And a Basement Dropkick into the corner! He covers! One…. Two….. THREE!] [NO, WAIT! Huxley got his foot on the ropes! Kaito thinks he’s won; Alistair’s trying to pull himself up against the turnbuckle. The Black Dragon aims for a Roundhouse Kick but Huxley ducks! He hits Snake Eyes, before delivering another scintillating SLAP followed right into a Lungblower! WHIP CRACK! That buys the Ringleader some much needed time….. Both combatants work up their feet. Kaito fakes a Chop, scoring with a shot right to the teeth! He hits a Mongolian Chop before Huxley kicks low again! THAT DAMN FLUFFY! The referee’s distracted– LEFREAK! Huxley covers! One… Two…. NO! Now a Sleeper Hold on Kaito!] [The fans rally the Black Dragon, as both steadily rise to a vertical base. Alistair’s done everything he can to quell Kaito’s furry…. The pair stand with the Sleeper Hold still locked on tight. Kaito tries elbowing out, almost freeing himself; Huxley yanks him back! BIG TOP DROP! He covers! One… Two…. NO! Kaito’s alive; Alistair calls for his whip. Fluffy then tosses it into the ring, but the referee quickly disarms Huxley– NO, WAIT! Fluffy tries attacking Kaito– KTFO! But Alistair with a Schoolboy! One… Two… NO! Huxley ducks another kick, rolling Kaito up into the CLOWN CAR! One… Two… THREE!] [The bell rings and Huxley leaps into the waiting arms of his ever-vigilant Spaniard on the floor. Kaito sits up, disgust boiling behind his eyes…. Alistair survived by the skin of his teeth!]


[In a tiny little office backstage, monitors fill the room from left to right, showing ongoing footage of cameras from all around the Tap Room. As we pass them by, blood spatter appears to be strewn across multiple monitors, painting them a vivid dark red.] [Just then, the door swings open and in walks Lazarus and Lux Bellator.] [The site that befalls their eyes is shocking to say the least. Whilst the monitors are covered in blood, a poor security operator lays helpless and bleeding profusely on the floor. Lux rushes to tend to him, leaving Lazarus to check the cameras.] [He uses the bloodied control and searches back to last week, only the footage appears to have been scrubbed.]

“Lux, there’s nothing here,” [He muses.] “There’s no way to know whether or not North did this.”

[Just then, Viktor North swaggers into the room, leaning up against the door frame. Lazarus spins around just in time to see him, lunging, but Bellator manages to pull him away.]

“Are you happy with yourself? [Lazarus screams, enraged and still being held back by Lux.] “Huh? Are you happy with yourself now?”

“In battle, a leader should know that his fighters would take a sword to the heart for his life.” [Viktor says coldly, not even paying attention to the unconscious security guard beneath his feet.] “But last week, your friend and ‘brother’ betrayed you, and stabbed you in the back.”

[Lux looks at Lazarus, the shame seeping through his eyes.]

“Tell me, ‘leader’, since you know that Viktor North wishes to split your skull and drink mead from your cranium, and that after tonight, those two ‘Knights’ may no longer see your point of view; how much do you trust the traitor that restrains you?”

[North laughs heartily, turning around and entering the hall. As he walks away, his laughter bellows, leaving Lux and Lazarus to contemplate his vile words.] [There’s no way to know whether or not The Red Emperor was attacked by North or not. How can these men trust each other now?]


