Tunnel Vision

In Gemini Dark, Promo by Gemini

Magic and machine, two opposing forces that have been at odds for centuries.

One is a force of nature, born from the raw energy of the universe.

The other is a creation, born from the intelligence and creativity of its maker.

From the invention of the wheel, man has been obsessed with machines.

Rejecting the primal power of this world, he narrowed his vision to the lens of science and technology.

Seeing only what his eyes showed him, he used the physical, tangible world around him, fit the parts and pieces together.

Made something greater than himself.

He thought it would make him invincible….

…bring him power.

But men are foolish.

Their narrow focus blinds them to the power that exists beyond their meager scope of understanding.

For science can explain the world, but it will never understand it.

Machines may serve tirelessly, but they lack the one thing that brought humans to rule Arcadia.

A soul.

Men are blind to this, believing that their creations are the source of their power.

It is not so.

Stubbins Doom is such a man.

Perhaps the most intelligent man in Arcadia, he has yet lost his mind to his own creations. His tunnel vision has made him believe that all can be solved with his machines.

Doom sees the world as a puzzle to be solved.

He wishes to bend Arcadia to his will through the power of his great machines, to be a god.


Because he has Zeus’s ear, because he has the World Championship, he perceives it’s because of his ever-serving machines. His narrow focus has blinded him to the true source of his power.

Doom’s power is not in his mechanical might, but in his mind.

In his soul.

Because true power doesn’t come from creation, but from within.

That is Stubbins Doom folly. He believes he is superior because of his machines, but machines are nothing without power.

His power.

Without him, they would not exist.

Stubbins Doom, I pity you.

You’re limited, bound by the narrow confines of your own mind. Just like the first men, building contraptions to increase your power.

But magic is not something that can be quantified, it can’t be understood through a microscope lens or a circuit breaker.

Invincible you are not, because power, true power, cannot be found in the creation itself, only the creation.

Beyond your tunnel vision, you are blind to all else.

An intricate web.

A force of nature, a living, breathing power that exists whether we do or not.


It must be felt. It flows through us, the raw energy of the universe itself.

It’s what gives us our soul.

The greatest machine is man, yet they have always been blind to it.

My eyes are wide open, Stubbins.

I wield the raw power of the universe.

Serving tirelessly.

Seeing what cannot be seen.

Because true power lies not in circuits, but in our very souls.

You seek to rule only what you can see, but I seek to rule the whole damn thing.

To become that which your machines will never make you.