[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [On the steps outside a busy Las Vegas Police Department, Betamax stands patiently. He’s wearing a large red coat to protect him from the elements, blowing on his freezing cold hands whilst he waits.] [Soon enough, Jack Jeckel pushed through the doors of the precinct and stops at the steps. Looking down at Betamax, Jack’s eyes are reddened and his face, almost gaunt beneath the face paint.]

“What are you doing here?” [Jack demands to know as he hops down the steps next to him and walks on by as if he isn’t there.]

“I spoke with the district attorney and got you released, mate. How about you show me a little gratitude?”

[Jack stops, whipping his head around.]

“Someone killed my brother, asshole,” [he grunts.] “I don’t give a fuck about gratitude.”

[Betamax looks him up and down.] “What about information? Did you know how difficult it was to get you released? They have an eye witness that puts you leaving the scene of the crime.”

“Then why am I out?” [Jack questions.] [Betamax walks over to him and stops dead in front of him.]

“Because I gave you an alibi, that’s why. I told them you were with me, discussing a future contract with VHS.”

[The Juggalo grimaces.] “You know I wasn’t with you, Betamax.”

“No, you weren’t,” [Beta says, turning away.] “But I don’t think for one second that you killed your brother. Have you heard the rumours? They’re saying they think he faked his death.”

[That gets his attention.]

“Did he?”

[Betamax shakes his head ‘no’.]

“I spoke with a friend at the coroner’s office and no, he didn’t. I’m sorry to say this but that dead body IS Jake Jeckel. The tattoo, blood and tooth evidence is conclusive. I think someone is trying to frame you, and I think someone is trying to bring down VHS in the process. Now, if you want to live, you need to come with me.”

“That’s a little dramatic, isn’t it?”

[Betamax chuckles to himself, nodding towards his car. Both men head towards it, getting inside so that they can head to the VHS arena here tonight.] [Static.] [Tony Vipers saunters down to the ring looking confident as ever. Bambi’s already standing between the ropes…. The little guy looks kind of timid.] [The match starts with the auburn-haired Vipers sizing up his opponent. Bambi’s knees audibly shake as he stares at his imposing opponent. Tony takes his time, stepping steadily closer to Bambi…. Oh, deer. Suddenly Bambi flees through the ropes, scampering away! He darts aimlessly around ringside before running straight into the ring post! Ouch! Tony just shakes his head and rolls his eyes….. With Bambi petrified on the floor, Vipers slowly slithers his way through the ropes. He grabs the hapless Bambi by the scruff of his neck and HURLS him back into the ring! Tony just sighs.] [Bambi backs away in horror as Vipers steps back over the top rope. He BIELS his opponent across the ring! Tony looks almost bored out here… He hits a Big Boot and then Piefaces Bambi into the corner. WOOO! WHAT A SCINTILLATING CHOP! Bambi’s fur burns from Vipers’ stinging hand. Tony quiets the crowd….. WOOOOO! ANOTHER WICKED CHOP! Tony’s turning Bambi into ground venison! Bambi struggles to escape but Vipers just LAUNCHES him head-over-heels with a massive Hiptoss! And a Samoan Drop knocks all the air out of the easily over-matched opponent! Bambi’s about to see his mom at this rate!] [The referee pleads with Vipers to put the poor deer out of his misery. Tony shrugs him off, elevating Bambi up and over with a BIG Suplex! Vipers then rises, admiring his bulging biceps before finally calling for the end. Bambi can barely stand, slipping on the canvas like a newborn feebly trying to walk! He stumbles across the ring, landing right into position for the CANADIAN DESTROYER?!? NO! Bambi retaliates with a Slap across the face…… I think Tony liked it. Bambi’s eyes go wide; the hunter suddenly goes for the kill! DROP DOWN SUPERKICK! VIPERS BOMB! One… Two… THREE!] [After the massacre, Vipers stands and gets his arm raised. He dumps Bambi’s limp carcass over the top rope, letting him hit the ground with a THUD! I sure hope nobody runs into that before he can be peeled off the concrete….]

“No, no, no! You stupid, sniveling imbeciles! You’re not painting the underside of whatever ramshackle cottage you all crawled out from! You’re repairing…… a work of fine art!”

[Backstage, Dom Cruise is being tended to by a team of frantic makeup artists. The cuts on Cruise’s face from Monday are still visible.]

