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Unnatural Predator

Unnatural Predator

Since the inception of the temple, these halls have seen a menagerie of warriors here to ply their strengths against one another.

From those who survived the rising sun, the Hollywood outcasts and those who reside far more comfortably in the company of 1’s and 0’s

The peak of human perfection and monsters from the deepest recesses of hell itself.

The location may change but the one solitary rule that binded them all together never did.

Survival of the Fittest. In any way you see possible.

Some tried pure strength, the power to crush mountains in a single snap of the fingers but that strength waned and fell under the constant pressure upon their throat.

Some tried intelligence, outsmarting and outmanouvering every opponent into a sure defeat but then  they walked into the wall they couldn’t climb and was crushed underneath.

Some even tried blending into the shadows and manipulating everything from behind the scenes to their own advantage but then the curtain falls and they got everything they deserved.

The fools who believed themselves Gods only to tremble at the feet of true deities.

The monsters who sought only to consume and infect when they didn’t realize the true poison that would rip them from this mortal coil was always festering within.

The spoiled children who blamed their sorrows and worries on everyone but themselves, so blind to the world they never saw the razor sharp truth that cut them to the bone.

Because whether you’re draped in Emerald or your eyes go where others don’t, sooner or later everyone falls from the top of the food chain.

And when they do, a fluttering of wings is heard as the apex predator perches once more on his throne.

Waiting for the next fool who believes himself more then a quivering worm of an immortal disappointment.

The immortal vampire with strength far beyond most he fights, with intelligence and cunning to max. Logic dictates you should near the top of the food chain

Tearing foolish mortals in half and feeding as you wish yet the years fighting your very nature have left you weak and unassuming.

A beast of prey who barely uses the tool at his disposal and refuses to give in to that which would make him unstoppable.

And now your fangs bared and your claws extended, you seek to imbide on my flesh and rise high above on a bloody wave of Vengeance.

Not realising for a moment that you’re my fucking prey.

A tainted vessal who has torn apart gods and unholy prophets alike as even hell itself could not contain me

Filled with blood that would make the Dead’s seem like paradise and the sadistic will to make every moment seem like agony.

A single drop will send to your knees as the lambs realizes the folly of walking into the slaughter.

And Vengeance itself sends you back down to where you belong at the very bottom.