[The Hangman looms over Brent Kersh trying to strike fear into the heart of the Enforcer, but Kersh has seen his fair share of monsters. The bell rings.] [Kersh immediately leaps at the Hunter with a flurry of fists. The Hangman is rocked as Kersh forces him back towards the ropes. Kersh whips him to the far ropes and as he returns, Brent braces for a back body drop, but instead catches a swift kick to the face! Hangman grabs him and…. ATOMIC DROP!! Kersh stumbles but stays on his feet….. SPEAR! Brent is leveled! One… Two.. Kickout! Hangman pulls the Enforcer to his feet… CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!! The chokeslam nearly puts Brent through the mat… One… Two… Thre…Kickout! Hangman can’t believe it and rips Kersh to his feet.] [He rips Kersh up for a Powerbomb…but Kersh hammers the Hangman with heavy blows to the head from a sitting position on his shoulders… He drops into a heavy DDT! He grabs the Hangman’s legs and… LONE STAR!! The Figure Four! Hangman is in trouble! He reaches for the ropes… and barely gets them! Kersh is forced to break the hold, but he is quickly to his feet. As Hangman gains his own… RUNNING BULLDOG! Kersh gets quickly to his feet and waits for Hangman… as he stands, Kersh nails him with a RUNNING BIG BOOT!! One… Two… Thr…HANGMAN KICKOUTS OUT WITH FORCE, SENDING KERSH FLYING!] [The Hangman and Kersh both make their way to their feet. They immediately begin trading hammer blow punches! Finally the Hangman uses his size advantage and forces Kersh to the corner. He shoves his shoulder into Kersh’s midsection, driving him into the turnbuckles. He lifts the Enforcer into a sitting position on the top and climbs to the second rope… He lifts Kersh for a BRAINBUST.. .No! Kersh slips out and lands behind Hangman. Hangman drops down and turns right into a gut kick! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!! One… Two… Three!] [Kersh defeats the Hangman her tonight, but another monster waits for him where your eyes don’t go!]


[Ethan Earhart is busy, hunched over a workbench where various scientific apparatus bubble and steam away. He stoppers a vial of purple liquid and places it down. From on his workbench, he then takes a small red stone. Earhart places it into his palm, turning it over a few times and looking lovingly at it.

He brings it up to his nose and breathes it in, holding the breath before exhaling slowly. Then, tucks the stone away safely in his jacket pocket.]

“It’s been two hundred years… And the power of the Philosopher’s Stone is still mine to behold. Drink it in.”

[The wild look in his eyes remains as he exits the lablike room he was in. He soon comes across a closed door leading to the Tap Room’s backstage gymnasium. Looking through the window, he can see Kaito alone inside the gym. The Black Dragon is putting himself a disciplined routine involving slow and controlled movements. Earhart peers through the door, not having forgotten the message he sent Kaito last week. He watches with a keen interest, Kaito unaware of his onlooker. Earhart mutters to himself, almost under his breath.]

“He must possess the answers, the secret of the Orient Stone. I must acquire that stone and he holds the key. The power of the Orient will also be mine.”

[He taps at his chest, where the Philosopher’s Stone is kept.]

“I can almost feel it. And all it will cost me is some cheap fire tricks. The foolish Orient will trade secrets gladly.”

[Almost as if the presence of the Mad Scientist outside the door could be felt by Kaito, he turns and glances at the door. Seeing the man who nearly burned his face off last week, he bounds over with fire in his eyes and pushes the doors open.]

“You… Nanda yo omae-wa?” [His nostrils flare with anger, particularly when Earhart smiles back.] “Leave me alone, before I hurt you, Jingai.”

“No… Earhart.”

[This doesn’t receive so much a response as a stiff push to the chest and a look of daggers from Kaito. Earhart takes the look as his cue to exit, leaving with his own parting words.]

“I will learn the secrets of your Orient Stone, Black Dragon. Mark my words.”