“This…. this face! It’s like sculpting Michelangelo’s David but grander!”

[He stands, getting lost in his own pompous pontifications.]

“You fools dare to treat me like some common….. I don’t know, a Reality TV Star?”

[He scoffs, staring into the bright studio lights.]

“The indignity.”

[Dom continues to muse about his mangled money-maker, receding back into his chair with a heavy sigh.]

“….. Do what you must, but God help you if so much as leave one inch of my porcelain skin unpolished!”

“Don’tchya worry your pretty lil’ head, boss! You’re in gooooood hands!”

[The familiar voice sends a chill down Dom’s spine. He tries to flee but is quickly braced into his chair. Aghast, he watches helplessly as Marvolo, jr. quickly ties him into his seat!]

“See? Marvolo, jr. took your advice and got a step-stool!”

[The devious dwarf plops onto Cruise’s prone lap.]

“Now darlin’, here’s what we’re gonna do. I–”

[Cruise struggles.]

“Shhhh! Easy, kitten. Just let Junior work his magic. ‘Cause Im’a gonna make you look fab-u-lous! And best of all?

[Dom whimpers]

“Your match is next.”

[With that, the real Number One raises a pair of scissors, smirking. Cruise’s bellows, completely at Junior’s mercy…..] [Manson leans against the ropes and waiting for Cruise to come to the ring. He looks towards the stairs, Cruise coming down… in makeup? Dom covers his face as he enters the ring, visibly angry as he stands in his corner.] [Cruise is too caught up in his looks to see Manson coming, the Cannibal laying into Cruise with a hard clothesline! Dom hits the turnbuckle and Manson leaps into a massive knee to Dom’s jaw! Dom is dazed and Manson looks to place him on the top turnbuckle. With Dom up top Manson looks to join, Dom stopping him with a hard kick! Manson tries once more, Cruise trapping him on the second rope and FLYING FORWARD WITH A SUNSET FLIP! Manson crashes down to the ground! Cruise doesn’t cover, opting to rub his face to remove the make up on it.] [Manson drags himself to his feet, taking advantage of Dom’s distraction and running forward with an elbow shot! Cruise is taken by surprise allowing Manson to pull him into a belly to belly suplex! The toss is powerful and Dom bounces on impact. He rolls out of the ring, Manson wasting no time to follow him. As Manson gets on the apron Cruise yanks his leg out from under him! Manson nails the apron awkwardly and rolls to the ground. He gets up to a chop followed by smashing his head into the apron! Manson is rolled into the ring, Dom following behind.] [Dom has slight control over the match, walking towards Manson who gets Dom with a drop toe hold! Manson rolls away and as Cruise rises runs forward and hits a massive spine buster! Cruise bounces off of the ground and Manson runs to the ropes, coming back with a senton splash to him! Dom rolls in pain, Manson lifting him to his feet and whipping him. Dom drops to his back at Manson’s feet! Manson leans down AND GETS POKED IN THE EYES! Cruise tries to take advantage- But Manson kicks him in the gut! REIGN OF TERROR! Cruise is broken in half as Manson covers ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Manson rises from the pin and smirks down at Cruise before exiting the ring, lighting a cigarette on his way out.] [Bang!] [BANG!] [BANG! BANG! BANG!] [The still darkness is broken as the curtain is drawn back as the shadow of a top hat shields the face of the man inside from the harsh lights outside.]

“It seems he’s awake, Fluffy! My little Painkiller has been a naughty little pet, hasn’t he?”

[Before an answer can be heard, a whip cracks through the bars and strikes the man inside of the cage right on the face. His face doesn’t exhibit any pain, but the mark begins to swell and turn a dark shade. A sinister chuckle resonates through the spiked cage as The Dead has nowhere to move.]

“What a remarkable sideshow you are, my little Painkiller. Seeing your talents on such display, it reminds me of what drew me into the Freakshow business in the first place. My brother used to be an acrobat.”

[Alistair begins walking away from the cage as the carnival surrounds him with a myriad of sounds from Fluffy lifting enormous weight to the sounds of squeals in the background. The top hat wearing fellow beckons to the heavens as if to point out the tight wire and the net beneath it.]

“I went to every show that he ever performed at from the age four on up. It wasn’t until I missed a show, that tragedy befell him. The one time I missed and everything went wrong.”

