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Turning Point.

Turning Point.

Imagine looking at a mirror, and recognizing every wrinkle and scar staring back at you. The harder you look, the more you realize that life has not been kind to your body…and even less to your mind. You reach out, noticing just how calloused your fingers have become from years of hard work, making it just a little harder to feel pain.

That’s when you stop and think to yourself…what have I been doing with my life? Can I do something better, or am I a lost cause?

Everyone comes to that moment eventually, a chance to reflect on their past, and redirect their future. When they reach that turning point, they have to make a critical choice…they can let their past hold them back, or accept that a change is needed and reach something greater.

Some struggle to make that choice, feeling their past is too dark to turn away from. They’ve become so numb from their toil that the only emotion left is fear…because they’re afraid of what it means to change.

So they don’t. They keep doing the same thing they’ve always known, realizing that staying in one place will only bring about their downfall. They’re so focused on staying in their comfort zone, they cannot see the bigger picture.

Not like those who accept change, turn away from their past in order to focus on a better future. They reach out and allow something far better to bring them out of the rut they’re stuck in.

To them, that turning point means a chance to become something better, something greater. No longer will they be ignored and mistreated, instead finally getting the love and respect they deserve.

I recognize a Nobody when I see one, Harold Attano…because I used to be just like you. Someone mistreated by society, until I looked into the mirror and saw the scars left behind by all the abuse. I took one good, hard look at the life I had up to that point…and I hated it.

I realized that I needed something more, something better. Someone better. That was my turning point, and you know who was there in my time of need? Lionel Troy…and Daddy Zion.

In their eyes, I am not a disgraced reporter who can’t catch a break. To them, I am someone who recognizes that change is important, necessary to move forward…and they will guide me every step of the way.

Unlike you, I don’t fear change. I embrace it…and Daddy Zion’s embrace is oh, so sweet. You’ve already had your turning point, the day you got out of Deathrow and joined us in Olympus…and you blew it.

You’re too wrapped up in the past to move forward, and that’s exactly your downfall. You can’t see the scars on your body as a chance to do something better with your life…so I’m gonna add a few to the collection.

Because that’s what Daddy Zion would want, Harold…and what Daddy Zion wants, Daddy Zion is gonna get.

Colt Ramsey