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Two Graves

Two Graves

“When seeking vengeance, dig two graves.” A lesson that many have learned. There was one man who I watched for a while. His life was falling apart at the seams. Fired from his job for something he did not do. His wife left him, cheating on him with the boss of his job. Children wanting nothing to do with him. His life was nothing to be proud of. But one day, he finally had enough failure, enough set backs, and he went on the attack.

He went for his boss, destroying the remnants of success in his life.

He went for his wife, destroying the remnants of love in his life.

He went for his kids, destroying the remnants of a future in his life.

When all was said and done, he was left with nothing. Even his violence ultimately took anything good remaining and corrupted it all, turning it into a weapon for others to use.

He became an instrument of violence, of death, of destruction. That was all he had left to justify his existence in anyway, shape or form. He dedicated his life to making others suffer for his sins all the same.

I know this all, because I was him. When I was ending my old life, I dug an extra grave. When it was all done, I tried to enter it. But fate had other uses for me, and a Kindred came. I was raised out of my grave, to a new form of hollow existence.

I see what drives you, I understand it. All that hollowness, that empty feeling deep in your soul you try to fill. You pile bodies inside of it, trying to fill it faster.

But what you don’t realize is, with each body you place into that empty hole, all you do is make that hole bigger. The decay grows that grave you’ve created.

You become a dealer in death, because that all seems easier. But where we differ isĀ why.

Why we kill. You kill because of orders, and it feels right. You kill to fill that hole based on the commands of a higher power.

I kill to feed. I kill to live. I fill that hole in my heart so that I may continue to live. I serve no master, I kill for no reason other than it’s a matter of survival.

But I look at that grave, my grave, with each body.

I’ve laid in it, I dug that grave all those years ago. I now dig one each night because of the vengeance I seek each night.

We seek vengeance each night, we seek that death that eludes us each and every night.

Dig those graves for all your victims that you serve your master.

But never forget to dig your grave because I will lay you in it. Your vengeance will kill you sooner than you believe it will.

I’ll dig mine beside yours, but unlike you.

I will rise from mine.