[Two of the best VHS has to offer tie up in what surely will prove to be a rather violent match. I wouldn’t take your eyes off’a this one.] [A frantic start is seeped in heavy hitting. After a few initial traded blows, its Cussen who manages to block a shot before firing back with a heavy hand. Making Jeckel unsteady on his feet, Cussen Irish whips him into the ropes. Upon Jack’s return he finds himself wrapped up in a bear hug like position before being plunged to the canvass with a belly to belly suplex. Vengeance attempts the first pinfall of the night. The Boogieman manages to power out after nothing more than a one count. With both men back on their feet, Cussen rushes at Jeckel.] [He gets a drop toe hold for his troubles though. Cussen’s face and hands dangle over the ropes. Jack’s nasty side comes out by placing his foot on the back of Jensen’s neck and pulling up on the rope, chocking him out. The referee does not stand for this though and begins a five count. Jack Jeckel cuts it fine, releasing just before the referee can say five. The wind knocked from Jensen Cussen’s sails. Jack Jeckel decides to head up top. Looking for some heavy damage high risk. Cussen is crawling around the ring, clearly disorientated.] [Quicker than a flash of lightning Cussen kips up and starts to lay blows into Jeckel who towers above him on the top ring rope. Cussen gaining the upper-hand in this exchange. Cussen is also climbing the turnbuckle. CUSSEN LOOKING FOR A TOP ROPE SUPLEX!! JECKEL BLOCKS IT!! Jack with blow after blow to Jensen’s mid-section, forcing him to release his grip! Finding his balance… BOOGEYBOMB!!TOP ROPE BOOGEYBOMB!! FOLLOWED BY A JACK IN THE BOX!! Cussen look’s unconscious. Jack hooks the leg, smack bang middle of the ring. One…Two… Three!!] [A back and forth encounter see’s Jack Jeckel victorious. Not many men on this planet could of kicked out after the top rope boogeybomb, swiftly followed up with a jack in the box.]


[Deep in the bowels of a familiar tent, a voice cuts through the eerie silence. The night is still. Painted-smiles on lifeless faces hang limp from their dead bodies. Each clown dangles from a rope tied to the trapeze.] [Their laugher, silenced.]

“So you see, I’ve come here to test your abilities.”

[The Hangman comes into view, speaking calmly amongst the shadows.]

“I want to know firsthand just how hard I can squeeze. No, I need to know. Look around you….. This is getting boring.”

[His buckshot eyes piece the darkness.]

“And my little girl here?” [He raises his rope into the light] “Her hunger grows by the second. I feel it, and I’m certain you can see it. Her sisters have grown fat, devouring these jokes with ease. But this one?”

[His busy hands wring the heavy hemp with anticipation.]

“She’s special.” [He chuckles] “So are you, Painkiller.”

[Upon utterance of his name, The Painkiller emerges from blackness. Separated only by his cell bars, he comes face-to-face with the Head-Hunter…… But he doesn’t speak.]

“Are you really willing to let your public down? I’d have thought a trained monkey like yourself would be leaping at the chance to perform. ‘Congenital Insensitivity to Pain,’ correct?”


[The Painkiller studies The Manslyer with stoic, knowing eyes. He speaks.]

“I’ll make this simple. I am not a freak. But you? You are a monster, aren’t ya?” [The Hangman chuckles] “Go ahead and laugh. You think my CIP makes me interesting? That it makes me worth your string’s precious time?”

[The Painkiller tightly chokes the bars.]

“NO. That’s not why I’m special. And this trained monkey? He might just give you want you want, and show you exactly why.”

[Hearing this, The Hangman kicks The Painkiller’s cell with a vicious laugh! The whole thing shakes!]

“Oh, you do that! Provided of course your master gives his monkey permission first to leave his cage! HAHAHAA–”

“And who ever said he needed permission?”

[A new voice cuts through The Hangman’s laughter. He turns sharply; it’s Alistair Huxley.] [CLUNCK!] [Suddenly the cell’s latch slams open as The Painkiller swings his bars out wide….. Only The Hangman is already gone. Vanished.] [The Nightmare Anatomy share a heavy sigh. Despite fighting it, Huxley’s unable to avert his gaze from the ghastly decorations now adorning his tent. He lowers his head.] [Once again, silence fills the circus.]