[Ali takes off his top hat as he seems to be remembering his fallen brother. He turns back to the cage as The Dead is staring through the bars at him.]

“But no worries, my little Painkiller. I would never allow something like that to happen to you because, unlike my brother, I will never let you walk your tight rope alone.”

[Alistair begins snickering to himself as the sound of the forklift is heard as The Dead is being lifted in preparation for his match.]

The former Ash Williams takes on the Rising Sun of VHS! Will Kaito kick things into another gear or will Gloria knock him down a peg?] [The bell rings and Evil Ash snaps into action with the SOUL RUSH! He batters Kaito into the corner, rocking him to his knees with an Uppercut! Ash looks for the Apocalypse Crush but EATS a Roundhouse Kick to his gnarled teeth! Kaito dishes out a flurry of sudden strikes– Mongolian Chop! Hell’s Prophet staggers back into a corner…. YAMIKAZE! Kaito now quickly looks for a Dragon Suplex but Ash gets a go-behind; German Suplex! NO! Kaito rises with an unmatched fighting spirit! BIG kick to Ash’s black heart! Kaito rebounds for the PK but Ash bails to the floor!] [The fans boo as the newest inmate of the Asylum tries to catch his breath; Kaito hits the ropes…. SASUKE SPECIAL OVER THE TOP ROPE! The Rising Sun is all fired up! He chucks Ash back into the ring, quickly scaling the turnbuckles. He measures his opponent– NO! Ash with a Headbutt right to the skull! He drags Kaito in; DESOLATION! He covers! One… Two… NO! Kaito kicks out and Ash Stomps on his face! He rips at the Black Dragon’s eyes, kicking at his back before muscling him over with a Snapmare. Ash cinches in a nasty Reverse Chin Lock!] [The crowd tries to will Kaito on; Ash grinds in his knee! Prime seethes at his opponent’s resilience… They steadily rise. Kaito works to elbow out; Ash WHIPS him down and– NO! Kaito Kips Up with a Leaping Enziguiri! DRAGON SUPLEX! He holds the bridge! One… Two…. NO! Ash powers out but Kaito looks for TODOME DA only for Hell’s Prophet wriggles free– MALUM IRAE! Ash boxes him up! One… Two… NO! Hell’s Prophet is IRATE, begging Kaito to rise. He readies Gloria and….. NO! KTFO! Ash’s humbled to a knee– TODOME DA! Kaito slumps into a cover! One… Two… THREE!] [The bell rings and both men lie in a heap. Kaito fights to stand, getting his arm raised as Ash glares from the mat. The Black Dragon holds himself up by the ropes as the fans cheer; the Prime Evil meanwhile oozes out to the floor….] [The backstage is cold and dark, voices heard, the voices of Chase Hero and Lazarus. They grow ever closer, a few lights kicking on as they walk under, the sound of water sloshing as the light reveal them walking through a flooded area in the backstage. The area comprised of a concrete walkway that sits over a pool of water, the walkway seemingly the only part of the area that keeps them above water.]

“What made you think this was a good idea? There’s no way we can find that… creature down here.” [Chase shakes his head, almost annoyed as he sloshes through the water.] [Lazarus stays deadpan as he replies.] “The best way to reveal light to men like this is to show it to them. If we have to seek them out in the darkness then so be it.”

[Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of water moving. Both men look around, frantically trying to find the source. With both looking in different directions, HE STRIKES! The Shark breaches the water, grabbing hold of Lazarus and chomping down on his neck before diving backwards into the water, Lazarus still in his Jaw.]

“Damn it! Get back here!” [Chase dives into the water after the two, furiously swimming after them. The water is still and the scene is silent, motionless… until the sight of blood darkens the water that is visible under the lights.] [Chase breaks through the water with Lazarus at his side! Lazarus is bleeding from his shoulder but makes it to platform with Chase. Both men get up and walk away from the edges of the platform, the lights slowly flickering. Lazarus holds his shoulder, staring into the water. The silence is broken by a chuckle behind them. Both men turn around to see Evil Ash, a bat in hand.]

“Well well, looks like we’ve got some would-be heroes in the deep. I don’t think hunting for sharks is the smartest idea, is it?”

[Hero puts himself in front of Lazarus, staring down Ash.]

“Move, Ash. We came to get Shark, but I’ll be just fine getting you.”

