Two sides of the same coin

In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

When we think of the term “Two sides of the same coin” what comes to mind? Light and dark, yin and yang, Jedi and Sith; things are a balance. But would it shock you if I said that Kaine Knightlord and myself were two sides of the same coin?

Kaine and I are vampires, or well to some extent; we have to drink blood to live, if we don’t then we can possibly frenzy and that isn’t a good thing. We both try and not to feed so much; I can’t speak for him but I have my own reasons why I don’t.

Kaine and I, we both seek and hide in the shadows but for different reasons; you see while Kaine hides in the shadows because of the fact he seems to be ashamed of who he is. Dare do I say that he even puts on a mask to hide the real him? As for me, I seek and hide in the shadows because of my job, I’m not ashamed of who I am or what I do.

In fact, I’ve embraced it…

I wonder how many people in OSW, wear a mask and hide in the shadows because they can’t come to terms of who they are. If only people actually embraced themselves, you’d see how powerful you can be. I don’t need to obey some damn laws some men in an ivory tower said I should obey, no, I do things my way to get the job done; as long as my family is safe.

Kaine, to say the least though, I do respect you; you stick with your beliefs like myself and in this day and age it’s hard to. When I read the file for you, I was shocked how similar and yet different we are.

Two sides of the same coin.

But, I’m wondering something; which side of the coin will land face up?

Will it be you? The man that’s the “Dark detective” that broods over his existent? The vampire that collects information just like myself. A man who has walked the earth for over 300 years, now that’s a long time; I’m only in my 30’s. You’re also a vampire who is in this thing called “The Camarilla” and yes, I’ve may have sounded like an “Anarch” or even a “Sabbat” but I assure you, I am an independent.

An independent contractor if you want to call me that.

Or will it be me? The new childe on the block to OSW; the vampire assassin who has been in the ring for thirteen years. The newest mystery in your years of living, or can I say unliving? A second life? Someone that you never hear coming and never expect.

Both of us want to win this, both of us wants to be the part of the coin that can make or break one’s game. Good luck Kaine.

“I’m Lucy Seraphina, and you’re just another target”

Oh and Detective, watch the shadows.