[The current Rewind Champion takes on the former VHS Champion. Will Viktor feel Mother’s Embrace? Or will North just split open her demonic skull?] [The match starts with Mother glaring into Viktor. The Norseman meets her in a Collar-Elbow Tieup, only to shove her half way across the ring. Mother sneers, rising with an unsteady lurch. North grabs an Arm Wringer that Mother tries to roll through– there’s a kick to her spine! Viktor then muscles her up and down; Backdrop! He hooks both legs! One… Two… NO! Mother gets the shoulder up; North grabs a nasty little Top Wrist Lock. He yanks her up from the mat, nailing a Clubbing Forearm to the shoulders…. SIDE SLAM! He covers! One… Two… NO!] [Viktor hears Mother’s children’s cries from the floor, standing and insisting she rise. Mother just can’t seem to put anything together…. The Skull Splitter quickly becomes impatient, grabbing her by the hair and– NO! The Crab Walk! Mother arches into a creeping crawl, dishing out desperation kicks to the head! She lunges forward, leaping onto Viktor’s back– MOTHER’S EMBRACE?!? NO! North effortlessly flings her around….. FALL OF UTGARD! No, WAIT! Mother ‘Rana’s out in mind-move! She hits a Dropkick, Spinning Wheel Kick and finally a Headbutt! Ooooh, that might have cost her! Viktor swings for a Lariat– MOTHER DUCKS!] [A Flying Headscissors sends North flailing to the floor! Mother quickly scales the turnbuckles….. DIVING MOONSAU– NO! Viktor caught her! POWERSLAM ONTO THE CONCRETE! Her children wail with fear as Viktor lugs her back into the ring. With her draped over his shoulder, he RAMS her into the corner! The Rewind Champion’s left lying limp against the ropes. If she wasn’t already dead, you’d swear she just took her last breath….. Viktor steps back, measuring her as Mother slowly ambles forward………. GUNGNIR! No, WAIT! THE BLACK MIST! Viktor’s blinded; Mother hops onto him into a tight Victory Roll! One… Two… THREE!] [The bell rings and North immediately kicks out! Mother darts to the floor, her children eager to be smothered….. Viktor does not look happy.]


[In the medical office backstage, Neville Sheldon is having dressings applied to his burns received last week. He’s very sore, and very tender, as she applies the bandages.] [Just then, the lights go out.] [Click.] [The door locks.] [Whoosh! Suddenly, flames rise up from behind both Sheldon and the Nurse, quickly spreading around the room as she ducks for cover and he protects her, rising to see what’s going on.]

“She tried to take my baby, now you can her place.”

[Those words thunder inside the room, belonging to the man we know as Hysteria. The OSW World Champion is no-where to be seen, but the fire still rages.] [Suddenly the door bursts open, Bruce Van Chan storming inside with a fire extinguisher. He immediately starts putting out the flames, spraying almost the entire room before he’s finished. Whilst Sheldon looks around in absolute horror, Bruce quickly comforts him.]

“What the heck was that?!” [Van Chan cries out.]

“Hysteria,” [Sheldon responds, as white as a sheet.] “He said that I can take Stephanie Rose’s place.”

[Bruce looks at him, his eyes widened.]

“He would have burned me alive had you not came in Bruce. I can’t thank you enough, you saved my bacon,” [Sheldon says putting an arm around him enthusiastically.] [Van Chan nods.] “We’re a team, buddy. But look, if Hysteria wants you, it’s only a matter of time before he comes after me as well. We have to be super vigilant, or else we’ll end up like Dufrene.”

“Dufrene?” [Sheldon enquires, unaware of what’s happened.]

“Rumour has it that Hysteria burned his entire family alive before his very eyes.”

[Sheldon gulps.] [Cut.]


[With his bags in hand, Jack Jeckel pushes through the bar doors into the Miami night life. He walks down an alleyway next to the building and is abruptly cut off by a man with a gun to his face.] [He steps backwards, slowly lowering his bag, careful not to make any sudden movements.]

“Give me your money, bitch!”

[Jack’s eyebrows raise. Unlike most people would be, he was calm. His heartbeat remained steady, his hands weren’t shaking and his eyes never lost focus.]

“Do you hear me!?” [he says, pointing over Jack’s shoulder to a second man, holding a crowbar.] “You’re out numbered. Now give me your fuckin’ money!”