“Then come get me, Hero.”

[Ash charges Chase, rearing to swing when Chase reaches behind his back AND BRINGS OUT A TASER! Ash gets tazed by Hero, his not making contact as he falls towards the water, locked up from the shock. Chase takes the moment to run, dragging Lazarus with him. As they exit the flooded area the sound of Ash and Shark exiting the water is heard behind them.] [Stephanie Rose stands in her corner solo. The same can be said for Nevermore. Suddenly Alistair Huxley’s music hits and he comes out. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks back. Fluffy comes out, slowly pulling a cage with the DEAD trapped inside. Alistair enters the ring, and then orders Fluffy to release their catch. The bell rings, and the action begins.] [Stephanie Rose shoots after Huxley, who deftly dodges her advance. He grabs her as she passes and throws her into the ring post shoulder first!! She collapses back into the ring, grasping her shoulder! Huxley quickly seizes the opportunity and grabs Stephanie by the bad arm and drags her to the ropes. He puts her arm on the bottom rope and repeatedly drops a knee on her shoulder! She screams! The ref pulls Alistar away, but then he grabs he again and locks her into a SEATED ARMBAR!!! She’s in terrible pain and is reaching for the ropes…but she’s nowhere close! She raises her other arm to tap!!]

“Come on, Painkiller! Help me destroy her!” [Alistair screams at the DEAD. The DEAD enters the ring. is he really going to help?] [But DEAD blasts Huxley in the face with a BIG BOOT!! He releases Stephanie as the ref pushes the DEAD away! Huxley is rolling on the ground holding his face. Both Stephanie and Huxley desperately need a tag! They stir and both make diving tags! Nevermore and the DEAD both come rushing in and Nevermore ducks a Discus Clothesline from DEAD. DEAD spins and is scooped up MICHINOKU DRIVER! One… Two… DEAD kicks out! DEAD doesn’t feel anything and quickly gets to his feet at the same time as Nevermore. He spins and…FINAL BREATH!! From nowhere! One… Two… THREE!!] [NO! Huxley broke it up! Rose tries to enter but the ref pushes her out, as Huxley has already retreated. The DEAD stands to complain at the ref, but he’s spun around by Nevermore… THE DARKNESS!!! One… Two… Thr….Stephanie breaks up this one! She immediately backs off as the ref warns her again. Nevermore goes to his corner and tags in Alistair. He comes in quickly and pulls The DEAD to his feet and…..DESPERATION FINAL BREATH!! Huxley is down, but DEAD doesn’t know where to go. He falls into his corner, dazed, and Stephanie tags him. Rose mounts the turnbuckles. DIVING DOUBLE FOOT STOMP!! She runs straight to the corner where Nevermore is climbing into the ring and FULL BLOOM!! He is down as well… Rose goes to cover Huxley… One… Two… THREE!!] [Rose and DEAD pull off the victory in a hard fought battle. DEAD isn’t done though… He pulls Huxley to his feet, wraps his arms around him. DEATH RATTLE…Headbutt after headbutt! Finally DEAD drops an unconscious Alistair to the mat. Blood runs down the DEAD’s face, but who’s is it?] [Smoke floats across the lights, a small chuckle heard as the camera pans to reveal David Manson walking towards the locker rooms of the Schoolyard. He smirks, taking another drag from his cigarette before putting it out on the ground and walking past the locker room and peaking into a room nearby, revealing the room to be one Kaito seems to have taken for his own. The room was empty except for a small shrine at the far end. On the shrine? Kaito’s katana. Manson whistles nonchalantly as he walks towards it, a dirty grin on his face as he does.]

“If the slave didn’t want people taking his toys then I guess he shouldn’t have placed them out in the open like this. I guess I’ll have to teach him the old fashioned way not to leave belongings unattended.”

[As he walks, the camera zooms in on the floor in front of him. The light glinting off of a thin wire, one no bigger than a strand of hair. That’s when Manson’s foot pulls it.]

“What the-” [Manson screams in pain as part of the ceiling above him breaks away, barbed wire flinging out at high speeds and wrapping around Manson’s arms, holding him in place and digging into his flesh. He tries fighting the grasp to no avail turning his head to see he is no longer alone, for Kaito had entered the room, his cold stare never leaving Manson as he circles him, a kendo stick in hand.]

