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Two Whores

Two Whores

Once through a strange sort of gaffe

Two twins became one, split in half!

One sweet, to be blunt

The other? A cunt

But both took a ride on me staff.

Ehehehehe! Have you heard about her lad? The woman who was once two but is now one, split in two? I figured not, but look around you bastard!

Don’t you know a woman when you see one? They’re all split in two! Because inside every woman there is not just one, but two whores!

One of them is light. She likes fairy tales, strawberries and cream, and of course, a big, old cock and ball satchel. This is the whore in a woman who will open her heart to love. This is the whore in a woman who believes in marriage and devotion. This is the whore in a woman who believes in good, and believes that being good is a good thing.

Then, there is the whore of darkness! Ooh, a wicked little cunt this one is, to be certain. Though she’s far more fun in the old pig pen, and might even lick your meat button should you ask for it, she does not believe in fairy tales. She does not believe in marriage and devotion. This one will shag your brains out, suck entire civilizations right out of your nuts, but be careful. She might just fucking kill you.

So you might ask yourself, which of these two whores wins out in a woman? Which of these two butt sluts ends up taking over the woman?

Why, the answer is simple.

Whichever one you feed.

Gemini, you are not the first woman who has a battle of whores going on inside them. Nor will you be the last. The fact of the matter, lassy, is that you aren’t the least bit special.

Every woman is just like you.

You just haven’t decided which one you’re going to feed.

So let Uncle Knick Knack help you, sweetheart. In Arcadia, the whore of light finds herself at an immediate disadvantage. On every level of this world there lies treachery and violence — the only difference is the higher in Arcadia you rise, the more subtle the treachery, the more hidden the violence.

In other words, though you may choose to feed that whore of light inside you and make her stronger, it won’t change the outcome.

Such a perfect woman will be trampled over here, maimed and slaughtered.

The dark whore inside you lassy.

That’s the one that was made for this world.

And though part of you may end up lost for not feeding the whore of light that dwells inside you, believe me, you will be stronger for getting rid of her.

Because that whore of darkness can see the treachery before it happens. Hell, she’ll have plans just in case of treachery. She will have violent plans to counter violence.

She could really be somebody in Arcadia.

Plus, Knick Knack loves getting his meat button licked by whores.

And I know just what to feed her! Ehehehehehehe!