[The Juggalo smiles, swinging his bag at the guy with the gun, knocking it out of his hand. He quickly uppercuts him, stumbling him backwards. Jack lunges with right hands, only he’s suddenly taken to the floor from behind with a crowbar to the backs of his knees.] [Both men get back to their feet and start stomping at him – that is until a whistle draws their attention away.] [It’s Jake.] [He runs down the alley, sliding under a right-hand attempt and leaping into a giant punch that knocks down the second guy. He turns around, grabbing the first, spinning him around and throwing him head first into a nearby dumpster.] [Jack slowly gets back to his feet, witnessing his brother saving his ass. Jake walks over, checking to make sure that he’s alright.]

“Get away from me,” [Jack spews angrily.] “I don’t need you, Jake. I had it handled, alright? Just leave me the fuck alone.”

[Jack storms down the alley, scooping up his bag and walking away. Jake stays behind, as one of the muggers gets back to his feet, holding his head.]

“That hurt, dude. You said you’d take it easy on us.”

[Jeckel smiles, pulling out a wad of cash and paying him off.]

“It had to look authentic, right?” [Jeckel says with a laugh, handing over the cash.] “Here, now fuck off.”

[He pays the man, heading off down the alley as the mugger helps his friend back to his feet.]


[Tonight the Bellatorum reunites to challenge for the OSW Tag Team Championships. Will Lazarus and Lux open their eyes to a new future? Or will the Real Freakin’ Deal and the Underdog once again rise above?] [That match starts with all four men shaking hands. BVC pairs off against Lazarus as their partners take their corners. The Phoenix grabs a Headlock; Bruce sends him into the ropes. Lazarus hops over a Drop-Down; BVC Leapfrogs over him on the rebound. A Dropkick catches Lazarus on the chin! Van Chan covers! One… NO! Bruce grabs a Reverse Chin Lock before taking a Jawbreaker. He ducks a Leaping Enziguri; Lazarus with a Leg Sweep. Standing Moonsault! One… Two… NO! Lazarus tags in Lux! The Light Warrior immediately snaps off a Headscissors; Bruce Arm Drags him over– Tag to Neville!] [Sheldon enters, wrenching Lux’s arm before nailing a Divorce Court! He stays on the arm, tagging Bruce back in for a Double Hiptoss! There’s a pair of Basement Dropkicks! BVC covers! One… Two…. NO! Lux kicks out; the champs make the tag. The Nerd gets a Suplex, floating through right into an Atomic Drop! THERE’S THE BIG BOOT! The fans want it….. Running Leg Drop? NO! Lux avoids it, Jacknifing him! One… Two… NO! Neville kicks out, missing a Clothesline– GOD’S LIGHT! One… Two… NO! Sheldon rises, catching Lux onto his shoulders only for Bellator to slip free– NKO!] [BUT LAZARUS GOT THE BLIND TAG! He springboards in with a Dropkick! He catches BVC coming with a BIG Leaping Enziguri! Lazarus then misses Dark Wish but squirms from the N.E.R.D.! HE BREAKS DAWN! Lazarus boxes the Champion up! One… Two… THREE! NO!! Van Chan breaks it up! BVC dishes out the kicks– GOOD NIGHT? NO! Lazarus sends him sailing over the top rope! AND NEVILLE WITH BOOK SMART! He wrenches back on Lazarus, unaware Lux makes the tag…… Lazarus then flips onto his feet– CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB! Lux hits Diving Double Stomp! DEATH AND REBITH! Lux covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, the Bellatorum rises. Lazarus and Lux did it! The new champions look to the heavens, proudly…. All Bruce and Neville can do is watch.]


[Bang.] [Bang.] [The door of the broken down dirty apartment flies off its hinges, sending wood splinters flying off in every direction. Jacob Phoenix stands within the light, for barely a moment, before lunging into the darkness. He’s searching for Stephanie who was being held here only a few days ago.]

“Stephanie?” [He calls out, searching the darkness.] [Suddenly, a large figure tosses him across the floor towards the light, watching as he slides backwards. Jensen is soon revealed, walking over to Jacob who protests.]

“Wait,” [he pleads.] “I know what’s happening to you. I know what Jonah is doing!”