“So. You want to cut my strings, ne?” [Kaito closes in on Manson, having the obvious upper hand as he levels the kendo stick at his chest.”

“Well now I show you how a true puppet feels. But you follow Red River Jack, so you already know this. I will main this pain literal, and I will insult you as you have insulted me.”

[The camera pans out from the room as Kaito begins swinging on Manson, the sound of Manson yelling against the attack echoing as the scene cuts away.] [Marvolo, Jr. is in the corner resting his feet on one rope and his shoulder on the other….. The bottom ropes. Jack Jeckel looks at him questioningly. He turns around towards the crowd and says, “Is this a joke?” Then Jr. drops down and sprints across the ring and…] […nails Jeckel with a huge crossbody! He is driven into the corner and before he can even react M.J. is standing on the second rope hammering down with tiny right hands! The crowd counts! 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… JACK LIFTS MARVOLO JUNIOR AND POWERBOMB LUNGBLOWER!! THE BOOGEYMAN BOMB! This is over already! One… Two… THRE…KICKOUT!! Somehow the diminutive devastator survives! Jeckel wastes no time, even though he looks like he can’t believe it. He rips Junior to his feet and a GERMAN SUPLEX TOSSES M.J. ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE RING! Another cover…. One… Two… THREE!] [NO! Another kickout!! Jeckel is pleading with the referee; he argues right back! He gives time for Junior to recover and SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA!! He grabs Jack’s leg… One… Two… KICKOUT WITH FORCE! Junior is shot across the ring but is back on Jeckel as he tries to stand, kicking him in the back of the knees! Jeckel goes down and THE JUNIOR LOCK!!! Kneebar is locked in! Jack squirms in pain! But he reaches the ropes! M.J. lets go and sprints to the ropes as Jeckel weakly gets to his feet. SPRINGBOARD SPIKE DDT!! One… Two… Thre….KICKOUT!] [Marvolo is still wasting no time and climbs to the top… THE CRASHDOWN!! HUGE CROSSBODY….BUT JECKEL CATCHES HIM!!! He tosses Junior high in the air and EUROPEAN UPPERCUT AS JUNIOR FALLS! HE TOOK HIS FREAKING HEAD OFF!! One… Two… Thre…another kickout!!!!! How is he surviving this!? Jeckel is very frustrated now and pulls Marvolo up by the mask. He throws Junior in the ropes and …M.J. springboards again and ARMDRAG…quick cover… One.. Tw.. Kickout with force! Marvolo to his feet again and tries another springboard…but Jeckel catches him again, flips him over his shoulder….HATCHET 2.0!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Marvolo Junior put up a great battle, but finally succumbed to the onslaught! Jack Jeckel picks up the victory!] [We cut to the swinging slam of the door of a bathroom stall.] [Stephanie Rose steps up to the sink lined countertop; glancing almost wearily at her reflection in the mirrors that cover the concrete wall.] [She appears tired; even to our perception. Mentally tormented and physically weakened based on what she witnessed just a few short days ago.] [Rose lowers her head; opening the faucet and filling the bathroom with the echo of rushing water when suddenly…] [BBBZTH! BBZZZTH!] [The lights in the bathroom dim slightly; on and off, prompting Rose to close the faucet and look behind her and upward at the fluorescent bulbs above.] [The flickering ceases for a moment before the room is brought to complete darkness.] [And there is silence. No movement can be heard. Nothing. For several seconds before the lights simply return to their normal state. A confused, but somewhat curious Rose remains in the same state as we saw her before the darkness came; still glaring up.] [Finally, Stephanie lets off a shrug and turns to the face the mirror.] [NEVERMORE!] [The reflection of the person suddenly appearing behind her brings a gasp from Rose’s lips.]

“DAMN IT!” [Rose squeals as she moves to react.] [Her movement; however, is quickly stopped by the mysterious being who wraps his arms around her. Stephanie’s chin gripped between his gloved fingers as he holds her head in place; forcing her to stare forward at the reflection.]

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?” [Rose screams in anger as she struggles against the grip of her captor.] [His grip tightens.]

“My purpose is simple my little Rose.” [Nevermore utters in an eerie calmness.] “I’m an artist, you see, and an artist needs supplies.”

