Unmarked Territory

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

People have studied the human brain for ages, trying to map out the many aspects of life it can control.

A central hub to the nervous system, the brain can control everything from cognition to a wide range of bodily functions.

Every time you touch, or smell, or taste something…there’s a section of the brain that fires off signals to the rest of your nerves.

Even when you deal with pain, or try and retain memories, or feel much of anything…the brain is hard at work trying to process it.

And all those years of careful research have constructed a perfect map of the brain.

All the pathways traveling through, carrying signals down the stem to the rest of the body.

The way those roads can be blocked, leading to a myriad of issues for those struggling to make sense of what’s happening to them.

But there is one part of the map that hasn’t fully been drawn up, something that goes far beyond mere science.

All the research in the world cannot account for the most random variable of all…free will.

Finding the place in the brain where someone decides to act has not revealed what gives people the ability to decide for themselves, much to the chagrin of those who would try and control it.

They cannot find the exact location on the map, and that makes these so-called scientists mad.

And that one outburst of emotion reveals the cracks in their armor.

The free mind stands alone.

Tell me, Stubbins…just how mad are you?

All those experiments, all those tests helping you build your own map of the human brain.

What have you learned from it?

No doubt you have a firm grasp on nearly aspect of how people operate.

How they live.

Every bodily function, every emotion, all charted to the precise detail.

When one of your subjects expresses joy, you can point to the section of the map that feeling comes from.

If they start drooling uncontrollably, you can point out what road has been blocked.

That level of control affirms your work, rewards the cruel tests you’ve conducted.

But you still haven’t mapped out free will, have you?

It’s the unmarked territory of the human brain you haven’t reached yet.

The one area of the many, many roads within that’s been untouched by your work.

And I can see it in the way you conduct yourself…it makes you mad.

How fitting, truly a Mad Scientist if I’ve ever seen one.

Because that lack of understanding reveals your lack of control on that one aspect of the human condition.

It’s the one glaring crack in your armor…one I’m gonna take a crowbar to.

I am not one of your subjects, Doom.

I have free will, and I am putting it to use.

It gives me an element of surprise that puts a wrench in your precious plans.

With those plans crumbling around you, the free mind stands alone.

And with it, the OSW World Championship.