[Jensen reaches down, pulling him back to his feet.] “What do you know about my family?” [he barks.] “What do you know about my father? This is all your fault, Phoenix!”

[He grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air, slamming him into a nearby mirror that shatters behind him. Again, Jensen tosses him away, powerful like a man possessed.] [Yet Phoenix still tries to reason with him.]

“I know what’s going on,” [Jacob says from the floor.] “I can help you, okay? Just give me Stephanie and I’ll help you break free of this.”

[Jensen doesn’t even stop to listen. He walks over and pummels down on him, beating him with right and left hands. He hits him so hard, blood shoots from his mouth. By the time Jensen is finished, Jacob is unconscious, barely moving.] [That’s when Jonah, Jensen’s diabolical and abusive father, enters the room. He spots Phoenix and smiles.]

“Good, good. Tie him to that chair. Let’s have some fun with the almighty Phoenix, shall we? Let’s see if he rises, once again.”

[Jensen drags Phoenix across the room, tying him to a chair as we fade.]


[We have a massive main event here tonight as the Juggalo King faces off against the Kingpin in an Iron Man Match. The hatred runs deep here, as two of the top athletes in OSW get ready to fight it out in a bloody war] [The bell rings as both men rush forward, laying into one another with hard lefts and rights, each blow becoming harder and harder as they hit, Bird finally getting the advantage with a sickening headbutt that stuns the Juggalo as Bird grabs him by the back of the head, tossing him into the ropes before nearly decapitating him with a massive Lariat on the rebound. Jake stumbles to his feet as Bird slams him over his knee with a backbreaker before spinning him around and throwing him across the ring with a modified T-Bone Suplex. Bird rushes over, trying to lift Jake up to his feet but the Juggalo bails out, trying to give himself some breathing room] [Jake pushes away a few rowdy fans, as the Kingpin lines him up in the ring, bouncing off the ropes, SPEAR TO THE OUTSIDE! Jake nearly gets snapped in half landing back first on the hard wood floor as Bird gets to his feet, the crowd cheering as Jake is pulled to his feet. The two walk over to the bar, Bird slamming Jake’s head into the bar itself before grabbing a flowing beer pump and shoving it down Jake’s throat. Bird throws Jake away, the Juggalo sputtering and coughing as the two head back into the ring.] [Bird stuns Jake with a hard knee to the jaw before lifting him up, RUNNING SPIKE….Jake just slips out. Bird rushes forward, trying for a Big Boot but Jake ducks under as Bird gets tangled in the ropes. Jake smiles, seeing an opportunity as he mercilessly lays into the defenseless Bird with hard kicks to the face as Bird tumbles down, his right leg landing hard on the wooden floor. Bird yells out in pain as Jake rolls out, stomping down on the bad leg of Bird before rolling him back into the ring] [Bird stumbles to his feet but gets sent back down to the canvas by a hard kick to the back of his knee. Bird goes down in pain as Jake hones in like a shark smelling blood, grinding down on the right knee with hard knees before lifting Bird up and slamming the bad knee into the canvas. Jake drops down, locking in a leglock as he wraps the knee up tight, Bird crying out in pain as Jake laughs, taunting Bird, yelling at him to tap. Bird fires up, snapping forward with a few hard jabs that stun Jake enough for him to escape the hold] [Bird struggles to his feet, his right leg clearly a problem as he struggles forward, trying to lift Jake up but his knee gives out as Jake drills him with a hard knee to the face before gripping him by the throat, Jake lifts Bird up, slamming him right leg first over his knee, MODIFIED PONY DOWN! Bird goes down, screaming in pain as Jake leaps up, FAYGO SPLASH TO THE RIGHT KNEE! Bird turtles up in pain as Jake covers] [ONE…TWO…TH…BIRD JUST KICKS OUT as Jake turns Bird into the RIDDLE BOX! Bird screams in pain, Jake pulling back with all his strength trying to force the tap out. Bird refuses, trying with all his strength to claw his way to the ropes, getting within inches as Jake rears even further back, putting one knee in the back of Bird as Bird begins to fade away. The referee lifts up his hand, ONE….he lifts it up again, TWO….Bird screams to life, lurching forward as he grabs the ropes, forcing the break] [The damage has been done though as Jake gets to his feet, a wide grin on his face. He slaps the trying to stand Bird, taunting him You can’t beat the King Boy, slapping him a second time before trying to lift him up. Bird trips him out of nowhere, locking in a Fujiwara Armbar outta nowhere! Jake struggles, Bird pulling back with all his strength as he tries to break Jake’s arm, as he rolls onto Jake’s back, hyperextending it as much as he can. Jake yells out in pain, leaping towards the ropes as the hold is broken but as Jake stands, those few seconds of hyper-extension seem to have made his right arm useless] [Bird struggles to stand as both men just stare at eachother for a moment, one bad leg, one bad arm before swinging for the fences. Bird gets the advantage having both hands as he tries to lift Jake up for the Spike Slam but stumbles as his leg gives out on him. Jake laughs as he pulls Bird up, but as he tries to place him on his shoulders for the Hatchet, he can’t quite find the strength before Bird counters, drilling Jake into the mat with a DDT. Both men collapse onto the canvas as Bird flops an arm over Jake. ONE…TWO…THR…Jake just gets the shoulder up] [ONE MINUTE LEFT. Bird fires up, lifting Jake up as he punishes him with hard lefts and rights, a massive elbow knocking Jake for a loop before Bird lifts Jake up, WORLD’S END! Bird drops to one knee, shaking off the pain before covering, ONE…TWO…THRE…FOOT ON THE ROPES! THIRTY SECONDS LEFT. Bird is in shock, arguing with the referee but as the ref turns away for a moment, Jake strikes with a massive Low Blow before rolling Bird up. ONE…TWO…JAKE HAS THE TIGHTS…THREE!!! Bird kicks out right after the three as he can’t believe it, right as the timer hits zero and the bell rings] [The Juggalo King picks up a huge victory here tonight, surviving a massive war with Ethan Bird, as he picks up the victory at the last second with a classic Jake Jeckel sneaky victory, proving you can never trust a Juggalo]