[Stephanie’s face becomes even more distorted, not understanding where Nevermore is going.] “It’s just that…” [He pauses, almost menacingly.] “The only supply I use… is the blood of innocents. And you’re going to help me stock it!”

[The look of confusion on Stephanie’s face turns to horror.]

“THERE’S NO WAY IN HELL I’D HELP YOU DO THAT I…” [Rose is silenced by the tightening of Nevermore’s grip around her face.]

“Silly girl. You’ve already began.” [With that, the lights begin to flicker and darkness suddenly overtakes the room again as Nevermore’s voice echoes.] “Quote Nevermore… NEVERMORE!!”

[When the lights return, Stephanie is alone and her demeanor relaxes at the realization. However, it isn’t long that her rest is broken and terror once again consumes her expression for as she looks around the room there is blood covering walls of the bathroom; covering them in the form of one repetitive word:]


[Like a dentist and a carpenter, Lazarus fought tooth and nail for the purple brand at OSW’s 100th Supershow. Now, can VHS’ newest recruit outlast the Skull Splitter’s onslaught? Or will Viktor North prove once again why he is the champion?] [The match starts with Lazarus and Viktor settling into the Double-Roman Knuckle Lock. North gets the early advantage but the Reborn Kips Up, looking for a Leaping Enziguri that Viktor doges. North swings for a Lariat but Lazarus catches his arm, slinging around him; Hurricanerana! Dropkick by Lazarus sends the champion into the corner. Viktor hits a Back Elbow as Lazarus charges…. GUNGNIR? NO! Lazarus Leap Frogs over but runs right into a Powerslam! North hits a Standing Double Stomp but gets countered, trying to send Lazarus packing! The Phoenix tries the Lazarus Chamber; Viktor swats it away! Headbutt!] [The Skull Splitter’s crushing cranium sends Lazarus stumbling through the ropes. Viktor snaps a Neckbreaker over the top rope but the Reborn holds on! North rears back, looking to charges with a Running Shoulder Block; Lazarus slings over into a School Boy! One… Two… NO! Both rise and Lazarus nails a Northern Lights Suplex! One… Two… NO! Viktor powers out, looking for a Rolling Elbow only Lazarus side-steps it! Springboard Crossbody– NO! North catches him and plants him with a Michinoku Driver! He covers! One… Two… NO! They stand; North looks for the FALL OF UTGARD? NO!] [Lazarus slips off the VHS Champion’s shoulders, hitting a Chop Block….. DARK WISH! NORTH STANDS? Lazarus quickly tries to Break Dawn, getting out-muscled into a BIG Sit-Out Powerbomb! One… Two… NO! With the Nox Bellator reeling, Viktor measures him…… GUNGNIR! HE CUTS HIM IN HALF! COVERS! One…. Two…… NO! Viktor rises, frustrated but determined. He hits a Yakuza Kick and tries for a Brainbuster but Lazarus knees mid-move! Ace Crusher! He covers! One… Two…. NO! Lazarus glances to the Heavens; the Norse Nightmare starts to stir…. Lazarus aims…….. DARK WISH! ANOTHER! VIKTOR FALLS AND LAZARUS COVERS! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, both warriors lie side-by-side, exhausted. Lazarus’ hand is raised but the man just can’t make it to his feet. Viktor works to turn himself over; his eyes meet the Phoenix while both quietly rise…] [Bambi’s debut didn’t exactly go to plan. He’s just received his marching orders from Betamax backstage and angrily heads towards the exit.] [Just then, the lights go off.] [Darkness.]

“Ring-a-ring-a-roses, a pocket full of posies.”

[The sound of children giggling echo’s.]

“Hello?” [he calls out.] [There’s still only pitch black.] [His nerves tingle with fear.]

“Look, I’m leaving, alright?” [he pleads.] “I was just fired.”

[More giggling.]

“You look lost,” [says an unknown voice, softly whispered from the pitch black.] “Why don’t you take my hand and come with me? I’ll keep you safe.”

[Some light flickers, showing Bambi’s terrified face and white beard. A pale arm reaches out of the darkness, wounded, dirty and offering a hand.]

“It’s okay, take my hand…”

[He reaches out, only to suddenly pull back.] [Suddenly, his face contorts as the hand wraps around his throat and starts strangling him. He’s unable to maintain his footing, dropping to his knees in the dark. There’s no face, no body, just an arm protruding violently from the darkness.]

