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Journalists love a good mystery.

It’s like a lock just begging to be picked.

And any piece of info gives them a crucial tool for the practice.

Searching high and low across all of Arcadia, they will find out who this person is, and what they’re up to.

They will track down the last known spot where this person has been, and when they were seen.

And above all else, they will answer the underlying question of why this person is of such great interest.

As each question gets answered, a key pin gets pushed aside, allowing the journalist to get deeper through the stack.

If they can’t do that, if they get jammed or lose a vital piece of info, their mission is a failure…they’re locked out.

But journalists are a tenacious bunch.

They will do anything and everything to bring that truth out of hiding.

To get past the key pins, until the whole stack has been solved.

The bigger the mystery, the harder the lock is to pick…with a greater reward at the end.

The more you try to cover your tracks, the harder the journalist will push to find them…to find you.

And when they push hard enough, they will solve that mystery.

They will pick that lock.

The tumbler turns, the door opens.

And they will uncover the truth, whether you want them to or not.

Then, they will understand why their target is so important, what makes them valuable to those making the inquiry.

If I can’t crack the mystery of Kaiju Chiba, who can?

It’s not often a man of such mystique arrives on the scene.

The hushed whispers of who you are, what you stand for…they intrigue my inquisitive mind.

And I’ve brought the tools I need to get into this lock.

I will get to the bottom of this, to get a better understanding of where you came from.

To get a grasp of when the call for help became loud enough for you to heed it.

And, above all else, to understand why you’re a person of interest.

Because the less I know about you, Chiba, the more I want to dig.

The more I want to push through each and every question, shoving aside each key pin until I’ve cleared the whole stack.

At that point, I’ll know enough about you to turn the tumbler, and open the door.

To find the truth about you, once and for all…whether you like it or not.

Because that’s what I do, Chiba.

I solve that mystery, I pick that lock, and I fling that door wide open.

And when I unlock the mystery of Kaiju Chiba, I will accept the reward that awaits.

The knowledge of who this strange man is, and what his true intentions are.

And I will share it with anyone and everyone who will listen, because the people don’t want a mystery…they want to know the truth.

And you’ve got to give the people what they want.

Colt Ramsey