[In the pitch black, a pickup truck pulls in alongside stalks of corn. They wisp back and forth in the breeze as Brent Kersh and his son Trevor step out, carrying tools. They bravely trawl through the corn, coming out the other side to stop at The Perch.]

“Are you sure this is a good idea, dad?” [Trevor asks, looking a little nervous.] [Brent takes his saw and carefully places it upon the base of the perch.]

“When The Scarecrow came after your Great Grandfather, Henry built his perch in hopes it would push back the tide. It was his way of stopping The Scarecrow.”

[That surprises Trevor.]

“I never knew it before. I once tried to destroy it, but it returned. You see kid, what Henry didn’t realize is that the two would become linked together for eternity, just like our lineage. If we cut it down, it re-appears. If we burn it, blow it up or destroy it, it always returns.”

[Trevor frowns.] “Then why are we taking it down?”

“Because in our hands, we can drive it into the soul of The Scarecrow and break this curse.”

[Flutter.] [Suddenly, The Scarecrow appears, standing behind the Kersh’.]

“And what do you think you’re doing, little birdies?”

[Trevor quickly runs at him, being swatted aside with a right hand that sends him flying into the corn. Brent doesn’t hesitate, spinning The Scarecrow around, only to be grabbed and thrown through the perch, snapping it in two!] [The Scarecrow bellows, enraged, picking up the broken half of the perch and turning around, stabbing it straight into the onrushing Trevor Kersh! Oh my GOD!] [Trevor falls to his knees, the perch stuck out of his abdomen, blood spurting out onto the ground. Brent rushes over, just as The Scarecrow vanishes, cradling his son by the head as he sputters and spits blood.] [As the screen fades to black, all we hear is the sobbing sound of Brent Kersh’ voice.]

“Oh God, please no, Trevor? Trevor?”

[Then a guttural scream.]