“Ashes! Ashes!” [roar the children once more.] “We all fall down.”

[Lights.] [When the lights return, there’s nothing there. Bambi has vanished into the darkness and the once pale arm, it has receded into the nothingness that now exists. The camera focuses on the empty scene in front of it for a moment, before turning to abrupt static.] [Cut.] [Just one week after being a hair’s length away from becoming VHS Champion, Thunk finds himself face to face with the very first in the predatory Shark. Can the Wild Man return to his dominating ways or is the Shark too far up the food chain for him to conquer?] [The bell rings as the Shark rushes forward with a dropkick, bouncing off the larger man as he rolls to his feet right into a a hard running knee before Thunk slams a hard forearm over his back. The Shark barely hits the mat before he’s powered up to his feet as Thunk grabs him by the back of the head, vaulting the Shark into the steel cage! The Shark bounces off, a small cut having opened up on his forehead as he staggers around, DEAD PREY!] [Thunk quickly covers following the hard drop, ONE…TWO…Shark manages to get his shoulder up. Thunk goes to pull him up but gets a thumb to the eye before The Shark leaps up with a reverse bulldog, spiking the back of Thunk’s head into the mat. Shark backs up, running off the ropes before leaping up with a standing FIN-ISH HIM! The Shark covers, ONE…THUNK TOSSES HIM AWAY!] [Shark rolls to his feet, running forward right into a kick to the gut, FROG FACE! The Shark gets planted face-first onto the mat as Thunk pounds his chest, yelling out ‘THUNK SMASH’ as he pulls Shark up to his feet, nailing him with a throat thrust, biting down hard on the face of The Shark, THUNK SMASH! The Shark gets slammed into the canvas, completely out of it as Thunk rolls him over for the pin. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The bell rings as Thunk climbs up the cage, calling out a guttural victory scream at the top before climbing down, as he heads up the stairs, celebrating yet another successful hunt] [Tonight, Thunk is the target of the VHS Champion. North scales the cage easily. before standing before Thunk, who may not always understand our culture. However, he understands hostility.]

“You know, last week I stood before you, and offered you both the wisdom of Odin and a gift.” [North begins, sneering at a tense Thunk, who does not understand such references.] “Yet you continue to ignore both.”

[The Champion circles Thunk, whose fists have formed out of the anger that only follows misunderstanding. North throws his spear at the feet of Thunk with a clang.]

“This was to be your mighty weapon, yet I found it laying in a corner earlier. You have rejected both my counsel and my gifts.”

[The angry North gets right behind Thunk, yet his voice softens.]

“I know that you are not of this world, my friend. I know that your wisdom and mine are entirely different. Yet, if I stepped foot into your home, I would respect your station. You are in my ring. You are in home. You will not disrespect me.”

[Thunk turns to face North, finally angry at all of these words.]

“I will lower myself to you, Thunk.” [North says, sneering with contempt.]


[Thunk gets rocked back as North strikes out with a full force blow to the temple. The big man is staggered backwards as North continues to hammer upon him with blow after blow. Finally, Thunk begins to shake off the shots, and stares full eyed at the VHS Champion.]


[North takes every shot with little retort as Thunk pushes the Skull Splitter backwards with the sheer force of his attack. North almost appears to be smiling as Thunk continues his assault. As the Champ is rocked up against the side of this cage, his body begins to contort against the steel mesh and ropes as Thunk increases his intensity. North continues to yell out to Thunk, using barely decipherable language. Finally, with what appears to be a great sigh, Thunk backs away.]

“Use the spear, Thunk.” [North gasps.] “Finish it.”

[The big man looks down at the spear and picks it up. Instead of using it as a weapon, he instead walks away, climbing out of the ring and dropping to the floor before beginning to ascend the stairs out of the arena.]

“You will not deny me!”

[North’s battle cry echoes through the Schoolyard as he gets a running start to leap over the cage at Thunk.] [GASP!] [The crowd goes silent as Thunk turns with the spear, piercing the side of the Skull Splitter. Thunk seems to be shocked at what has happened, and he turns tail to lumber away.] [For his part, Viktor North holds a hand to his side, staggering backwards to grab onto the enclosure cage. While he is definitely hurt, there is no mistaking the expression that hangs on his face like the bat from the ceiling.] [A smile.] [Did Viktor North want this outcome?] [And why?]