Two Men and The Mountain

In Promo by Sir Renault

There’s a legend attached to climbing the tallest mountain in the region.

It was a tall task, as only a handful of men had ever reached the pinnacle.

For even though on the surface the terrain appeared tranquil and the footing true, the terrain became trickier and treacherous higher you climbed.

What begins as a smooth trail soon turns to jagged rock, and when the darkness of night overtakes the sky, if you are caught on the wrong side of the moonlight you will end up consumed by the night spirits.

And then something changes in you. You become a servant to the darkness, doing it’s bidding as if it were your own.

It distracts the climber from achieving the goal they set out for: to conquer the mountain.

One by one each man not only would fail in spectacular fashion, but outright disappear without a trace and without reason.

Daring to defy this myth, two very different men set out to climb the mountain of legend.

The first man was older, and an experienced climber who reached many a pinnacle throughout his life. However, his erratic nature led to many close-calls with death. But it was this same creative ingenuity that allowed him to evade certain death as well.

The other man was younger, and a less experienced climber who had never attempted a big one like this before. While the first man could draw upon many experiences from the other mountains he has climbed, this man put his entire plan in the hands of God. For he relied on faith and intuition alone, because deep down he knew that all the experience in the world couldn’t prepare a man for the evil that inhabited this land.

There could only be one winner between the two men and the mountain, just like at High Voltage 284.

SeeSaw, just like that experienced climber of legend this isn’t your first encounter with the mountain here in OSW. You and I both know you have the skills to reach the pinnacle if you could only stay focused through the end of the trek. Unfortunately for you, you’re psychotic, so it’s only a matter of time until you inevitably slip up, because at the end of the day you are your own worst enemy.

You choose your path, and I will choose mine, clown.

Banzan, you are the rock of OSW, the longest-tenured immovable object that’s weathered many a climber only to endure beyond time like the legend you are. For you are the mountain, and although the sun has shined upon your slopes time and time again, no one quite seems to understand you, and just as when the moon rises like clockwork you envelop your challengers in darkness over and over again.

But now you have been exposed and I’ve figured out how to conquer you, for Yahweh has equipped me with the light I need to pierce through your darkness and onto greater glory as the new OSW Rewind Champion.

And if you were wondering which man successfully climbed the mountain of legend:

It was and will be me, the young man.

Deus vult.