Uneasy Alliance

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

June 2nd, 1942. Germany attacks Russia, opening up the Eastern Front of the War. From that moment forward, Russia joined the Allied Powers against the advancing German war machine. For the next three years, this alliance fought side by side in an alliance that was based on the precept of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

It’s an uneasy alliance, but one made so that the evils of Nazi Germany couldn’t gain a stronger foothold in Europe. For the next three years, copious amounts of blood was shed. For a beast like me, it was a glorious moment of horror and nightmare. We acted together, we fought and ended a threat that was greater than what the West and Russia saw in each other.

They forced the Germans to spread their forces too thin, and eventually they broke. And the two armies marched towards one another as they ended their united threat, slowly setting the stage for the collapse of the uneasy alliance

But the threat of the other, the threat of the ideologies of Socialism and Capitalism still existed. But in the face of the nightmare of racism, the two could look beyond those minor to take on a common enemy.

It’s all brotherhood and camaraderie…

Until there is no more mutual enemy to distract each of them from the other. Until they have no more reason to see the friend in the enemy of my enemy.

You three have created such an uneasy alliance. We see the cruelty, the evil, the horror you’ll commit to attain your goals. You’re hatred of the other, those that think differently. You have become the enemy of my enemies. So, I will side with them.

Like Russia and the West, I see the threat my allies present to me, but we have a single, mutual enemy. An enemy greater than the difference I have with these two. So, I will fight with them. They are brothers and sisters in war. Comrades in the foxholes of that ring, as we fight to stand up and defend ourselves from your violence.

You started this war, like the Germans did in 1942, against all of us. And now monsters will ally because you are a threat to anyone who opposes your dead god.

But make no mistake, this alliance will crumble. It’s a house built on sand, and I’d rather it that way.

So, come and fight us, Vayikra. Fight on multiple fronts, stretch your armies thin like the Germans,

Spill all the blood you wish in a war you are sure to lose. I will gladly feast on the broken carcasses left in the wake of the violence.

Chronoa, Impaler. They’re allies as long as the fight against you exists. United. Unbreakable. Until there is no reason to trust one another any further.

Brotherhood and camaraderie are fickle when you have no more reason to trust the other side.

Death comes for us all, and Vayikra.

Death is at your door in an uneasy alliance.